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Oops I did it again!(Flourish Event)

I went and bought something I already had but I ain’t mad.  Before I explain why, what, and where here is another Mina hair but my excuse for showing you another hair is that this one is ONLY….99Lds.

“Annie” is not an old dated hair dug out of her invent, dusted off and repackaged.  This is a pretty new hair and even though it’s at a discounted price you still get the full-colour palette AND of course the “style” hud. I’m not showing you the behind of this hair, there is a demo for you to try, but it’s a French Pleat style, you can have it either smooth and low or slightly higher with a teased look.

The “Oops” wasn’t the 3 backdrop pack for 99Lds I bought or the amazing boat for 90Lds which I grabbed before I even prim checked(20 prims) it was the LB (Little Branch) Orange Tree set because it turns out I already own it.  I’m not going to cry into my orange juice as it only cost me 88Lds and for that, you get a copy and mod tree which even better is SEASONAL!  Anyone who decorates/landscapes in SL knows that paying for seasonal items can, in the end, save you a lot of Lindens and almost as importantly a lot of time and again at 88Lds so CHEAP.

Everything at this event seems to be 100Lds and under.  I obviously went for the decor items but there is everything for everyone, shoes, clothes, hair, poses and of course landscaping and decor all laid out in a very attractively landscaped desert setting.

PS. If you love Puffins you will love what’s on the stall next to the boat lol.

Flourish Sales Studio

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It turns out the struggle is real! (Freebie(S)& Sim Status Update).

I know I promised you close up pictures of the !g0 hat I’ve been going on about but can I get a decent shot of that hair/hat from !g0 in my last post so I did the “The Good Egg Hunt” instead.

OH Boy, it looks as though this hunt was worth the TPing, crashing, TPing, Crashing, TPing and DAMNIT more crashing so I was just about to throw the towel in and do a complete clean reinstall of the updated Firestorm when a “Status update” went out.  Turns out SL/Firestorm isn’t just picking on me but a lot of people are having the same issue and it’s not just Firestorm it’s all the servers.  So DON’T PANIC as the Nerds have been alerted and are working on the probs right now.

This top and skirt are the first freebies I opened and I opened these first because I knew they were clothes and I knew that each of the hidden eggs contains part of this outfit.  So although you can’t see it I am wearing matching shoes and there is a wearable bag but I wanted to concentrate on just the skirt and top which is really nice with lots of fits a bright and bold colour/texture and comes as separates.

To do this hunt you click the sign and get sent a wearable basket, I don’t think you need to actually wear it though, and a Hud which will TPs you to all of the shops involved and there are oodles of eggs to collect.  Most shops seem to have 3-4 eggs out as standard, in some shops, I picked up their shop freebies as well etc and so as you can imagine I have a whole folder to sit quietly and work my way through.

I’ve just spotted that I’ve missed out two shops on the list, Entice which is the starting LM and %percent which is a shop I’ve got a few unique things from so I’m going to brave the TP just to check those out when I log back in.

The Good Egg Hunt

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One for Moz.(Freebie).

I meandered over to “Happy Dispatch” and won some very pretty wearable poppies from a Gacha, indulged in a new set of poses and finally finished my visit with this free outfit.

Not 100% sure if this is male/female or unisex outfit and it only comes in the 1 size and you do get a colour hud and I actually like it.

The Happy Dispatch is a large shop, in fact, it is 3 massive warehouses joined.  Lots of really interesting things, as I said I won some really pretty wearable poppies from a 30Ld Gacha and the poses I bought for only 150Lds also come with an adjusting option and I need to try to remember what else I bought for 100Lds because I can’t remember and now whatever it was has disappeared into my invent lol.

Although this and the 2 other items look as though they’re group gifts they seem to be set as free for all.  All you have to do is hunt them down.  I can’t seem to get a close LM and because this is a large shop you might struggle to find it.  Just head outside and there are 3 doors and facing the building it’s the last door to your right and they’re just in there.  Or just have a good wander around and you too may find something you’d like to treat yourself to.

Happy Dispatch

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The icing on the cake. (Bargains and Freebie(s))

I’ve just had a pleasant half hour at The Wash and that’s where I found these shorts.

I can’t remember if I paid 10 or 25Lds for them.  They’re really nice short shorts and not “coochie cutters”.  As you can see teamed up with this stunning top a good addition to your invent.  You will find the shorts on the Shae’s Design stand and this is the colour I picked but there are other options.

Most of us will be very familiar with “The Wash” event and as always there is a nice mix of everything from potted plants to shoes and although everything is bargain priced the prices now vary between 10-50Lds but I did spot a few Freebies along the way.  I’m not giving you the direct LM to the Shae’s stall as it’s not a massive event and this way I’m making you walk around and checking out what it there.

You may recognise this top and if so then I’m sorry, not sorry.  The folder it was in was dated sometime in January so that’s when I blogged it but although I remember this top well and went looking for it I don’t remember it having a lovely Ombre colour hud inc.  So if I’m wrong and I did mention it again “Sorry, not sorry” lol.

The Wash(Shorts from the Shae’s Design Stall)

Arteum (Top)


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Dollarbie & Spendy.

This dress is one of the Dollarbies I picked up this morning and I’m well impressed with it.

I’ve just scrolled through more of the “ADI” marketplace shop and there is some other Dollarbies.  I can also see that there is an inworld shop but I’ve not had a chance to check it out.

Now for the “Spendy”.

We are more than happy for anyone to visit our sim and we like to create a nice LM area for people to arrive at and this is our new LM.

Faith found the stunning book nook and I added the planting and mist. The lamps I may change because as you can see from the first picture they do create light pollution when talking pictures.  I will also have to see if I can change the actual LM as it is probably the old one and now we have changed the actual build you may find if you use it then you rezz in the book lol.

We keep our sim open to all but Faith keeps her home private and her security orb will boot your AV ass to the other side of the sim.  I, on the other hand, don’t have any security set up and people are free to wander in and out of my home. Sorry, you won’t find any “adult” menus unless the item came with it as standard.  Not being a “moral policewoman” though because if you want to streak through our sim with your dangly bits dangling then feel free.   Although I’m still working on the sim to create a perfect Spring/Summer setting you can obviousy use the whole sim for pictures, posing or just hanging out. There is a Skye pond, woodlands, a pool etc

Don’t worry about being bothered because even if we see visitors we leave them alone as long as they leave us alone.

ADI (Marketplace)

Home Sweet Home

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Don’t hesitate.(Freebie).

Not too long ago I did a post about a free Hot Chocolate kit from Andika, well I popped back into the shop and there is a new GG out for us but because I think it’s a bit Valentiney(sic) you might want to grab it now just in case it goes soon.

You get all of this linked and all of this unlinked and if you touch the bottle you get sent one of those stunning glasses with a very delicate Bento holding pose to slurp on.

I couldn’s scroll back that far to find the old post that featured this but as you can see I did find the picture I used so I’ve dusted it off as if you didn’t get it the first time then get it now…..that’s an order!

The newer more Valentine gift is just to your right and this older one with another GG of fabulous wearable mugs, that maybe one of them in the bottom right of the pictures, are just there.  This isn’t a massive shop so you really shouldn’t have any problems finding them the only problem you will have it resisting buying any of the food displayed and as for the poses…NOPE I’m not going to even try them! I’m trying to whittle down my existing poses and only then when I know where I stand, or should that be pose?, will I start to invest in some new fresh poses.


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I got inspired.(Freebie).

I will show you the freebie first as the rest is my happy waffling.

A FAB free dress from Amui.  You get a  6 colour hud with 4 plain colours and 2 textured ones and it’s this big and bold texture I love.  LOTS of sizes as well.

Now for the waffle.

This is my new “Home Sweet Home”.

Faith gifted me this “Rare” Gacha win a year or so ago and I’ve wanted to use it ever since but I’ve just not had the right setting/inspiration and then yesterday VOILA I found my inspiration and it’s all down to a simple wildflower lined path.

This is it close up and although I have edited the picture a tad this path system is just bloody excellent.  Low primmed, top quality texturing, different shapes ie corner pieces etc.  The fact that at 225Lds I consider it a bargain was neither here nor there as I would have snapped it up for twice that price.  I’ve rezzed the backbone of my garden now but I’m itching to get in and start rezzing even more cottagy flowers to my garden.

The shop the path comes from is called T-Spot which is a “Full Perm” shop but actually, it’s just like any landscaping shop in that you buy for your own use but if you decide you want to start selling then you have the Full Perm option.  Again I’m not sure about the TOS when it comes to reselling but you get the details inc.

I will put the shops inworld LM as well as the Marketplace link as I couldn’t for the life of me find where to purchase this item inworld, the seller uses the Caspervend system.  You really do need to see it inworld as even the seller in her MP description notes that it looks lighter in the MP pictures than it is inworld.

PS.  When I’m changing homes I delete my old house so I have the prims needed to rezz my new home and I just leave the decor items in situ so I can either move them into the new home or pack them way etc so basically look one way and you see my dream home look the other way a big fat messy mess to clean up lol.

Amui (Dress)

T-Spot (Marketplace)

T-Spot (InWorld) Check out the “New stuff boards”.