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Its a Gypsy Life for me…

There are soooo many great hunts on at the moment..one that hadn’t hit my radar was  ” dar2bare”, luckily my friend Talena Carissa of Pink Label got me up to speed, and showed me her gift for it hurrah! I couldn’t find a hunt end date..so hurry along and grab up the goodies…Pink Labels hunt prize is the lushhhh Gypsy Rose Red , it’s a huuuuuge array of components in a really delish rosey red colour…above im wearing the thong & bra top & stockings..

Next add the tapestry style fabric leggings and long sleeved bare shoulder sweater…

…can you belieeeeve that these vampish & classy ankle boots are in the box also? A real different direction for Pink Label..ans I love love LOVE them, they make my heart go pitttty pattttter…elegant red stitching on high gloss patent leather…yummmmi…

add a corset top over the leggings and voila…gawd..will you look at those boots *dribbles*…they are such a scene stealer for moi..

Last but soooo not least…there is a cropped top and gypsy skirt…not only can you mix & match to your hearts content..but each item can be mingled in with your existing SL wardrobe…so easy to wear and absolutely NO prim fiddling required…DONT miss this !

ohhh btw…an added bonus…as previously mentioned..Pink Label has a store wide SALE on at the moment, everything cept fat packs is just 25L *gasp*…above Im wearing the MHOH gift, so if you failed to find it you can scoop it up ! Boyfriend sweater and flared rust skirt…adorabubble…plusss a pair of the Sheena boots to match ! (also in ankle length for wearing with pants)…

I tossed on a pair of my ever-present Jane fuzzy piggy tights in gold with the sweater..and a belt from Poison…tres chic! Thanks Talena xxx

Gypsy Rose Red outfit: dare 2 bare hunt Pink Label

MHOH outfit: Pink Label

fuzzy piggy tights: Jane

belt: Poison

glamourous photo booth: Behaviour Body Animations  (free group gift)

dare2bare web site: http://dare2baresl.blogspot.com/


Find the stash

The Sea Hole

The Stash Bash Hunt is underway today, I skipped over to The Sea Hole  and managed to find their excellent gifty, which is a very generous complete outfit. Sweet mid length skirt in biscuity beige, a chocolate coloured cardigan, fantastique belt anddd even a bag ! Drinkinstein Sorbet designer at The Sea Hole has another surprise for you..she slaved over a hot stove and created a skybox as part two of her Stash gifts! I have snapped it up but just don’t have time to open it ….yet. I must say after searching for the hunt I was very impressed by the clothing instore..some really unusual pieces, loved the shorts sets! Check it all out…thats the glory of hunts..you get to discover new creators!

Go get sweet : The Sea Hole


Alexohol Mall Crawl

Alexohol Mall Crawl - Alexohol Shirt dress

I’ve been in Second Life for over 4 years now…and you know..I have never ever been on a “Mall crawl” ! Today I did and it was a whole lotta fun. Alexohol have just re-opened their sim, and along with ooodles of new releases, they have this crawl going down. Its pretty simple..you wander around the beautifully landscaped mall and collect cocktail glasses containing giftssss! Above was my favourite from Alexohol themselves, a shirt dress, marl grey top and a chocolate brown fluted skirt..beautiful.

Izzie's lace top & Indie rose shorts

Izzie’s had a really pretty set of lace tops to collect- four shades in the pack, lovely sculpted hem line and different lace edging on each. I also found three different versions of cut off shorts from  Indie Rose-loved these and will definitely be wearing them both for the long hot days of summer ahead .

Sassy Kitty Designs summer play bikini

Sassy Kitty joined in the fun and very generously had three gifts out for you to find. Above is the summer play bikini which comes in two colours, grey & pink.

Sassky Kitty draped summer top & Indie Rose shorts

The summer draped top is also from Sassy Kitty, and comes in four gorgeous tones inside your gift box, Ive teamed it up with one of the other colours of the rather fabulous Indie Rose shorts..

Alexohol passion mono kini

Theres squoodles of beach wear in this hunt and my personal fav was the Alexohol mono kini…classy with a subtle sheen to it. See the tray I’m holding? It’s the box that your gifts come in and is wearable…I lovvvvve wearables ! Excuse the weird line that appeared across my water in the photo blehhh…but I had to showwww this anyway cause its deelicious…

I also noticed that quite a few of the designers around the mall had special offers on, oh andddd there’s also 7seas fishing…gawd I adore doing that..dont forget to hunt around the sim & beach areas, not all the hunt gifts are inside the stores !

Go get crawling : Alexohol


Poised go a Huntin (with a new group gift too!)

Poised Whateva April Group gift

HoooHaaaa the new Poised group gifty is out…its a cracker..ruff ripped jeans with puuurfect cuffs and a simple silver tank with prim midriff…deadly casual look thats super handy to have …thanks Poise!

Poised Mix & Match hunt "dear tee"

Above I’m wearin the Mix & match hunt gift from Poised called “dear tee”, I just adorrrre the pants on this outfit..they have a slight shimmer to them, with faded stripes…SO unusual..to complete the look is a sludgy greeny,silvery diagonal slashed top (and thats a mouthful to say huh?)
Name of hunt: Mix & Match Hunt

Dates of hunt : April 1rst to 23th 2011

Blog : http://fashionfreakssl.blogspot.com/

Poised Cover My Furry Butt hunt gift

Nextttt is the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt gifty..gawd I adore suspenders with jeans..its a great style…couple that with these funky print jeans..anda zippered tee…its a real winner. (belt & cuff by Kosh)

This is a themed hunt for furries but you don’t have to be one to play!  Many designers will be giving away items that can be used for humans and furries, so grab the starting point below and join us for lots of fun!

Grab the LM here to the start location Derp.! : DERP

Poised April fools hunt "Hyper"

Phewwwww and lastly the April Fools hunt…a slinky dinky dress with grungy leggins/tights and the sweetest little skirt..risque sheer net body teamed with fruity lemon fabric, it’s an eyecatcher !

Don’t be fooled by the vendors in this difficult hunt! Each one has hidden not one but 2 prize filled goodies (in addition to any non-filled decoys). The catch? one of those prizes is a dud, and the other is the real prize. Better find both prizes at each location or you could end up with prim cubes, spoons and logo t-shirts instead of the awesome real prizes.

This hunt will NOT have published hints. However SLurls to skip in case of difficulty will be published on the Eclectic Dreams Hunts Blog. (http://eclecticdreamshunts.blogspot.com)                           Start here

Happy Huntin : Poised