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Amazing Grace

Say hello to “Grace”, the latest release from Hush. I was so so chuffed that they made another line as I was eager to get my sticky little paws on some more … I’ve been wearing Hush skins almost continually now since they appeared on the SL scene…gorgeous skins, great tones…realistic features…I cant get enough ! Grace is superb…soft face, gentle lips…and YES, it passed Player’s nude inspection *blush*…The prices aren’t too shabby either..950L will bag you ~ six different skin tones to choose from .. light, medium and dark eyebrows ..cleavage and no cleavage options.. modifiable shape to achieve the full look…  that’s a whole heap of flesh for your pennies. The fat packs are incredible value, for 2375L you get  all makeup sets , that works out to around 475L per skin *faints*..(while youre there don’t forget to collect this months group gift skin!).Tear your eyes away from the flesh and check out my swimsuit & bag..

both are gifts from MDL..and can be found along with a few other top group treats for free on the right as you enter the store…group join is free ! 

Hush Skins


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Mish Mash Mesh…have some flowers

As it’s pouring with rain here, yet again..I decided to get colourful in my Secondlife ! New dress from CandyMetal brightened my day..its called “sport” and has sooo many different colours to choose from..I chose red.I ❤ the sweet patch pockets !..To make it LEAP out even more..slipped a coldLogic “may” jacket in aquamarine…nice contrast…sunny clothes yay! (The may jacket is actually part of a set, but you have the handydandy option of wearing the tube top or jacket separately, LOVE that) Im also wearing the latest skin from Hush, this ones called “Grace”, the honey tone is my favourite of all the skin shades…info below:

Individual makeup sets are $L950 and every set comes with;
~ six different skintones to choose from
~ light, medium and dark eyebrows
~ cleavage and no cleavage options
~ modifyable shape to achieve the full look

Fat Packs including all makeup sets are just L$2375 (thats 5 makeups for half the price!)




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Salty Seadog

Looks like the designers in SL are opening the summer floodgates early this year…I hung out down by our jetty for this nautical themed outfit..mesh sailor top in beige by CandyMetal (other colours available) new mesh moccasins also by CandyMetal…and some easy going shorts by Somnia. (These shorts are for Culture Shock and are 50% off the normal price..all proceeds from this event go to Médecins Sans Frontières, also  in addition to the three donation items 50% of all the regular items from Somnia at Culture Shock will also be donating 50% to Médecins Sans Frontières. )

Arisaris have pulled out all the stops with this gorjus mesh baggy styled blouse & belt combo…absolutly love the rich ruby colour and big floral pattern. The belt is just perfect, great big tassels at the ties…and sits comfortably around your hips.

Bubblez have also headed into summer with this new release dress.”Lovelove”..washed out colours that fade to the hemline..crochet straps, shabby buttons..perfect ! I’m also wearing the May skin gift from Hush…”Marin” in the vanilla skin tone with rainbow make up ! I’m wearing a new release by Hush in the other photos also , “Lily” seduce in honey…Ive rapidly fallen in love with Hush skins…check out the lips on Lily…just peachy…and sooo kissable (I’m reliably informed)…

Hush: May gift and new skin Lily

Bubblez: Lovelove dress

CandyMetal: sailor mesh top, mesh moccasins

Flowers a gift from Player (awww)

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Schwarz group gifty

oh la la..a group gifty from Schwarz! It’s a stunning mesh white sweater..short sleeves and a lovely cable knit effect fabric…you get three sizes to choose from in the box…I’m wearing the smallest if you’re should work for you also …join up (small join fee applies) and snag this ! Thanks Gelsi ❤

Im also showing another of the “Fay” skins from Hush..this time “dazzling”..gawd I sooper love these skins…Ive got addicted to this months group gift too..the “babydoll” lashes..go grab them and try them out…(group is free join) you will never be without them !



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Looking ahead…

Looking ahead to those warmer days…Ever an Angel has some new releases for you to snaffle up..I really liked this mesh top “whisper” and found them a great match for the new roll cuff shorts in sand…the top would also look great with a skirt for a dressier occasion. My hair is the latest group gift from Truth, called “bunny”, all group members received a stonking big fat pack of all shades yay! Ohhh, more about this later- but if you’re liking my newww skin…its from Hush..part of their new releases, this ones called “Fay” , I’m wearing the honey tone and glimmer makeup…I simply adore these skins, and for once..I’m wearing it instead of my usual curio *gasp*…such lovely features…and fantastic body contours & shading…dont forget to collect the new April group gift while you’re there…gorjuss eyelashes !

Next release from Ever an Angel is the mesh “lotus garden sandals” and the “lotus garden” mesh top in passion fruit, plusss the skinny trousers in a yummy papaya shade. For those of you who prefer non mesh..the pants are really nice…the sandals have a fairly simple to use HUD…even I managed to get my skin tone matched hurrah!

Last up from me for today (but there is heaps more newness out in the store) is this straight-into-summer ensemble…by the sea tide pool sandals,skirt bracelet & cami top. Suchhhh a lush colour, reminds me of blue skys…nice to see a couple of sizes for the skirt yay! Im wearing the curvy option which fitted beautifully…head over and take a peek…its a huge store with plenty to see…thanks Ever an Angel !

Ever an Angel



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Lollipops !

ohhhh it says “Lolliflower”..welll hey easy mistake to make..*dimples*…so so so..Arisaris have some mesh jeansss hooorayyy! And boy-oh-boy..these are some gorjusss well textured…great creasing….made in a few size options so you can play around and find a pair to suit you…the set also comes with a sweet printed tee and belt…thanks Ariadne xx

I’ve also got some news from a store that I showed you at the Fashion For Life event- Hush Skins..they have a group gift skin out for March called “BabyDoll”, I just love love LOVE it…gorg skin tone…choices for eyebrow colour (thank you!) and cheeky pink blush..adorbs. The group is free go grab yourself a box and try it out…

Lolliflower mesh jeans set: Arisaris

BabyDoll group gift skin: Hush