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Kittens and Cupcakes

We all know of those pictures and paintings where the eyes freakishly seem to follow you but wait till you see this little Kitteh because as cute as he looks not only does his bright yellow eyes follow you but his whole head does!!! Yet as freakish as this is you will fall in love with him because not only is he small and adorable he’s only 2 prim (30Lds and copyable) and guess what those amazingly detailed cupcakes come to prim wise? Yup only a single prim for each cake.  Even though they have so much detail from the paper cases to the cherry on the top it still adds up to a single prim a cupcake.  You get a choice of 4 cakes, copyable,  for 75Lds and the icing on the top is click on a cake and you get one to eat with a pretty good AO. Even the glass cake stand is only 2 prims in total and again 75Lds and copyable.

Hirunreya Cupcakes and cake stand


Special mention to Kowloon.  This is an amazing sim. Cramped alleys with small shops and market stalls, places to sit and eat, the sounds and if only SL allowed it the smell of old bygone times.  Go look explore.  A whole sim to wander through the alleys and marketsm massive amount of free or really reasonable weird and wonderful stuff and remember that places like this still exsist in SL Land.

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Post cards from the rainy place

Be very glad youre not here….we have floods..torrents of rain…rivers spewing over their banks..and it isnt letting up ~le sigh~…thats the great thing about Second Life..I might be a drowned rat in real life..but here…its sunny everrrrrry day! Here Iam, in my splendid new kitchen (more about that laters!), drying off with a cup-a-splosh. Just perfect for a sunny day or lounging about at home is the new collection out now at coldLogic…Im wearing the gertz top in salmon and the simple yet stunning breslin shorts in tomato…both tones are new for me, have to say Im looking forward to messing around with these and other coldLogic gear I have..

Something thats definately a little more the wilkinson shirt and skirt…ok so Im sorry…truly..I was going to be all edgy and do colour clashes..there really is SO much choice of shades for these scrummy little pieces..but but but I do so adore this pink. I totally tried and epically failed to veeeer away from the peeeenk…seriously! Anywayyy…how can anyone not like this gentle mellow shade of pink?..dress it up..heels…sparklies…or like moi..flats..pigtail braids..its all good…

Slipped into this next outfit sooo easily…my head was whispering that I really shouldnt mix a floral print skirt with a pinstripe blouse…so I did it anyway…(oh yeah thats the way I rolllll bebe lol) I love the look…was also thinking of those coldLogic Mazza pants in my wardobe that would be a sleeeek look with this top called “ladd”, heaps-o-colours to choose from…I wriggled into the kalili skirt…hawaiin inspired print with a wrap effect front…uber glam ! If you dont come home weighted down with these skirts in ALL the colours..I’d be surprised.

Nother pair of shorts..these ones are named levy and come in some gorgeous subtle shades to mix in with your tee’s & tanks…they have a very dainty sort of check in the fabric…I actually didnt notice it at first…but its right there ! My blouse is called kipp…okokok yes I chose the pink trimmed one…get yer own and you can decide on another colour !

The blouse has a little secret…check out the back…isnt that just delectable? One thing you cant fail to notice with coldLogic’s work…is the painstaking attention to detail…not just the front…or the almost lickable textures..but the creases..folds..crumply bits..the quality of each piece is really amazing…Steve has learnt to recognise a coldLogic item from twenty paces !

Ok one more to share…its always so hard to pick-n-choose which to highlight as the collections are chockablock with lovelies…and I admit..I almost wore the pink version of this top …but..the green (and the blue actually) really grabbed my attention…the blouse is called tripp…super useful little thing that it is…wear it with shorts…jeans…cut off’s whatever…its like bottled sunshine ! The breslin shorts in olive looked to be a perfect partner for them.

Head on over to the inworld store and take a browse…its usually quite busy after a new collection has been you could also demo shop on the market place…feast your eyes on the pretties … Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Bet you were wondering where my furniture was from hmm? Wellllllll….I was lucky enough to be able to lounge around in the latest release from “Zinnias”, its all part of the  La Gitana range…and you know its spooky because yesterday…I had been searching everywhere for a hanging rack for my kitchen…et voila! Now this is mostly mesh…so youre going to need a mesh enabled viewer to see all the goodies properly…I especially loveloveLOVE the animations…the chairs dispense steaming cups of coffee…plus a folded newspaper for the reading pose…the rug is a real crowd pleaser…such vibrant colours it sort of leaps out at you ! Mosey on over to the inworld store…its rarely a place I leave without new stuffage…ohhhh dont forget to take your gift while youre there…its a sooper lovely cactus print, all framed and ready to beautify your home…thanks Zinnia ❤

Zinnias mainstore

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Cleo Design with a ooodles of dash for your cash!

yumyumyum…I have some lush new pieces to show you from Cleo Design..this is a real good value store that you will keep returning too as you furnish and expand…each piece has SO much packed into it ! (pro tip: read the notecards carefully, or you might miss some of the goodies!) Soooo onto the newness…the first set Id like to show you is above..two comfy chairs..and they are mesh *squeee*. I’m loving how super decor looks in mesh..smooth…and plump. Each armchair has twenty-two anims in it, amazing huh? Some in the cushion, some in the seat…touch the table for your wearables, such as a laptop,ciggie & tea etc..You also receive the two paintings, which are pretty in themselves, and tie in nicely with the colour scheme of the set. Check out the table…a teabag box with opening lid..two cups of tea..books and more ! The complete set is for sale for only 250L !

Another new piece is the “armbend chair”, unusual design, that has one arm up and one flopped down, great for lounginggg ! This chair and the table are also mesh. The chair has a massive 37 anims loaded..single fem,male & the notecard for info …touch the table and you’ll get an array of wearable goodies to match the pose..sweet huh? One thing I especially love about Cleom Bailey’s items is that the many smaller items are NOT that you can tailor your prim usage according to your budget …I know I know..we all loathe counting prims ! These pieces are lowwwww prim though hurrah! The sweet light bulbs actually do work, and the birds are a lovely touch… Ohhhh almost forgot…if you touch the shadow underneath the chair…you can select colour change options too ! (both cushion & seat) makes it even more versatile…the price for all this prettiness? Just 75L…STEAL! Thanks Cleom xx

Get it all here : Cleo Design

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The Nest Egg Hunt

A real quicky..cause they can be fun ! I whizzzed over for a few moments to check out the egg hunt going on…great fun! Headed straight over to Cleo Design..and found the basket …and ohmaiiii its a HUGE gift ! You get the artists easel, which you can paint at…plus the fabulous side table that holds all the brushes and tubes of paint…totally adorable ! plussss

…thats not all..also included is this snuggly comfy chair, stool, rug, side table with a drink and muffins on AND the hanging ivy *gasp*. Dont forget to read the notecard with these items..cleom packs her furniture with heapss of poses and wearables..and you don’t wanna miss out !

I also nabbed a fine gift from a new-to-me store fucifino.. two chairs, a table with candles and the bunting..sweet ! Go over today and see what you can find..any store with the egg hunt poster outside has a basket waiting for you to find it !

The nest egg hunt


Oh Sakura….sakura

You know how sometimes…someone does something so nice for you…and it just totally makes you smile and your heart feel all glittery? Wellll…the other day…I popped over to Zigana at its new location because there was an item that I had been meaning to buy and hadn’t had a chance..I arrived and wandered about for a bit,enjoying the new place,exploring..etc..and the thing I had wanted to buy..was no where to be seen *frown*..Soo I sent a note to the creator  Nalena Fairey and asked if I could get this item..she said it was olddd and maybe…she might not sell it anymore…I was sad,it would be such a perfect “thing” to complete my SL home and I had just the place for it..all saved and waiting…

and then…a box arrived…*gasp* and it was there…in my hands…I was stunned at the generosity…and broke into a big big BIG smile of I placed that “thing” and stood back to admire it…and gaze upon its perfect it looked..but…you know..what made it so much more …was the sweetness of the gesture behind its arrival in my home…thank you Nalena x

If you’re looking for some pretties for your home…go to Zigana…enjoy the area thats been created around the is truly stunning,wander the store and see the flowers & grasses.I have just bought the patches of lillies for my garden,they look superb!..and the rugs that I can’t seem to stop buying ! If you look verrrrry hard you might find a few gifts also …

Go get pretties: Zigana


Food Glorious Food…

I was out shopping the other day when I saw a lovely display of pies & pastries in a store window…being the curious type that I am I cammed in past the glass to snoop who the creator was of such yummmy looking edibles. Found the creators name and tp’d over to their store double quick time ! The store is called “poche” and boy-oh-boy was I in for a treat. Upon landing I found a huge amount of free gifts, and I mean H-U-G-E..all sorts of food..some were wearable..some dispensed items for you to wear and all of them superbly crafted. Now the item above is a secretttt so shhhhhh…Player is obsessed with pizza,when I saw this pizza oven I just knew he’d love it ! Its soooo comes with copyable table mats,which you can place upon your table, then you touch the oven and select your pizza or Quiche or meat stew…the item appears inside the oven and thennnnn…it delivers it to your table!!! If you touch your meal it gives you  cutlery or in the case of pizza a slice of it…great animations also. The oven is just 5 prims the mats only 1 a piece..yay for low prim goodies! It will set you back only 200L…what a deal…when youre done stuffing, touch the oven to clear the table…voila!

Here’s one of the wearable platters..the really lovely thing is that quite a few of the free sets not only give you a wearable version but also all the items on the tray as individual pieces,again most of them when touched also dispense a wearable item to eat or drink…

Above shows a small selection of the gifts I chose..sooo many ! Each piece is an item that would pretty up your home for very few prims.

You all knowww how I adore wearable one last foodie shot ! I just loved this little tray with its heart shaped dish and biggg creamy pudding…if only it was calorie free…oh wait..its SL hurrrah! Pop over to poche today, the gifts are outside in two little cabins…theres more inside the main buildings…oh and check out the BBQ…it works like the pizza oven and is a lotta fun! You can demo everything in the pretty courtyard on the patio outside..if you have time take the little tour ride..youll find it close to the landing point, I think its for couples but I did it alone awww…

The tour ends inside the store beside this darling cafe table…sit and rest your tootsies for a while and enjoy the view.

Go get hungry: Poche