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Home Show – Cleo Design

Home Show 2017 has begun and runs until the 29th July. Stop by and check out a whole heap of pretties from Cleo Design. Lots to see and play with! I just adored this sweet little bench with a shell print blanket and cushion, heaps of poses built right in. The waterfall decor is also on sale at the event.

You can also find this perfect beach retreat at Home Show. Drapes blowing, pretty lights and cute half-open windows. Perfect place to shelter from the sun or hang out in at sunset. Quite a few decor items to fit around it too !

I really enjoyed lolling about on this shabby chic couch, single pringle poses plus couples. I’m just showing the smallest glimpse of whats for sale btw – you’ll need to go take a peek.

Home Show 

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percent drinking foutain

I’ve never owned a drinking fountain in Secondlife, so this was a nice surprise from % percent for the Home Show. Low Li, made in marvellous mesh and super sweet poses to boot ! Percent has a booth at the Home Show 2015, if you’re into building you can get this fountain as part of a DIY kit, or just buy it premade for your own use.

percent bench

This bench has it all, again you can get it in a builders kit, or buy it separately. Apparently the ready-made has less animations than the one in the kit but its the same build, same gorgeous design. Its part of a larger set called “Olmstead”, there are curved benches, straight ones, rubbish bins and recycling dumpsters, actually anything you could possibly need to make a park space look real. I really enjoyed the “performer” section of the menu, instruments rez , you can dance – FUN !

percent bench NEW

Plenty to keep you busy, singles & couples,eating, drinking,reading and much more! Go take a look at the Home Show.

Home Show 2015

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The Home Show – Cleo Design

Cleo Design The Home Show NEW!!!

Hola … What a day today…sunny & hot…lunch with my parents and shopping ! I got home all hot & sweaty with tired fingers from carting around all those shopping bags…so I sat in my garden to cool down in a deck chair almost identical to the one above. These are what Id call traditional garden chairs, I can’t recall a time in my life where these havent  appeared in the summer in the garden, or jammed into the boot of a car for a day trip. Ahhhh the memories huh? These are by Cleo Design and are on offer, amongst other things at The Home Show event. Brill poses, some that give out a wearable prop too !

Cleo Design The Home Show NEW!

You really have to have a beach cabin right? Make it one of these little cuties ! Striped roof is so very nautical, and I especially liked the white washed plank flooring. Not high on prims, as some seem to be….super lovely to place on your beachfront !

Cleo Design The Home Show NEW!!

This couch is my absolute fav thing ever today ! Pose menu is on the wooden arm part…touch the cushions for options for textures ! Different stripes, plain fabrics makes this so versatile. Light on prims also…lovelove LOVE those industrial looking trolley wheels !

Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design @ The Home Show

Cleo Design mainstore