A couple more for the road

Okie I’ve rustled through some more boxes and come up with a coupla more good’uns. Pompompom have this patchwork dress out as their gift for the Summer Nights Hunt…adorabubble huh? Layers of ruffliness, bright bright colours…sooper cute!

*squeal* and Designer Prims have set out this gorrrrjus beach hut…its seriously lovely, sunbeams from the windows..two comfy chairs with oodles of poses, shabby shelves complete with nic-nacs…

Just as detailed outside, you have a sweet beach chair,fire and potted plant…theres even a life preserver just in case aww..Its so beautiful I wanted to move right on it…you should really go see the main store, I did and there are soooo many homes I loved and wanted !

Get huntin: Pompompom        Designer prims    Hunt blog: http://summernightshunt.wordpress.com/


Hippie Hippie Shake

Hippie chic is SO in girls…I found this darling little outfit on the market place today from Roxy Clothing..beautifully shaded floaty halterneck top,denim skirt and keychain..all yours for zero lindens …I did, as usual,try to visit the inworld store but sadly there isn’t one booo. I do so enjoy actually shopping rather than web browsing…oh well…heres the link to get your woodstock’esque gear! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/37495

The rather brilliant bag I’m holding is also on the market place for free here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/76956 Great hold animation and it also gives you a book to read when you touch it !


The Hippie Hippie shake….

Bubblez Hippie outfits 199L each

Anddd now for something completely not Xmassy or wintery yay! Bubblez has newness..and we can always rely upon milo bubble for uniqueness…exhibit A, male & female hippie chick outfits ! Soooo cool you might freeze…gorjusss velveteen sweater, with flared cuffs…topped off with an almost hand knitted look waistcoat, cute frayed edges give it a real retro shabby chic appeal. You’ll lurrrve the MADLY flared old jeans too ! Each outfit just 199L ! Dont forget to do the gatcha tree for 20L while you’re there !

Go get shaken : Bubblez