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A place for all Seasons

New round of Home Whimsy is on and Lunar Seasonal Designs has a brilliant piece out for it. What appears to be a rather pretty and useful Gazebo turns out to be a real “forever” item! Now, Zan and I have learnt the hard way the last few years on our own sim Dreamworks – it’s better to buy seasonal decor then to keep on changing every.damm.thing each time the season changes! Sooo imagine my delight when I realised that this gazebo not only has colour change on all parts (even the roof) but “drum roll” it also has the ability to provide seasonal panoramas & weather all around! The surround is provided by clear panels which can also be turned off if you don’t want them.


You can choose from heaps of different things – from snow and rain, to panoramas of the desert and forest, and weather effects such as rain and snow, even fog! I’ve found it an ideal space for taking photos actually, with its great range of backgrounds and effects. You can get this at 50% discount during the event – thats only $100L.

As you can see here, I have chosen the rain effects, which is so relaxing and peaceful. I’m taking a toe dip in the new  rustic bath tub from Chez Moi, this is available at The Chapter Four event, PG & Adult versions for sale. The deets:

This tub comes with 64 animations in PG version and 120 animations in Adult version.
♥ 24 single poses (male and female)
♥ 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2)
♥ 56 hot sex animations (28 x 2)
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.Tap the faucet to display the water style menu: Romantic with roses, Foam Water, Clear Water.♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Specifications and Content:
♥ Bathtub: 5 LI | Copy | Modifiable
♥ Hanger: 1 LI | Copy | Modifiable
♥ Bath Table: 3 LI | Copy | Modifiable

♥ 100% Original Mesh

Home Whimsy

The Chapter Four

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Hint Hint.

Zoom in on the little Sailor out fit I’m wearing it should give you a hint as to what my next post will be but I just had to get these FLF offers in (Fifty Linden Fridays) as they’re just too good to miss and a extremely low primmed decor item.

Bloom BlackThe chair is and the abacus is not a FLF offer. A 2 primmed chair with a retro pattern some great single and couple poses (poses I have used are the actual single poses) what more do you want in a chair?  But now check out the abacus, 2 PRIMS! all that attention to detail and so low primmed and at 125Lds cheap.  Both come from the same place Zigana.

Bloom Black UseNom Nom Nom 3 prims, 50Lds and you get not just the tray but dark or light wood coloured tray, with or without steam and separate cups.  Be aware that this is Mesh. Comes from LISP.  I bought the tea set but if tea is not your thing then a very similar but chocolate set is on offer.


And last but not least and I wish I had more time to show you the texturing but again FLF are only out for a limited time and I wanted to get this posted quickly but this is this so low prim, so well textured features and a  flf from Vespertine.  Inside you have plenty of texturing and decor which means it is more than a plain box and of course you can see the big windows, door and the balcony and this is all for 50Lds and only 15 Prims.


LISP Bazaar


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Finishing Touches at The Home & Garden Expo

I decorate & furnish many homes …and Im always looking for those little “touches”, you know..the ones that give interest to shelf..or brighten a corner? Well I was chuffed to be invited over to see the pretties out at [CIRCA] by Cherelle the owner & designer . I popped over to The Home & Garden Expo take a peek and was so surprised to find pieces Ive not seen before in Secondlife….I noticed the terraniums straight away…light  and delicate…I stared at them for ages, noticing all the different plants and shells inside..

Theres a range of these, the jars are super cute ! They had a real “homey” appeal, almost as if youd saved the jars from something else and potted them up…I ❤ these sooo much ! Imagine them on a wooden counter..or the dome shaped one on a small table in the corner of your living room..beautiful …

These Paradise planters caught my vibrant ! I have always admired the bird of paradise plant..and this is a really faithful production of felt like I could reach out and touch the fat velvety flowers…totally stunning..

Last but not least, I thought Id show you one of the donation items from [CIRCA] , all proceeds going to the RFL fund yay! The “Living Life Greenhouse” is so charming…gorgeous texturing makes it come to life…inside this timber build are shelves…a stool…and some dainty pots of lavender..I have something like this at home (not as grand!) and spend many happy hours pottering about in it, hiding from incoming relatives *winks*…Im not going to spoil the other donation item…BUT…I’d be very surprised if you dont return home with it ! Go see for yourself..the lag weather is fine..and you can wander around blissfully unaware that this amazing event is SO big !

[CIRCA] at The Home & Garden Expo

[CIRCA] Mainstore

The Home & Garden Expo blog –  for all the info you could possibly need about the event !

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Yard work

Its that time of year when we turn our thoughts to clearing out the garden, and yard tidying…just in time to set yourself up for the Autumn ahead is this gorgeous greenhouse from Vent Du Sud, and oh-mai-gosh its only three prims! Whats more, brace yourselves..its just 1L *faints*…yesyes a whole bundle of prettiness for your gardening needs is up for grabs…watering can, pots of herbs that change type upon clicking..little clay pots, a trowel..most under 2 prims…also this sooper pretty bench with couples & singles poses..everything just one of your linden dollars…

Inside my greenhouse I set up the benches (the four benches & stool are just 1 prim total yay!) I added a trowel and some herbs in pots, et voila..I really dont have prims left for this type of prettiness but I only used a few to get this it -thanks Vent Du Sud ❤

Greenhouse & bits n bobs : Vent Du Sud

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Spotlight on…

New feature that I shall try to do once a month…”spotlight on”…it might be…or home decor…and this month its “Cleo Design”…a fantastic store to kit out your living & outdoor space ! I found Cleo design sometime ago in a hunt and just adored the furniture, its low to medium prim count and always each piece is stuffed with great poses and goodies. I’m not a great notecard reader to be honest, but one piece of advice so you don’t miss out on all the great features of your items from Cleo Design…READ the notecard ! You will need to click on various locations on the item to grab your wearables & props etc…

Something you will always notice with items bought from this store, is the high quality finish and amazing amount of details…I love that it’s not always linked, so you can choose the level of prims you use according to your resources!

Another design feature you will come to appreciate is that you get soooo many poses…not a mishmash of averagey type ones but good quality singles,couples & friends ! It makes your Cleo Design pieces much more versatile to have around your home, snuggle up to your loved one, chat with your mates or lounge around on your own..its all catered for..

One of my most favourites items lately is this magnificent suspended chairs..looks great outside on a porch or under a tree but also would work inside your home from a ceiling ! It has so many poses for you to relax in, alone or with a friend…Id really love one of these in real life for my garden ~le-sigh~

Lastly I had to show you the new TOSL item…I dashhhhed over to snaffle this up for myself. Not only do you get the sugar sweet patterned deck chairs,table and edibles…but also that terrific caravan in the background *faints*…(you really MUST read the notecard for this set, it’s literally exploding with goodies to wear & use !) It’s such a unique set , and the level of detail inside the caravan is just astounding…

The interior is packed with gems to find..can you spot the grassy haired pet on the shelf? Love it! The couch looks like its seen a few summers, all squashy and comfy..great poses in this to idle away a lazy day…from the windows you have a view of an idylic beach..(if I was camping in England it would so have to be a rainy grey day!)

If you’re snackish after all that laying around…head to the stove and rustle up some eggs *grins*…just adorable…and ALL of this..the chairs,table,caravan…can be yours for 100L as the TOSL offer ,better dashhhh cause I don’t know how long that will last !

Head over today and have a wander..inside the store door are some goodies for you to collect, interior displays are fab…dont forget to look outside at the garden & beach items and you simply must take a look at the houseboat…its sooper cute !  Good idea to join the subscribo also as Cleom is in a lot of the weekly special offers like  lazy sundays , TOSL SUYS etc, you dont wanna miss anything . Thanks Cleom xx

Go spruce up your home : Cleo Design