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Fun & Puffles


Newwww releases from FLG to increase your Saturday happy quota ! This is just one of the colours of the new “puffed” top…beautiful styling on the sleeves and ohmaiiiii such a cleavage popping cut out in the front . It shoes off your assets for sure.


Here are the newwww Fun pants…yes, that’s their name “Fun” , have to admit they did make me feel like twirrrrrrling. Various patterns available in these including some really fab striped black & white. I got a superb fit around the waist  and  a great look to my bum..rounded and pert. These are on sale at the Pure Sales room event and at 70L per piece a real steal.

Pure Sales room event

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Disco Diva

Disco Diva

Once I got the notice through that  SHI was having a retirement sale I TPed as fast as I could because not only could I snag some goodies but it was also a good excuse to repost a piccie of one of my ultimate fav outfits.

One of the items being retired is this retro pair of high waisted pant.  Sculpted flares and in the bright orange colour I chose just screamed Disco to me.


Because you don’t get a demo with this the next photo is a close up of the colour which is a lovely earthy orange. Sorry the Hawt belt is from an old outfit.

This is the Hoodie that I adore. Side boobs and draped hood makes it moody and sexy at the same time.



Amazing Grace

New high waist pants from Poised ! Called “Grace” and in a few lush tones..Naturally I have the shocking pink ones on..button up front, great seam detail…

The texture is linen, very classy for a dressy summer style..particulary enjoyed the delicate dove grey- thanks Poise x

While you at the store, don’t forget to grab this months group gift…its a great short jump suit!

Go get Poise: Poised


Whats a girl to do …

Jane Francie so innocent blouse & Francie pants

so there I am, ready to rock & roll on a great sunny in hand for a shopping spreee…then *puttputtcoughgcough* car dies ~le-sigh~. Oh wellll the repair guy was hot! Anyyywayy here Iam in Jane’s latest release, my my my Janie Marlowe has gone MAD lately releasing gear left,right and centre ! I adore these high waist francie pants , can be worn with or without the suspenders, great prim cuffs give them a smart finish. I teamed it up with the Francie *so innocent* blouse in milk, gawd lotsa options ! Here I have it tucked in, with extra bodice rufffly bits – check out the arms & cuffs…superb ❤ There are also a couple more additions to the range…but I will let you discover those on your next visit. Click the pic for a more detailed view of the lulliness, scores high for details .

Jane *so innocent* Francie blouse option 2

andddd you also get it so you can wear it like thisssss ! Isnt it just to-die-for pretttty? You can wear it without the front flare too for a plainer look, but I loved the pleating effect ! Just 85L for the blouse (remember you’re getting 3 different blouses in one!) and 90L for the pants/ highwaisters . Alsooo there is a Monday offer on the newww addictive lil piggies darling ankle socks ! Thirty one colours for 50L *faints*..of courrrrse I’ve got them…

Jane Monday offer piggies darling ankle socks

They are just theeeee cutest ankle socks everrrr !! They look so strokably soft and can be worn with sneakers or shoes…just awesomesauce, head over ASAP to get these at the special offer price .

Go get the newness : Jane