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Crate it up for free

I cant think why this group gift seems so familiar – hoping we haven’t blogged it before, if we have meh – I LOVE it ! Group is free to join the group gifts are in the right hand corner – and there are quite a few. Unbelievably this sofa is just 2Li – it has single pringle poses and couples.

I also nabbed this cute stove – Im pretty sure I’ve collected this before but where it is in my inventory – who knows. Just decor, no poses and only 4Li – super cute ! I had gone to Crate to find their hunt gift in the sim hunt where they are now located – my landmark is the newest one. Didnt have any luck, the prizes are $20L and I think Crates offering was a cushion.


Hunt info

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Kitchen complete !

Finally have finished my kitchen in the new home ! I had been searching for just the right kitchen/dining table – and wouldn’t you know it – it was at Dench Designs. Actually most of the larger items are all from Dench Designs, the new kitchen, the wall plates etc. If you’ve got a new spot to deck out – go take a wander around – bet you wont leave empty handed – I never do !

Soooo my final piece of the room was the round wooden dining table – Seats two but it does comes with an additional spare chair just in case of guests. The table and two chairs is just 6Li – of course being from Amanda Dench you can rez more decor as always – I just plumped for the runner (which if clicked has fabric options) The poses are perfect, and many of them offer you props to wear. Whole shebang is just $150L !

Dench Designs

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Fly By Friday – What did I buy?

Of courrrrse I bought the Culprit PodFish Kingyo ! Brill deal for just $100L, you get the fishy vehicle and the rezzer – which you can set so that it will only rez a set amount of fish. Each fish is just 7Li, the rezzer is also 7Li. Smooth ride too with the usual fantastic animations from Culprit. Three choices of fish – naturally I went for the pretty and colourful version, but there’s a scary one and a more subtle variant if you prefer.


Fly By Friday Catalogue

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Stay At Home Club

If you haven’t collected these gorgeous lamps from Lucas Lameth yet – go get em. Seriously beautiful and just 4Li each. You are given a really good selection of colours. Of course you are receiving them totally free of charge too as part of The Stay At Home Club. The store has expanded since my last visit and w-o-w  there is a lot more to see and buy – I couldn’t resist the wall mounted saving banks !

Lucas Lameth

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Freebies to make staying home nicer

This is the problem with Zan and I both off work ! We are both busy searching out stuff for you that we are oftentimes finding the same great stuff ! This is too good to miss though – Zan showed a fashion item whereas Id gone for the home & garden items. Simply Shelby has elephant topiary’s – I’ve sized mine down a little to take the photo this is still quite large and only 5Li – you get a selection of colours.

I also snagged these lamps – right on trend for my new home and Id been looking around for lamps to scatter ! Three sizes and 2Li each, they also actually work. These are by Denimonde – I also bought a few more little trinkets whilst I was there as the styles are quite deco – perfect for me at the moment – prices are lowwww ! Its worth mentioning that items will change as times goes on , so if you want these grab them before they alter the offer to something else.

Stay at home club web site

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Group Benefits

Dench Designs is a free to join group for the store. Apart from receiving group gifts – you can also get a members discount of 50% on some items at the store ! I’m having my morning tea on my little bit of English beach and using the “Day at the beach” set – non members $150L , group members $75L – amazing saving ! The windbreak has several choices of texture, as do the deck chairs, male, female poses and some animations rez the odd prop or two – such as the nifty little thermos flask above. There is also a cooler box with this set – which as it isn’t quite hot enough to want icy drinks I’m not utilising yet ! You’ll find this set outside the front of the store.

Dench Designs

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Loo Roll Hunt @ Dench Designs

Ha ! Loo rolls are on everyone’s minds ! Dench Designs have a free hunt on – ten loo rolls hidden for you to find, click the sign at the entrance to get a list of clues – easy peasy ! Brilliant gifts all home & garden some right royal gems to find. Totally loved the toilet – omg the sound effects ! (Male and female poses inc). You can rez the additional decor items such as the table etc by touching the toilet pedestal.

I adore bicycles in real life so this prize was a god send for me. You can change the colour of the frame by touching , red, green and blue – only 5Li ❤ This is going to be parked out the front of my home for sure – Thanks Amanda !

Dench Designs