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Unpacking Monday.(Freebies).

Another BIG Gacha event is on and it’s called “The Guardians Gacha” and like a Noob I tried to walk through this to get there….


Be honest! how many of you think this is a portal?  Well, it’s not so turn around and walk this way instead.


Over the bridge to your left and right are 2 big areas of Gacha delight and yes yet again I spent Lindens, lots of Lindens! BUT never fear because there is also oodles of Freebie out for us.  Not every Gacha has a gift but enough to make my Cheap B* heart sing.


Once I’d grabbed everything I plonked myself in my studio and unpacked, so much from not just this event but all the clothes I’d picked up from the MH shop from my previous post.   I couldn’t find any clothes from this Guardian Gacha event so I decided to throw on one of the dresses from the MH shop.  Most of the clothes from the MH shop are mesh, some are appliers only, most come in all the mesh bod sizes and some come with everything inc colour packs!  Pretty darn generous and when I’ve done some trashing I’m going back to check the whole shop out.

I’ve scored so many things over the past few days my invent has swollen so much it’s threatening to burst like a pimple on a teenager!  Again the gifts at this event are many and varied and were so much fun to unpack I’m going to need a whole afternoon just to sort everything out, keepers, donators, binners etc but the shoes, hair, some of the hair accessories and those gorgeous and low primmed star deccies behind me are keepers.


Special mention for this hair, there are other hairs gifts at this event, as well as some really nice hair accessories, but you all know I’m spoilt for hair but this one “sang” to me.  It’s a combination of mesh and prims and I love it.  Comes with an extensive Hud and also a colour slider which means you can have any shade you want.  I checked the maker and it’s from Analog Hair and I knew it would be as I recognise their style and yes that’s another shop on my “must visit” list!

The Guardians Gacha Event

MH Unique Design(for the dress and many other gifts)