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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt ! Prizes 0L -10L

There’s a Ghost Hunt happening and I dived right in. Spotted this gorgeous little dress was in B2K Design and headed over to hunt it down. Prizes are 0L-10L and this was a 10L one – worth every Linden ! You also get a colour Hud with it dark to light and in-betweens – awesome.

Head to the landmark below and hit up the board inside to get a link to the hunt group – then get the notecard from the group with all the participating stores listed. The notecard also handily gives you pics of the gifts so you can decide what you’re going to hunt down.

Happy Hunting ❤

Start location of The Ghost Hunt


I’m wearing:

Meva Noelle Handpearls (Rigged MT) left & right
Beloved Jewelry : Spine Piercing-Gemstone (Maitreya)
Kibitz – Isobel’s earrings – left & right – gold
IKON Promise Eyes (left) – Denim
IKON Promise Eyes (right) – Denim
[Z O O M] Butterfly Heart Septum – Left Nostril – ADD
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.2
[Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (R)
-Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 8
The V – Bento by Session & ASA Maitreya V1.56
Magika – Hair – Gemma (Size 4)
Dress Imae Maitreya
MICHAN – Shanice Chains HUD: HUD ready

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Shhh Im huntin Butterflies

ArisAris NEW!  Vintspiration  (using new materials!) Shine Bimba shape and skin FREE! Butterfly hunt

ArisAris has a new release to tempt you with, its made utilising the new materials ! You may have heard of the new materials, they allow items to be shown in a much more realistic light. I keep getting conflicting info about which viewers can currently see it, apparently the latest LL viewer can definitely view it on ultra settings, but I thought Firestorm could also. Anyyyway don’t fret, it doesn’t mean you cant see it normally whatever viewer you use. I took the photo above using ultra settings on firestorm and it looks awesome either way! Anyyyyhoo the outfit is called  Vintspiration, it’s a fitted jacket in the most stunning fabric (I’m wearing the white version, there is black also) you also get this beautiful bow tied skirt with floral print around the hem.

Shine Butterfly Hunt - Bimba skin & shape FREE!

My skin and shape are also new, and ohmaistarssss I had to hunt for TWO days to find it!! Its one of the gifts in the butterfly hunt at QQ & **Shine**…This is the Bimba skin and shape from **Shine**. You get so much in the box ! I tend to get stuck into a rut with skins and this is such a lovely surprise. It says “pale” but Id go with light tan really, which is brill for moi. Lush lips and sooo many options for freckles and teeth PLUS , not sure how to say this delicately, different shaped pubes for your err…lady garden? NO, I’m not going to show those ! I only found two of the eight hidden butterflies “boohoo” but this prize was well worth the hours of hunting, YES seriously..hoursssss !

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place store

ArisAris blog

**Shine** butterfly hunt


Its all coming up roses

o.O Pink Label have a hunt on!!! Whats even more exciting isssss…the hunt is for shoooooz *zoink-faint* Yus yus yus…you can snaffle up the deeelightfully pretty ” Aglaea Silk Sandal’s” in five colours…each hunt gift costs just 5L..and for these little babies that’s such a steal. Packed with options for jewels tones, pedicure colours…they are such a summer essential…GO..go…go find the roses and snaffle them all up!

Go get a huntin: Pink Label


A couple more for the road

Okie I’ve rustled through some more boxes and come up with a coupla more good’uns. Pompompom have this patchwork dress out as their gift for the Summer Nights Hunt…adorabubble huh? Layers of ruffliness, bright bright colours…sooper cute!

*squeal* and Designer Prims have set out this gorrrrjus beach hut…its seriously lovely, sunbeams from the windows..two comfy chairs with oodles of poses, shabby shelves complete with nic-nacs…

Just as detailed outside, you have a sweet beach chair,fire and potted plant…theres even a life preserver just in case aww..Its so beautiful I wanted to move right on it…you should really go see the main store, I did and there are soooo many homes I loved and wanted !

Get huntin: Pompompom        Designer prims    Hunt blog:


Plastik…vinyl..very 50’s

Taste of the 50's hunt gift from Plastik & BDR Houssine outfit

I do, as you can imagine, a lot of hunts…I enjoy them and its a great chance to see new stores, try out new designers items etc..every once in a while I come across something that makes my eyes “pop” out..might be the sheer generosity of the designer, the awesome quality of the gift,or that its JUST what I was looking for…this skin , given as a gift in The Taste of the 50’s hunt by Plastik , nailed all three. ohmaiiii..not only is it just an absolutely beautiful skin but also you’re given it in sooo many shades and options. Freckles,cleavage,plus tattoo makeups for lips and eyes plussss eyes also..Im wearing the Ataciara skin in the “hymm” tone along with the lighter lip tattoo and also the “VaeColl beauty eyes”.  The body is incredibly detailed,dimples above the butt cheekies, the hands are the best I’ve seen….Just devine..thank you Plastik .

Beautiful Dirty Rich Houssine outfit 0L

If you’re wondering where my outfit is from (if you’re not tough cause I’m gonna tell you anyway) its off the marketplace from Beautiful Dirty Rich, for the princely sum of 0L. I adored the slightly washed out pink shade and lush satin fabric..comes complete with the top, sculpted skirt and slithery shiny black leggings..all great as seperates and has a simpledimple resizer for the skirt …you can grab it here :

Happy Monday !

Go get skinned: Plastik