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INFO only Monday.(Mention of freebies).

This is how I feel when I start off the week with no freebies, but it did change to a smile a bit later so read on.

Dear God this wearable balloon (not free) and not only does it have the face of a crying baby it weeps and wails just as ugly trust me if you go over to the Eclipse Event and hear it you too will agree it’s an ugly wailing.  I didn’t buy it and actually just took this snap of it on the “Hotdog” stand at the as an excuse to give you the LM to the “Hotdog” shop it comes from.  I know this shop reasonably well because of it’s absolute uniqueness.  Most of the clothing, poses etc are for men but I’ve bought stuff from here and there are group gifts which I do believe is free to join but check to make sure.

If you do go then you will see a staircase, go up and there is a small room to the right and in there are some gachas and that’s where I bought some amazingly weird mesh heads.

I had TPed in and out of this event about 4 times before I finally caved in and bought this, yes I went spendy.

This time being an SL prude pays as this PG Campervan cost only 399Lds, I don’t mind paying when it’s something I want and can use, as the Adult version cost about 3x that amount but if the poses are as good as this PG one then…..I’ll let you use your imagination or of course you could pop over to Eclipse event, cringe at the ugly baby balloon and then check out the Campervan poses for yourself.

Speaking of poses, smooth intro, the other event I went to is “The Pose Fair” and I normally avoid this like the plague as I have seriously thousands of poses and I use the same damned ones alllll the time and I’m trying to sort them out and yet the lure of the freebies was too strong.  Almost all of the stands has gifts on us, obviously posey gifts, and I’ve not even started to unpack them but that’s my afternoon sorted.

Eclipse Event (Campervan and slapped arsed baby balloon)


Pose Fair

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

She almost caught me creeping! (Freebies&Gacha).

I’ve been trying to squeeze my AV ass into a couple events that are going on at this moment but no luck so I decided to check out of the sponsor’s shops which is how I ended up at Hotdog.

This poor little dead birdy comes with this holding pose and will make a great creepy wearable esp if you’re planning on attending a Halloween event.

This is the other, free group, gift and it too comes with a pose.  I did spot you can actually wear them both at the same time which was a bit of an overkill esp with the bird..geddit?

Although a big shop it’s actual range of clothes and poses are very limited which I hope will change as the clothing is damned stylish and unique.  The AV’s used in the pictures as models are amazing and yes of course not a lot of people would want to look like they do but damn sometimes it’s good to be different which leads me to this.


Hotdog has a Gacha at the Lootbox event stuffed with creepy, freaky and unique mesh heads.  Only 75Lds a try and I tried twice.  I think this one comes only with a shape and head, the other one came with shape, head, teeth etc I dunno I put this on and I was just so happy with it I didn’t really pay much attention but of course on the Gacha it gives you the details of what the different heads come with as some are even Bento enabled.

OH Dear, I thought I’d do a bit of peeking into Faith’s house, I like to unsettle her a little bit and guess who turned up just as I was creeping on her!

Fortunately, I think I TPed out so quickly I don’t think she noticed.

PS.  The LM might take you right into the shop, it might take you to just outside a platform or it might take you right to the platform on which you will find 4 creepy doors which will take you to 4 different shops and of course one of those shops is the Hotdog one.


Lootbox Gacha Event (For the sexy head)