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Busy doing nothing.(Freebie(s)).

I hate adulting but I pulled up my big adult knickers and adulted(sic) like a BOSS, which means all I need to do today is drink coffee, SL and have a faffing good time.

I edited this photo so you could see the pattern on this jacket much better.  If you’re an SL couple who like to dress like twins, barf! then Gabriel is the shop for you.  Before you go into the main shop on your right are some free for all gifts, just click and pay 0Ld and you get this jacket, another jacket which also comes with a sword and there are trainers which I do believe are just for men but there is an editable version so it would be easy to make them fit a female form.

I did head towards the Group Gift section of Gabriel which I have visited before but it’s either moved or I was mistaken so when I log back in I will check that out and see if there is more there to show you.

Then I will continue “faffing” with our sim and occasionally doing RL stuff cos the reality is no one escapes “adulting” lol.

UPDATE:  The TP wouldn’t work but head on into the main body of the shop and turn left, I turned right origionally, and you will see at the end of the shop 2 distinctive signs for 1Ld and 49Ld gifts.  These are from what I saw MEN ONLY and some of the Dollarbies I remember from many years ago and some of them are brand new to me.  Some really fine and generous clothing for just a token price.  I know that they would look odd on me so I can’t show you them but you may know someone who really needs a makeover drag them over to Gabriel.