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Friday Slump

bauwerk 22769 The Challenge - elua Brenda hair- neve espirit sweater,zeezee houndstooth pants - Venus shoes vanessa with HUD

I almost forgot that a new round of The Challenge has begun – I’ve been that tired lately and now its Friday I’m definitely slumping. So anyway, one thing that really stood out for me in this current round is from 22769 bauwerk. The conversation bench sits up to three people, and has twelve sitting animations crammed inside. This version is white 7 gold – which I found particularly scrumptious! Ye s I am stilllllll wearing the Neve hounds-tooth pants, because they are delicious and I lurves them. This time with one of the newly released “espirit” sweaters from the neutrals pack. I had to buy some more wintery type shoes, so scoped the market place out and found these top-notch shoe/booties from Venus.

Venus shoes - slink, maitreya belleza - with 30 colour HUD for 7 shoe parts $149L !

Great value at just $149L and the HUD is awesomely fantastic with a gazillion colours to play with yippeee! These will suit Slink, Maitreya & Belleza high feet btw. Gah, just noticed that the HUD hasn’t rezzed fully in the photo – but I’m sure you get the idea – sorry!

Neve @ coldLogic store

Neve market place

Venus Vanessa shoes

22769 bauwerk

The Challenge blog

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Womans stuff Hunt

I havent had time to get stuck into the Womans Stuff Hunt really…luckily for moi, Swaffette Firefly of SF Design shared her gift with me…phew ! Its no secret that Im a big fan of Swaffettes work…actually Ive shopped in her store since 2007…gawd ye olde days huh? ! Anyyyywayy…suffice to say…the gift is grade A…and a real keeper..its c alled “emma” and is a pants suit…no mesh, which might be a relief to some of you…sharp tailoring at its best…houndstooth (one of my fav patterns yay!) pants & co-ordinating tie…plus a crisp, yet soft styled white blouse. The blouse comes with a choice of two sleeve styles, sheer or opaque, nice option to have. You can also wear the tie  and collar as one piece or, there is a choice to wear them seperately…thanks Swaffette ❤

The hint is : “You wear them briefly, And in short, You wear them chiefly, For support. Whoever met you, Without a pair, Would not forget you- You’d be bare! Sf design have these things, find them then you might need wings.”

SF Design

Womans Stuff blog with hints and locations listed