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I have the heart of a poet…and the mouth of a guttersnipe(but I still come with FREEBIES!).

Not 100% convinced sl isn’t still borking but the status update is giving us the OK message so I quickly logged in and 2 took shots.


Love this sim setting, anyhow yesterday I was working my way through the 25Ld Tuesday list and the Poets Heart shop is on the list, but I can’t remember what the 25Ld item is because as soon as I saw the Free GG’s I forgot to look for it.


This is a lovely and unique dress.  You cannot change the main colour of the dress but the leaves and flowers come with a colour hud.  The top also comes as a separate.   Was nice to be able to pick up something so different for a change.  Both items come in standard mesh sizes.

I was going to show you the other 2 items, a rich purple gown and a robe with added hood butttt I still don’t trust SL at the mo so this is it for now.

This is a quick post as I have to install a printer in RL and you know what that means “STRESS” so wish me luck and I’ll see ya’s later, SL willing.

PS Check out this weeks 25Ld Tue list as it’s pretty good and I think I ended up buying 4 items as to whether they’re in my invent or SL has ate them I haven’t been able to check yet.

Poet’s Heart