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It’s a Wash.

Summer has retreated behind a cloud for the best part of the afternoon so I decided to retreat in world


The Wash means oodles of carts for not a lot of Lindens in fact everything is priced at 10Lds.  A wide selection of clothes but also shoes, homes and even fun items.


Big named shops and a lot of smaller unknown ones.  This costume is from my fav shop Sn@tch. Make sure you open your mini map so you can see the layout so you get to check out all of the great stalls.

DressI was just pondering if I should pick up another bikini and then I found this stunner!  Simply gorgeous.  That big fat juicy crumpled bow on the back makes it stand out.  This dress is a keeper for me.  My invent might be stuffed but for something as perfect as this I can squeeze it in.  And yes 10Lds!  Comes from .:Pure:. and is called Christine. Pure has a small shop with a lot of 10Lds offers in but I picked this one up off one of the stalls so I’ve landmarked the shop but also the Wash so you will have to have a good look unless of course you want the one in the shop or get tempted by the other great shop quality clothes and if you accept the group invite (this one doesn’t use one of your inworld group spots so say yes and you score another great mesh dress).


The Wash

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New Year… New Home

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin

Out with the with the new…fancy something plush for 2013? I’ve got something to show you ! The  Seattle Mountain Cabin is a brand spankin new home from Prism Furniture….Brick and wood built for a real comfy style. The pack comes stuffed full of additional goodies to decorate with, including some exterior landscaping items ! For further photos of the interior and decor look here) The build alone is pretty low prim, it’s a BIG home and way under 60 prims for it is frankly astonishing…(landscaping and decor excluded)

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin Fireplace

Totally love love LOVE the fireplace…rich and atmospheric , it casts such a cozy feel over the lounge area, with its beautiful wood surround and artfully arranged frames above…

Prism Furniture Eden Swing

Theres also a new range of swing seats out that look delicious on the porch of this Home….comes in  a few different colours, I happen to adore this sage green …great poses that extend to right and left of the seat…

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin wall lamp

Just to give you an idea of the quality of the internal decor…check out this wall lamp, such a small part of the whole set up, but absolutely perfect. Fantastic detail is what makes this a real winner for me…. The whole home, decor & landscaping is out on show for you to wander about at the main store…go take a peek ! Thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture


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I’m being eaten! Ok not really.  Picked up this giant human eating pumpkin! MMGraffiti is the shop I seem to have spent so much at over the past 2 years.  Not that they’re expensive but they make amazing homes, furnishings, garden items etc.  LOW LOW PRIMMED and so well textured.  You will probably recognise some of their items because you come across them being used as deccorations in many a shop in SL.  The big ugly pumpkin that is eating me cost 31Lds  and is only 3 prims you get a mix of poses as well and a choice of 4 pumpkins in the pack, enough for anyones garden.  The other 2 smaller pumpkin patches are only 1Lds.  Mesh so mesh viewer.