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Alone in the desert

The Challenge March - Percent

Oh oh oh! I almost missed this round of The Challenge – gawd. This months round is themed “desert” and there’s absolutely heaps on offer for everyone. %percent’s offering really caught my eye, it’s this juicy spikey cactus that has tiny cards to pop your own pics onto. I’ve already placed a few of mine to see how it works out – brilliant! At just 4 Li its a definite keeper for my home.

The Challenge March - 22769 - ht.home NEW!

Also ht.home has a build for this round, desert adobe is a sweet little space – this is the smaller version that is just 24Li. So much detail , love the windows and doorway! You also get a larger styled one with a walled courtyard and wooden doors opening out onto the desert. This one comes in at just 30Li, a real treat if you’re looking for a build on the beach. I’ve also used just a couple of items from the mahoosive builders pack of boulders and caves that 22769 have out. The cave is fabulous and I really found the boulders useful. Great textures on these for a fantastic realist look.

Take a look at The Challenge blog for all info and participants – thanks ❤

The Challenge blog

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In and out.

I’ve been trying out the Twisted Hunt and so far it’s been a BIG FAT FAIL but the one good thing about hunts is they often take you to places you’ve never visited or it’s been a long time since you were last there.  Not sure if I’ve ever been to HT (Hate This) before but I had fun just wandering around, didn’t find the hunt prize but a few fun items, a couple of freebies-wearable arrow and lit paper bag lanterns.




Just had fun with these shots.  The wearable stretcher is an oldie but goodie from my invent and if you would like more details I can check it out for you but it’s such an old freebie it’s probably long gone however the crutch and leg plaster are what I picked up from HT Hate This.  You get a choice of plaster size and which leg to wear it on and the same for the crutch and of course the AO to match.  There is a whole room of medical aids from hearing aids to big old-fashioned “retainers” as Americans call them.  Just plain daft and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry though because this is a shop with a whole mix of stuff from retro bunk beds to a full cowboy saloon.  A very enjoyable time was spent here and nope I still didn’t find the hunt item.

HT (Hate This)

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The Challenge – community

The Challenge - shutter field NEW

A new round of The Challenge is up and running, and I’ve got a couple of things to share with you today that caught my eye. Shutter field have a gigantic set out “Lifeguard set”, there’s loads in it and I’m just showing a few pieces that I set out around our new pool area. It’s really suitable for a pool of beach, very versatile. There is also a decked area so you could place the hut on it, but I’ve used it as above – which I love. There are shelves, racks and pegs, lifeguard gear box, liferings and SO much more.

The Challenge - shutter field

The lifeguards chair is really cool, great selection of lifeguardy poses, or just for lurking about the pool looking swanky-de-posh. Everything is super low prim too , so get cracking on an early start for your beach & home pools.

The Challenge - ht home NEW!!

I have to say a big fat “hurrrrrah” at these seating units called “dialounge” from [ht home], such a unique design and the texturing is lush. They seat two people and have nine poses built right in. You need to choose the exterior colour you’d prefer (white, black, brown or grey) the leather inside has ten choices – yes ten and they are alllllll delicious. You could make them totally modern, or retro with the click of a menu button ! The Li is only 5 so if you’ve got a cafe or bar and wanted to rez a few, no worries. These are mesh and materials enabled too. GOD I adore them.