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Neve’s Solutions to The Windchill <3

Neve @ IBTC Nov 2021

Yessss its time to get cosy, temp is wayyy down this week and I’m all about layering ! At the latest round of IBTC Neve have gone alllll out for the layered look – brilliant for me. A jacket “Salutations”, a tee “Girlfriend” and some really neato pants “Boyfriend”.

Neve - Boyfriend Pant - IBTC

First up lets talk about those pants – gawd I love them!! via the Hud you can wear them with the cutesy Logos (several choices of logo) or without. The four packs have something for everyone. Love the rolled hem.

Neve - Girlfriend Top - IBTC

The girlfriend top really is a wardrobe staple, fling it on with anything! Fits perfectly under the Salutations shirt obviously. Four packs, four colours in each pack. I’ll be rocking the Logo pack later today .

Neve - Salutations Jacket - IBTC

You will have to pry this shirt from my cold dead hands – seriously ! Lovely to layer over tee’s (its designed to go with the girlfriend & also the Shanti tops) Four stunning packs of colours and patterns – as always – Im loving the plaids ! Thanks Neve team ❤


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Neve @ IBTC !

Neve @ IBTC Greetings dress

This little dress is Neves new piece at IBTC – so pretty ! Dead useful addition to your wardrobe, above I added a leather jacket from B.D.R and thick woolly tight with boots for a stomping good Autumnal look.

IBTC Oct 2021 Neve Greetings dress

However, its so dainty and feminine just wear it alone with some gorgeous jewellery and a squirt of perfume – et voila – elegant and ready for a beautiful evening. Four packs of four colours available or a fatpack. I absolutely adore the lacey pack ! There is an option to make the hemline sheer, love this. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky. Thanks Neve team ❤

Happy Shopping !


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Neve @ IBTC – Easy to change !

Neve @ IBTC Sept 21

This is the “Vee” dress out at IBTC from Neve – but is it a dress or a top & tank? Above I’m wearing it as a dress, I chose one from the plaid collection but there are different packs with various patterns etc. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. Slipped on my thick tights and a pair of the new boots from Culprit – et voila I’m good to go !

Neve @ IBTC Sept 2021

However ! With one touch of the button on the Hud – its morphs into a vest & shirt !! I put on my fav Neve jeans called “Renard” (god I love them SO much!). That’s just sheer brilliance right ?!

Neve - Vee Dress - All Colors

Here are the four packs or of course you can grab a fatpack. I plumped for the diamond print vest in the scrumptious orange for the rest of the day with my black Renard jeans and black flat boots.

Thanks Neve Team ❤

Culprit Boots

My boots are by Culprit and these ones are from the Ostrich pack. Go check them out at the main store as there are three more packs to look at – Tooled, Embossed & Leather. They are rigged for Kupra, Maitreya & Legacy. Thanks Culprit ❤


Renard jeans fatpack – packs of four colours also available


Hair by DP yumyum

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Alone @ IBTC

Neve IBTC June 2021 2

A new round of IBTC is on and Neve is right there with this rather splendid sundress. This is “alone” and comes in packs of four colours & patterns. I choose to show the patterned red version. Lovely plump satin straps topped off with a big sloppy bow, with a small slit at the front. Maitreya, Maitreya petite and Legacy , Legacy perky fits.

Neve - Alone Dress for Itty Bitty Titty Commitee

Fantastic selection to choose from, don’t forget you receive four versions of your chosen pack ( or if you want to treat yourself grab a fatpack!) Thanks Neve team ❤


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Neve is @ IBTC ! UPDATED

Neve @ IBTC May 2021

Brand spankin new release from Neve @ The IBTC for you – be prepared to see me strutting my stuff in this, its rarely been off my bones since I unpacked it! So so so this is the “memory” top and the “Plan” pants – such a boho casual look. Seperates so you can mingle with your other wardrobe items. (sorry I was too early posting this, the gallery for the event & landmark are all working now)

Neve - Memory Top - All Colors

Here is the full pack of tops, sold in packs of four designs or a fat pack for sizes Maitreya & petite, Legacy & perky.

Neve - Plan Pant - All Colors

As you can see the pants have so many uses, from sporty to beachwear – great muted colour palette too. My bag is from C’est La Vie and was recently updated, hold pose or none plus a hud for the bag texture and the pompoms.


IBTC gallery

C’est La Vie

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Toggle it up with Neve

Love toggles on my coats ! The new coat from Neve is at the latest round of Itty Bitty Titty Committee – which opened today. This is called “Toggle” and has a really varied selection of packs to choose from. Chunk knits, plaids, hound’s-tooth etc. You can alter the colour of the sweater peeking out via the hud too. Fits are: Legacy, Legacy Perky, Lara, Lara Petite,

My boots are a free group gift from Hilly Haalan with a Hud of twenty colours ! Group is free to join ❤


Hilly Haalan