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All good things(Freebies).

All good things come to those who wait and I waited and waited and ..damn still didn’t get the skirt I wanted.  I had popped over to the …hunt and as soon as I landed I remembered that not only will this be a pretty good hunt but this shopping sim also has a lot and lots of Lucky Boards.  Found a small shop packed with them and so I loitered and used to time to clean out my invent whilst keeping an eye on the boards.  Usually because of my name, Zan, I  have very little competition from others and the letter Z comes up pretty regularly but not in this case and even though the boards change every 5 mins, 10 for  a pair of SLink shoes, I still had to wait a bit but it was so worth it.

hair urb

This dress turned out to be even better than I thought.  Not overly happy with my picture as the dress looks more buttermilk than the cream it is but this was the only picture that managed to catch the slashed sleeve with the inner lining showing.  No one would believe that this is a freebie but it is.


Hunt item not LB. The other Lucky Board item I didn’t get was the SLink shoes because unlike the other boards which are set to change every 5 mins the shoes are every 10 mins.  In the end I gave up waiting but I had a real lovely surprise because these turned out to be in one of the hunt items and they’re SLINK SHOES (insert happy face here). For medium SLink feet.


Another Lucky Board win was this top which turns out to be cheekily sheer.  I won another top a simple countrified checked pattern which is equally as sweet and a great fit. I also won some SLink nails.  What I didn’t win was the very pretty pink skirt one of the things I liked was that everything in these boards complimented each other so you could get yourself a whole new outfit and mix and match your clothes.

I haven’t even touched the hunt items, apart from the shoes and necklace that I am wearing, but what you’re looking for is a black cat and they’re so easy to find. I actually found a load of them whilst I was stood in the LB shop and just cammed and scanned.  Will definately be popping back to find the rest of the kitties.M I N A (mina.nakamura)

HAIR.  Do I remind you of someone? Faith of course, she too has picked this Mina hair up from the latest The Deck  event and used it in her last post and it looks so sweet and I realised that yet again it would be a perfect fit for my latest clothes.  Called Mientje and I’m lucky enough to have the fat pack which means I have every shade from pale blonde to zingy reds.  A big discount and for 95Lds each pack contains 5 shades but these shades are not so subtle you wonder what the difference is each shade of blonde is unique each shade of brown is different from the others.  I have hair packs where the change in colour is so little I just wear the same shade as you can’t tell the difference but this isn’t the case with Mina Nakamura’s hair.

Kiyomizu Hunt

The Deck

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Cheap and Lazy.

Cheap an

I’m being both cheap and lazy here, the cheapness are these shorts which  are only 2LDS and they’re a perfect  fit and great texturing. So good that when I pop back for the LM I’m grabbing any other shades of these shorts that she may have out.

The lazy is the fact I grabbed a whole load of goodies from Renata Dragova’s shop RD Style from new and old  hunt items, dollarbies, Group Gifts (50Lds to join) etc and all I can be bothered with it these shorts.  Thats not to say that there wasn’t some other lovelies and in fact I grabbed a total of 20 items some of which are tops, skits and shoes but as always time is pressing so I’ve quickly snapped this piccie.  Hopefully the LM will take you to the room with the discount and group gifts in but check out the entrance as you can see all the hunts that are taking place and if I could find them you can.  There may also be the St Patrick’s Days gifts set out as well, Baylen has just blogged the mens jacket but there is also a dress and shoes on offer as well.

Sorry the top isn’t a cheapie but since I’m wearing it and I love it I’ll let you know that it comes from Ronsem and if I put the link at the end of the post then you will know it’s still in the shop.

RD Style

Ronsem (it’s there and more than 1 colour)

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Visit London.

Loordes of London that is.  Decided to pop into Loordes of Londons mainstore rather than one of her many satelite shops and markets and almost got carried away.  Coleen Macarthu has packed her shop with not only top quality textured items but at such affordable prices.  Slap the sub board and you will be regularly updated on events with special offers at special prices such as this all in one skirt and shirt mesh dress for ONLY 40Lds!

LondonCalled Victoria’s Winter in brown and teal colours.  This is so much a RP outfit it makes me want to RP. although Loordes is not a costume shop she’s harnessed some elements from the past and updated them, which is my excuse for re posting a picture of another of her outfits I blogged a while back but most of her stuff is modern and fresh esp the bags OMG I love her bags (and shoes).


So retro with a modern touch and still available.  Check out her Marketplace shop for prices, styles and demos but you must visit her main shop because she has ooodles of Dollarbies, hunt gifts and cheapos dotted about.  To find the top outfit when you enter the shop turn left and check out the steals and deals board and if you like the look you can buy matching. The hunt items are scattered around the shop and oh so easy to find but if you can’t be bothered to look then there is a pillar with what looks like stickers and odds n sods stuck to it.  Not all are free some are dollarbies or only a few Lindens.  You also need to visit her main store because outside is a row of Gachas each stocked with shop quality items at again such great, cheap, prices.


Sadly since SL is playing up with me this morning I can’t tell you much about this outfit but it was one of either a Dollarbie, old hunt item or unless I’m mistaken one of the 10Ld items,  I really just wanted to show you the quality of the texturing in her clothes.

Loordes of London Mainstore

Loordes of London Marketplace

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On my way.

LourdesSomehow I can’t really remember if I’ve ever blogged Loordes of London before and I have no idea of why not because this is a TOP shop for such quality shoes, bags and now more and more clothes.

This outfit comes from their main shop and cost a whopping 60Lindens!  Yup only 60Lds for that outfit (the skirt and jacket are all one piece). It’s classy, beautifully textured and coloured piece with a slightly old-fashioned look but in a new way.  I chose the tan/olive colour but there is a mix of pink/olive, Persimmon/brown etc and whatever you do don’t look at the bags next to them because they’re just what I love and at 55Lds I’m not sure why I’m not snapping one up!

ShoeslourCheck out the table in the middle of the shop for some old hunt goodies. Prices start at 1LD which if I remember correctly is what these boots/shoes cost.  Scored well because they’re a perfect match for my new outfit.  I’ve got Baylen to come inworld to grab some goodies as well.

Make sure to click Loordes sub board because they regularly send out comprehensive lists of whats on offer and where to get them from as she has many satellite shops and events going on in and tbh bargains like the Carpathia (name of the outfit) and the shoes are pretty frequent so you wouldn’t want to miss such great bargains.

HatsThis outfit also gave me the excuse to wear my Clawtooth Roaring 40ties hair and hat combo but because I had forgotten to take a photo of it with the ribbon and buttons on I had to redo the photo.  The hat comes in several colour and hair combo and the same for the ribbon and button details which you can leave off if you want to.  Clawtooth has quirky and yet so wearable hair.


I knew this was an unisexed hoodie.  Looks equally as goon on me and Baylen and remember there is also a pair of biker boots on the old hunt items table and in the pack are male and female sizing.

Loordes of London


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Orsini1The lovely Hatili Ishtari contacted me to let me know that she has a new Group (free to join) freebie out and it was an omg moment because as I was clearing out my invent I had earmarked her shops as a place to revisit so it was Kismet.  This is a simple dusty pink, blue mesh strapeless dress.  You get this one by joining the group and looking at the notices but check out each of her shops as she has a different GG in them.  I’ve put both LMs but each shop is next door to each other so don’t be lazy and TP just walk outside past the Autumn decorations to her other shop.

Skirt yseAlso basically anything that has a Lolly stuck to it has had its price slashed to only 25Lds.  The skirt I am wearing is one of them, a simple light denim coloured knitted thigh skimming Autumn skirt which I’ve teamed with some oldies out of my invent.  But check out the boots.  They come from the Pure Love Hunt and every heart only costs 5Lds so I scored these black chunky heeled boots for just a token price. Best of all this is one of those hunts that has boards out showing exactly what is in each heart so if you really don’t need a new shirt or even these boots then you can pick and chose what you want.  Have to say that the brown cape, make up and knuckle duster clutch bag they have in their hunt  are now in my invent.

OrsininReblogged and I don’t care.  I still had this cute quirky and cheeky dress so the excuse to pop it on and take a new picture was too good to resist. Love flashing a little bit of boobage  and the flowers which come included cover just enough to be cheeky but not rude  and yes this is one of the dresses with the lolly attached to it.  Be careful to click and pay the lolly for the item and not the item itself.  The skirt comes from her OrsiniRed shop which had a little bit of everything so some summer clothes, winter clothes, bikinis and knits.  Her OrsiniSun shop has clothes which have a little bit more RP to them so a few feather, a bit of leather and a lot of boob showing. Both shops have a GG in them so even if RP ain’t your thing then you can still check out the freebie.

OrsiniRed (for skirt)

OrsiniSun (for dress)

Pure Love Hunt

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Fun in the sun.

SL decided to let me stay and play and I’m so glad it did.  There is another quality Summer hunt going on at the moment called The Sea Shore Hunt and what you’re looking for is a flip-flop.  Each item cost 45Lds because its top quality stuff and if you check out the Link which also gives you the LMs you can see what it is before you buy so you don’t have to risk your money on something you can’t use.

FunWe can all use a simple deck chair and parasol and since they’re so low primmed you can afford to have them anywhere.  As it happens they are also from EoD but are only available for the Sea Shore Hunt. The chair is unbelievably realistic and it’s got EoDs usual great poses (and an adjust option).

BoostQUICK! because this sharks fin is only going to be out till Saturday.  3 Strap colours and Click on it and you can change the colour of the base of the fin.  Super cute. Comes from Miseria which as it happens I was going to mention soon  because check out the cute hair ribbon, it comes from the Gacha right outside of Miseria’s front door which as it happens is exactly where you will find the shark’s fin. 50Lds for each.


The Sea Shore Hunt LMs

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Topless Photos!

RaspYup I bet that got you looking.  My excuse is that because of busy RL these excellent Freebies have been sitting and waiting since Monday to be posted so I took the best shots I could and in this case since I wanted you to see close up the lovely details I took it “topless”.

IceThe skirt is the Freeness in this picture but that stunning coat was a FLF goodie (Fifty Lindens Friday) the reason we don’t blog FLF is because the goodies are up for such a short time we wouldn’t really be able to do them justice but you’d be a fool not to either join the FLF group or at least slap the Sub board for one of the shops which regularly promote their items through it and then you will get the note sent out with that Fridays list.  The jacket is from Drift and it’s so super cool and ice cream colours that at whatever price is is now back up to it’s worth it.  Special mention to the fact that it’s an excellent Alpha fit no gaps. The skirt is the Freebie mesh with a tie in the front which makes it more of a sports/exercise looking skirt but again the colour match to the jacket was just so good so I thought I would team them together.

BrownAnd yet another skirt freebie but check out that adorable mesh see through top.  Thats a Freebie from A&C Sweet.  New shop to me and again I’ve not had much of a chance to scout around the shop but I did notice it’s BIG on the Boobies so Lola fans out there need to check it out for sure.

TopYup another skirt.  OK so all the skirts come from Blueberry and apart (from the last white one, it has a light grey pin stripe) are free to join Group Gifts the last skirt is Blueberry’s  “Endless Summers Hunt offer and in fact now I’ve gone back to get the LM she does actually have 2 boxes out so looks like that not only can you grab all the excellent shop quality Free to join Group Gifts but also 2 hunt items.  Don’t worry if you don’t need more skirts because there is a total of 11 group gifts out inc tops and dresses (group gifts in the back of the discount dept). Happy to pass on the hunt clue as it’s freely given so it’s “don’t forget to check out all the counters” but also don’t forget to check out the whole shop because this is real good quality stuff

PS. My next blogged item with also be from this shop as I was happy to find that a cardie that I had wanted on a previous visit is now in the discounted section and I will also be doing the new hair do in Ice Cream photo.

Lenox and Blueberry

A&C Sweet