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Never Fails. (Cheapies, Hunt & Freebies).

I went to the “The Artists Shed” and the “Snow Day Cart Sale & Hunt Event” event and all I got one this one lousy picture.

I lie because I actually scored a heck of a lot both from the hunts going on inside the The Artists Shed and the Candy Canes are so easy to find and to top that all off the carts have a lot of offers and freebies so I have quite a haul to work through.

The Candy Canes are hidden around the sim do cost but only 2Lds and you can click on the cane and check to see if the contents are something you’d like but at only 2Lds it’s not a lot of money to lose if you don’t like your prize.

BTW Make sure to check out the back of the The Artists Shed shop as there is a room back there with some Christmas Deccies, I love the simple plain Christmas tree in a tub they remind me of my childhood and if you like a quirky giggle then check out the pile of snowballs.

PS.  There is also 3 separate hunts going on in the Artist shop as well.

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Heads up – The Oh Dear Sweet Christmas Cookies Hunt

I did a little hunt yesterday at a store called Melange. Now I have a golden rule its “never moan about hunt gifts” – they are GIFTS and even if they aren’t suitable or to your taste – DONT moan. However, I am going to give you a little heads up about this hunt – as I was thoroughly peed off after doing some of it. It costs £5L per “prize”, I’m using the term “prize” very loosely. I know that lots of hunts charge a few lindens for hunt gifts, and a lot of them also will provide a poster showing you whats inside each of them. Seems fair right?

What really irritated me with this particular “hunt” was that there – to my knowledge – was not a board showing whats inside the boxes, each box is labelled with a number – so no clue given even if you look inside before buying. So imagine my surprise when I got home with quite a few of the “prizes” to find each one of the gowns was a different mesh body fit ie: Maitreya in one box, slink in another, XL or S, M, in another separate box ! I almost blew when one box contained a shoe shape?! If you’re going to charge for hunt “prizes” – this is NOT the way to do it!

If you feel differently great ! I thought it might be helpful to let you know before you go

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Saying Ta Ra.(Freebies).

Yup I’m off again but no need to get jealous as this isn’t a week away in a 5-star hotel, lounging by a pool, sauntering through pretty streets and indulging in fine dining, it’s me stuck in a cheap hotel, feating on pasties and the only water I will get soaked with is the rain which is threatening to tip down.

This time though I have insisted that I get a room near to the router and so I’m still looking forward to my daily SLing even if it’s in the evening.

Until then check out the skirt and shoes, the rest weren’t free.  OK I know it’s not really a good shot of them but they come from Loordes and we all know that’s quality.  The editing has changed the colour somewhat as both the skirt and shoes are a matching luscious chocolate shade.  The skirt is deffo new, at least to me, but the shoes maybe not it’s hard to tell as the this spiked, peeped toe design is a classic SL design.

You will find these 2 items on the wall behind the reception desk but Loordes has moved all of it’s freebies/GG’s/Discounts/Steals and Deals/Hunt items in the new LM.

Loordes Of London

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Free like a Dove (Free Stuff n Stuff).

Free Dove is a place that has been in SL longer than anyone else I know and that inc me and Faith.  I know both Faith and I have done a post about it previously because this is such a good place to go as everything is FREE, clothes, skins, hair, shoes and now it had mesh as well as non mesh items and they’re FREE to all.

Lets be honest here not everything will make a hardened fashionistas heart sing but even I found some real nice goodies and just as good I had a fun time on my platform unpacking and trying stuff on then a quick TP to one of my fav sims a couple of snaps later a lovely way to spend a rainy day stuck indoors.


This dress is a gift from the shop called “1 Hundred” I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve popped into their mainshop so I might do that later today after doing the Hunt Faith has just done.  She seems to have had a lot of fun and for some reasons thinks the spooky prizes are right up my street.


And this dress is one from Sage.  TBH I picked up so much stuff from the boxes set out for us to hunt prizes I’m not really sure if these were just freebies or hunt items.  As it happens whilst I was LM grabbing I checked out the ages of the people there and there was so many people who were long-term SLers and not just noobs so it just shows we all love a bargain.

PS although everything is Free feel Free to make a donation if you feel like it.

Free Dove


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Poppy Dot.

For a change and since I couldn’t find a Demo I decided that apart from my usual windlight setting ((Nams Optimal Skin and Prim) I wasn’t going to edit this picture so the colour you see is the colour you get both with this dress and the shoe/ribbon.


The basic dress is one of the simple slip mesh dresses but with the beautiful addition of the flower corsage and the wispy over layer which has a slight dotty pattern on it gives it that lovely twist. Each piece is separate so you can wear the dress alone, the flowers can be worn with other outfits to jazz them up and if you were really daring the flowers with the sheer over layer only. This is the vanilla colour but there are many others for you to chose from inc hot red and devilish black with many shades between.  As I’ve said I’ve not fiddles with the lighting in both pictures so you get a truer image of the colour.  You get the standard Mesh sizes plus a couple of other sizes (flat chest S and flat chest XS) for those of us who prefer a androgynous shape or even ladyboys.  The flowers don’t have a reziser but you can move them in edit mode them in so they should still fit the flatter figure as well as the fuller one. 99Lds! sorry almost forgot to mention that and at that price well within my budget.

feet useI’m not a foot lover but when your feet are so perfect what a way to show them off with these leather(?) ribbon(?) laced around your sexy SLink foot.  I only wish my RL feet were so smooth and perfect, time for a pedi I think.  Since these were a Gacha item it was pot luck on the colouring and the colouring I won, orange, is so lovely I again decided to keep the lighting simple so you can see for yourself how lovely they are.

The Gacha is in the entrance of Jaycee Netizen’s shop Sugar & Cyanide and tbh although I know the shop pretty well I didn’t go in further than the Gacha machine because once I’d grabbed these lovelies I TPed home to try them on.  At only 50Lds a pop very affordable.  Note though you will have to have the SLink high feet also don’t rezz these on the land as they don’t need to be unpacked they appear in your “object” folder already to be worn so it might be a good idea to create a new folder to slip these in.

PS if you look back a couple of posts you will see I’ve just recently blogged Ghee as they not only have a free outfit for anyone to grab but also a hunt called Lucky Blackjack hunt and you’re looking for a playing card and it’s still going on.  Check out the link to their blog and you will see what is available and a very handy hint list.  The hunt area is such a lovely landscaped park small enough to make hunting fun and big enough to have fun just looking around.


Ghee Blog with hints and pictures

Sugar & Cyanide

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Tea time (freebies).

One of my RL treats is to go for afternoon tea with little cakes and sandwiches with the crust cut off and pretending I am a Lady (ignoring the fact I cannot stand tea) so when I say this sweet and so beautifully done hunt item I had to have it.


Sweet and simple poses, using one in this picture, and if you click on the tea-cup you get a cup to sip from and click the cookies for a treat.  Honestly I rezzed this sat down and only  took 1 picture and although I may have soften the focus a little bit this is just lovely and FREEEEEE.  Of course it’s this elegant because this is one of the (TBATH) The Breakfast At Tiffany Hunt.


To go with the tea time theme is this sweet floral dress.  Yet another great hunt which I have to confess I almost missed and I would have been annoyed if I had.  A perfect example of a perfect hunt.  A small and lovely well landscaped shopping area, not too big but big enough to offer plenty of small ramshackle shops, seating areas, meeting areas, water ways.  Some lovely and not overly priced shops to browse in and some gifts and the icing on the cake is a simple to follow hunt and you even have a board which shows you what the prizes are.  What you’re looking for it a small paper flower but if you click the hunt board which is in the area you TP into you get a hint list which makes it so easy I found everything and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.

Peachy TBATH Tea Time

Nouveaux May Hunt

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Peace On Earth Hunt – hello old friend

Peace On Earth Hunt - dress, wand & necklace FREE!

For the last five years I’ve always done this hunt – its epic and one of my all time favourites . Sooo many fahhhbulous designers get into the spirit of the season and leave out some incredible gifts for you to find. My first item to share is this so sweet outfit from Bubblez. The Angel dress is floaty and gauzy and SO ferminine I didn’t want to take it off. It comes with wings, a pearly necklace anddddd a WAND *squeeee*. You get two versions of the wand, one that showers you with little snowflakes and one that doesn’t – but seriously – WHO doesn’t want snowflakes ?! All mesh sizes are in the box, get your hunting goggles on and seek it out !


POEH blog