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Home Sweet Home/Photography.

I started to landmark hop and landed on some stunning rental sims, sadly we’re almost outta luck if we want to rent any of the homes spread over ten sims as I could only see two actual vacancies and two which were soon to be vacant but I suspect as soon as a vacancy comes up it’s snapped up.

All photos are taking just using the sims windlight settings so even if you have no editing skills/software you can still make a beautiful “point and click” picture but if you tweak your windlight setting then you can make this place even more magical.

This is where I would live if it was vacant, a big part of me is now thinking why don’t I change the landscaping on my side of our sim to this higher/stepped island rather than the flat one I have! I’m seriously tempted to do it. They do say “imitation is the best form of flattery” after all lol.

Actually, they (Minnie Atlass & Boone Blanco) also offer a landscaping service just not at this moment as they have enough going on.

There is a group you can join which doesn’t give you rezzing rights but I do believe gives you updates on any vacancy/soon to be vacancy OR even better you can use their website. It’s a very nice easy to use and updated website which makes a change. From there you can TP directly to any vacancy or the main landing spot on each sim and of cours as long as you keep out of peoples homes you can snap away to your hearts content or just sit and admire the scenery.

As for the cost, quality of building and landscaping and a generous prim allowance doesn’t come cheap but owning a dream home and garden is priceless.

PS. These probably are not even the nicest places as I could have just spent so much time wandering all 10 sims snapping away so in the end I just took a few random shots near to the LM’s.


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Before you buy try “Two Moon Gardens” NOT Free.(Only a mention of freebies).

As mentioned in my last post before you go over to M&M Creations to check out their homes check out Two Moon Gardens.

They now have their winter collection out.

Bunnie Badger has taken a lot of her classic spring/summer builds and totally winterised them.

This is the one that is tempting me

Two Mood Gardens does have homes and some small build/landscapes. Everything or most things come in easy to use rezzers so you just slap em down, click the rez and you can change your whole SL life in just a couple of clicks.

Not all builds are as big as the one in the last picture as there are also small little scenes which can be blended into your own existing builds. Everything seems to be editable and copy.

The Two Moon Garden items still come with a price tag but a much more reasonable ones espe when you take into account everything you get.

Plus remember that at the LM there is a Group Gift, which I’ve not shown you, some Lucky Boards, an Auction board plus a chance to win a build etc. You will find on the 3 levels, ground, first and third, there are different Lucky Boards with enough people loitering for you to stand a decent chance of winning a shop quality build/landscape.

Since we’re all heading back into Full Lockdown, then if you’ve only ever thought about it think a bit more about renting/buying a home in SL. It’s not as hard as you think and Faith and I have own our own homes in SL almost since the begining of our SL lives because just having a home base is comforting.

PS. Don’t reject the notes that are offered to you as they have all the LM’s you need but if you do don’t worry as there are 2 boards with all the LM’s you need.

Two Moon Gardens.

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Feeding the addiction!(Super Bargains).

One of our reg readers, ImproLibra, had popped over to our sim where Faith has set up this cute little cafe as our Landmark for any visitors and she dropped me a sweet note about our sim but also about this building which is from a shop called “Sweet Harmony”.  She said in the note that they seem to be an MP shop only now but since she knows of my building addiction, she has one herself, I might want to check out the MP shop for as they do have some pretty sweet bargains.

As it happens I have bought from this shop a long time ago and a quick invent search showed that I still have the build called “Colour Box” and when I rezzed it I forgot how good and interesting it is and EDITABLE lol.  So I started to rip it apart and I’ve put some of it into a folder called “backdrops” to use to add a bit of depth to my pictures and of course, I still have the original tucked away.

There is a couple of buildings in the Sweet Harmony shop for only 5Lds, the Colour Box one cost me 50LDs, and she pointed out there is box that has 4 buildings in it for just 49Lds but I was very good and resisted the temptation to buy any more but they’re so reasonably priced and I think you can see from the pictures the seller has used they’re really good bargain priced buys and although one or two of the buildings are showing their age most of them still hold their own and have their own unique style to them.

As always feel free to come to our sim, usual rules stay out of Faiths home, or her security orb will boot you and that’s it.  The rest of the sim, inc my home, is open to any and all.  No pressure to make small talk if you see one of us is inworld at the same time and we too won’t bother you.  Just chill and do your own thing.

PS.  I’ve just noticed Faith has placed a giant Dandelion seed outside of the welcome cafe and you can click and rezz a Dandelion and fly around.  It made me feel queasy but it’s a good giggle.

Sweet Harmony (Marketplace only)

Home Sweet Home (Our sim)

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I can’t not!(Freebies).

I’ve only just done a freebie post of the gifts from La Galleria but another notice came through, slap that sub-board trust me you won’t regret it, and although I recognised a couple of the freebies a couple I didn’t.

Anyhow it’s basically an excuse to revisit La Galleria.

I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you the pumpkin display on the cart but at 10 prims for some it can be too many but that pumpkin with the twigs/flowers on the chair is only 2 prims which anyone can make room for.  There is more pumpkin gifts a nice one I didn’t recognise which is just pumpkins with corn on the cobs etc a rack of plates etc.

You must slap the sub-board and check the “history” for yourself becuse you can get the old notices and see what it is you’re looking for as although these and some of the other gifts are easy to spot a lot of them as used as decor items in the rooms just at the LM..

So another quickie before I log off and go EAT SOME CARBS!

La Galleria

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Sneaky peeky ! The Arcade

Campbell Lodge NEW! For the Arcade

Its almost time for the Winter round of The Arcade !! Ohmaigosh I am super excited I always do my Christmas shopping in this round. Scarlet Creative has a fantabulous gacha assortment for this round. Above you can see the rare win, the Campbell Lodge its a mahoosive home, in Charlotte’s own words: “A large wooden lodge with 4 bedrooms (including dressing room/bathroom space) and large downstairs spaces as the rare. Accessories include Bed, Sofa, Benches, Rocking Chair, Candles, Vintage Scales, Restoration Desk, Sectional Sofa with Blanket etc. We have almost used up all our prims on the sim for Winter decorating, so I couldn’t get everything out – just the lodge ! Btw, the snowy roof is an optional extra that you can buy – simple dimple to fit.

Scarlet Creative for The Arcade soooon ! Luxe Paris complete outfit NEW!

This is the bench with casually tossed blanket over it, also the little bundle of candles which is another prize. Simply lashings of sit poses in this piece and lowwww land impact should warm the cockles of your heart. Thanks Charlotte ❤ My outfit is a new release from Luxe Paris called “Maroushka”, for just $250L you get a complete outfit, pants, jacket and booties ! More to come about that later.

The Arcade (not open till the 1st Dec)

Luxe Paris outfit market place

Scarlet Creative flickr for all Arcade prizes


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Check out my old A:S:S (oodles of Free Homes).

I was going to title this “check out my cheap old ass” or “ass for free” or “cheap asses” the possibilities is endless.  So OK I’ve yet again changed my mind about the house I’m going to “overwinter” in and decided to work through some of the Top Home builders in SL and I decided to get my ass over to A:S:S.


A:S:S isn’t known for it’s builds it’s mainly a clothing, make up, jewelry range with the tag line of “proudly serving subcultures since 2007” but they also had a range of interesting and affordable homes/skyboxes etc to buy but it looks as though they have stopped making the homes however they’ve kindly put the whole lot out in one box for anyone to come and snag which of course I did and then I spent a lovely happy time rezzing and rerezzing all the builds.


I’ve just took random shots as there is such a variety of homes from attics, land homes and skyboxes.


OK some of the builds are showing their age in the sense that mesh and texturing had become so amazing in recent years BUT a lot of these builds still stand the test of time and even if they don’t the is a whole variety of prim counts so if you just want a great back drop for pictures a work room or just want to keep your SL life on the cheap then they’re perfect.


Some of the builds are big enough to be shops if you are tempted to start a SL business.


Yup this is a skybox.  I’ve taken an arty picture but it has distinctive rooms and each area has sparkling light decor.

Apart from the variety of styles a lot of these homes are also Mod/Copy.  I think most people start learning to edit in SL by grabbing a build and slowly learning how to deconstruct and then reconstruct it and these will be perfect as they’re a great start which can only be made better or if you screw up it doesn’t matter as long as it’s one of the copy version.

The LM should take you to the notice board outside and you will see the Buy old homes option.


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Home & Garden Expo (squeeee)

2014 Home and Garden Expo Logo 512

Well hubbidy Hubba its time for the Home & Garden Expo yippeee ! I’ve been over and zoomed around – eyes wide and stunned by the glory of it all. Seriously, you MUST go !

Home and Garden Expo 2014, benefitting RFL of SL, opens on September 16, and runs through the 28th. Spread over nine sims, HGE features the finest in Second Life Home and Garden design product and creator tools. Over 85 participating creators have joined HGE, one of the first mega-events of the 2015 Relay For Life fundraising drive in Second Life.

Relay For Life of Second Life is in its tenth season, as Second Life residents across the grid band together to raise funds for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. The funds raised go to finance cancer research. During the 2014 season, RFL of SL broke the $415,000.00 USD mark for total funds raised.

This year’s HGE is supported by nine Platinum Sponsors and eight Gold Sponsors. It also includes, for the first time, a comprehensive shopping guide listing all donation items, new releases, hunt, raffle and gacha items. New rules and a new layout for HGE reduces lag and provides ample display space for each of the participants’ products.

Home Expo - Master Map 1024

This is the map of allllll the stores covering  as you can see its a HUGE event. 100% of the funds collected from sponsors, exhibitors, contributors, Relay For Life vendors and kiosks, the Live Auction, Silent Auction, Raffle ticket sales, and the RFLofSL gacha machines,  get paid to RFLofSL, in support of cancer research. RFLofSL is an American Cancer Society fundraiser, but research for a cure is globally supported, with 15% of the research funds getting dispersed internationally.  After all, cancer is a global problem.

HGE Spargel & Shine Maison

As I was gliding about I spotted this home build by Spargel & Shine and instantly fell in love. Its called “Maison d’Ete” and is magnificent, its massive and amazingly detailed. Tess Spargel certainly out did herself with this show stopper, renaissance style design, rezzing drapes options, texture change windows, and warm marble fireplaces. I found myself peering at the little intricate details, the window knobs, the fantastical painted ceiling…Frankly I got a bit breathless ! There are also interior pieces to decorate with – which if time allows I will show later. (I’m fighting with my graphics card at the moment- we had a tiff)

HGE American Cancer Society Garden of Hope

I also wandered over to the American Cancer Society sim – which is part of the collection of Expo islands and visited the garden of Hope. It’s always one of my favourite spots and I visit it each year. Cancer isn’t all about dying, it’s about survivors (more survivors these days than ever) and of course it’s about hope. I love this inscribed stone – I think I photographed it last year, the words are lovely. It’s not all about shopping and there’s plenty to do and see and participate in such as hunts, classes etc. See the blog for more info right here: 7th Annual SecondLife  Home & Garden Expo

Instead of a lengthy list of landmarks, heres all the exhibitors and which Expo sim they are on – just get your map up and type in Home Expo, and a list of the sims with appear, tp to the one you want (or just visit them all!)

A.D.D. Andel! #1
Abby Lane #1
Absinthe & Others Historical Beverages #3
Apple Fall #3
ba – barnesworth anubis #8
Bee Designs #2
Beyond Prims #7
Black Tulip #P
Blueberry Hill #1
By Dorian #4
Casa #5
CIRCA Living #6
Cleo Design #6
Clutter for Builders #7
Convair #2
Cosmos Boutique #5
Culprit #2
DaD Design #5
Dekute Dekore #4
Digitize #8
Disastrous Beauty #1
Dominion Homes #6
Dragon Magick Wares #3
Dreamscapes Art Gallery #4
Dutchie #2
Dysfunctional Designs #3
Dwarfins #3
EED Home and Garden Center #2
Fabric Lab #7
Fairy Unique Designs #7
Funky Junk #8
Follow US #4
forest feast #1
Galland Homes #6
GF Creations #7
Glas Houses #5
Good Furniture #5
Heart Garden Centre #2
JOH Technologies #5
JoHaDeZ – Poetic Furniture #6
Kabuki Animations #2
Kaerri #8
Katy’s Kreations #7
Koko Ashworth Homestore #5
La Galleria #4
La Vieux Carre #8
Lok’s Low Prim Furniture #8
M.Law Designs #5
Maven Homes #8
meadowWorks #8
Meshopotamia #7
Moco Homes Emporium #1
NACH Home Furnishings #1
Nexus Arts #3
N4RS #2
Organica Landscaping & Furniture #6
Overland Trail #3
Paper Flowers Home Decor #1
Park Place Home Decor #6
Percent Furniture & Lighting #2
Persnickity #3
Pestique #5
Pixel Fusion #4
Potomac Signature Homes #1
Prim Perfect #5
R(S)W Home & Garden #6
RE Blueprint Designs #5
Resplendent Rose #7
revival #2
River Beds #8
RNP Animations #7
Roawenwood #3
Serenity Style #3
Shabby Tabby #8
Spargel and Shine Homes #6
Steaming Ahead #4
striped mocha #1
Studio Skye #4
Thaino Designs #1
The Cube Republic #4
The Jewel Garden #1
The Vintage Touch #8
Thistle Homes #1
Tool Shed #7
Trappings Furnishings #1
Treasured Cove #7
Weekend Salvage #5
West Studio #5
Wood Works #3
Zwicked Textures #P