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Goddess In Green


Wow factor times 10.  I took a number of snaps to try to show you the fullness of the skirt but this one of me floating up through the blue tree is my favourite. As you will be able to see in the second photo the skirt is massive and it billows around you like a cloud.  The bodice, part of the skirt and shoulder decorations are made from leaves.  I loved walking along the rocky beach with it flowing behind me.  Quite an impact dress.


This wonderful, non mesh, dress comes from Vero Mondero and is a  special gift. It comes from a smaller satellite shop of theirs situated on a brand new, to me, shopping sim.  This sim is packed with top quality and well-known shops and designers and lucky for us if you join the Avenue Group you can get this show stopper and quite  a few other gifts that have been placed out.  I may blog some of them later but make sure when you have some spare time on your hand get over there and just have  a wander and treat yourself.

This smaller Vero Mondero shop seems to contain all Mesh clothes however the much bigger Vero Mondero main store is packed with goodies and mainly non mesh which can be a plus.   A great selection of mens clothes, swim wear, casual clothes and of course the full length ball gowns that seems to be their speciality.  It is nice to see that there is a lot for men to see as well and that dept isn’t just an after thought.

Special mention has to go to 2 departments that are somewhat related, the Wedding Department and the Maternity Department.  Beautifully crafted special dresses which just give the appearance of being “one of a kind” to pretty sweet or glamorous gowns that have been crafted to create the baby bump that some people love.

Not the cheapest of shops but a big smile came to my face when I saw what the group gift is, a very Voguish dress but that they also have a discounted section for men and women and there is a lovely selection of full length glam for all to indulge in.

Vero Modero

Vero Modero Main shop

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Worst Hunt Ever!!!!

Why worst hunt? simply because the giant pumpkins you’re looking for are unmissable so basically as a “hunt” its rubbish but OMG what brilliant stuff.  Each pumpkin cost only 15Lds and trust me the contents are not cheap.  Shop quality mesh goodies and if that wasn’t enough to get you there the poster in the entrance of the shop show you the items that are in the pumpkins and even the number so if your down to your last 15Lds and there is something that you really want you can go straight to that pumpkin and buy it (then come back later and snag the rest because you’d be a fool not to).  Although this is mainly mesh there is a lovely set of make up and a rather creamy yummy skin on offer as well.  Once you’ve checked out this quality and their reasonable pricing you will be LMing this place for sure.

I’ve previously bloged the top before but it deserves special mention because I LOVE it. Non mesh and perfect.  As usual I stuck to the safe cream colour but they have such a pretty choice.  Love this shop and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to the top then have a lovely time wandering around (and if you still can’t find it just drop me a note inworld and I’ll take you there). Actually don’t because I’m wandering around now and I’m so tempted by so many things.  Some lovely high fashion and yet wearable clothes here so for the sake of my remaining SL budget I’d better TP outta here!

Ricielli Halloween Hunt

Vogue Sissel Top

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Elegance Personified

Most days I tend to slouch around in pj’s or a jeans and a tee…or whatever I’ve just taken photos of…I’m lazy like that *grins*…but today I was lucky enough to catch a hold of some newness from [Amarelo Manga]. One thing you’re sure to find me wearing in real life, are pants suits…I just love them..and Amarelo Manga has them down to a fine art. Above Im wearing the “Overall Marcelle”, Crisp black pants, with neat flared cuffs, over them a wide suede look belt with huge silver buckle…complimenting this is a sleeveless snug shirt and the most adorable sleek fur collar / cape.

The whole feel is seductive, glamorous and very of the moment. Fur (synthetic for moi please) is very in right now, gone all the old days of half a herd of rabbits and in comes the statement collars and trims…this is sooo right. I wish I wish I wish I had this in real life ~sigh~..

Another pant suit that won my heart is this..called “Miranda”…adore the subtle large plaid on the pants….another fantastic wide belt that gives a highwaist look…and a stunning deep red satin blouse. The blouse has a very eighties feel to it…decadently ruffled sleeves and a gorgeous scarf / choker to wrap it all off…chic and feminine !

If you join the instore subscribo, as an added bonus you receive this darling sequined black highwaist skirt and blouse…it has the prettiest detail on the back…and scrummy sparkles on the skirt..perfect for all those Christmas parties !

Take a look around the main store, it’s not a vast collection , but I suspect it will grow…whats there has a quality feel…I noticed a couple of fantastic coats…quite a few casual outfits…swimwear (outrageously pretty!), jeans & separates plus oodles of evening wear. If you’re looking for something that little bit extra special and different from the usual run-of-the-mill…Amarelo Manga is a great place to start looking.

All clothing: [Amarelo Manga]


Good Golly Miss Molly

Morea Style March Group gift "Molly"

oh wow…will you look at this dahhhhling little dress ! It’s the March group gift from Morea Style. Totally loving the little sheer layer that falls from the corset style top, special details like that make me smile !

"Molly" dress by Morea Style

See how the hem of the corset top sits so prettily over the skirt? I adore ❤..with flouncy frilllsss that rustle around your upper thighs it’s sooo seductive…gorgeous! Pop along now and get yours, also don’t forget, the Fashion For Life kiosks are in the foyer..four stunning items for sale with 100% of the Lindens going to The American Cancer Society.

Go get frilly : Morea Style