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Merry Christmas !

Its the big day – some of you will be surrounded by friends and family some of you wont . Whatever this day brings to you I hope you enjoy it and are safe, healthy and happy. I’m just about to make the drive to see my father then back again to enjoy a dinner with friends. On the 27th my annual trip to Spain – where hopefully it wont be raining as it has been here in the UK since forever !

Thank you so much for reading our little blog in 2019 – and even bigger thanks to Zan who has really kept it running on most days/week/months when I’ve had to work more than is really healthy!

Stay safe ❤



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Cozy Kitchen and snuggly pj’s


Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen

If there is one thing that I feel really makes a house a home in Second Life – it’s the kitchen. Chez Moi have released a massive new kitchen – just in time for all your Christmas baking. I’m showing you a very small selection of pieces from that new range, so click the link below and check out the whole lot for the full effect. You can buy the whole set together, or pick and mix what you like as separates. I had a lot of fun playing with the cooker, food appears inside and pots & pans whizz into your hands as if by magic !

Chez Moi Shabby chic stove

For some of the pieces you need to make a choice of adult or PG – each set is stuffed with poses and activities though.

Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen Dresser

You can buy the add ons individually, or get them as part of the set – this way you can really balance your prim usage which I always find so handy.

Chez Moi Kitchen island NEW!!

The kitchen island is very entertaining – if you go for the adult version, you wont EVER get bored ! It’s not all about naughtiness though, as you can see – plenty of baking and chopping also.

Check here for the full pack info: Shabby Kitchen Complete (PG)

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Pj’s by snatch at My attic event – 95L for a huge pack!

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One of my most favourite Furniture stores has a massive sale on for the next few days…you seriously don’t want to miss it ! I’m lounging about on the new Southern Comfort bench…plenty of poses to keep even the most demanding of Diva’s happy, and low prim too. Above me is one of the totally gorgeous Holiday wreaths…I cant bear those flat alpha type ones…and this is so realistic and lush.

I also was treated to the rocking chair and study chair from the Southern Comfort range. I’ve got a LOT of rocking chairs in my inventory..but none match up to this…the poses are lovely…the rocking motion is smooth and fluid, and I SO love the upholstery on these, very rich.

If you’re in the mood for decorating your home for Christmas theres plenty to see…the set of angels comes in two sizes – this is the big..a real statement piece. Outside the store at the front are quite a few 50L items to snap up…sooperdooper cute pretties! Dont forget that this huge sale is only on until the 25th November…dashhhhhhh! Thanks Lilly ❤ ( Lilly is TOTALLY responsible for me buying a new skin btw…what a temptress!!!!)

Prism Furniture