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Brillancia @ Tres Chic

Brillancia Caroline top & skirt @ Tres Chic

Just a quicky before I finish packing for my vacation tomorrow – I couldnt pass up the chance to play with the new goodies from Brillancia! This is “Caroline”, you get a skirt, top and a sparkly layer to add to your upper body (I’m not wearing it above) I just adore the metallic feel to the outfit – almost gladiatorial in style but oh so feminine ! I’ve gone with the silver effect but there are plenty of other colours to choose from – fits for: -Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn -Kupra-Kups

Thanks Brillancia ❤

Tres Chic

Hair by Exile FLF $50L!

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Dora (not the explorer).

Lazy post.  I spent too much time trying to find a lovely set up to show off this very High Fashioned FREE mesh dress I ran out of SL time so I cheated and changed my Windlight setting and flew up into the sky and snapped a couple of quick piccies.


The above picture was my fun shot the bottom picture  is a clearer idea of what you get.  As it happens this is one of my Fav colours but if you have some Lindens to spend there is a whole selection of different colours and a an even more impressive full lengthen version of this dress.


This comes from QQ Fashion and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to it it’s on the third floor next to the shoes.  I couldn’t find a TP so it  looks like you will have to take the stairs but at least this gives you a chance to check out the other items on the way up.

Can’t say much about this shop as my SL time was pretty short today but when I landed at the main entrance a lucky chair called out so I know that somewhere hidden in this large shop is at least 1 Lucky Chair.

QQ Fashion

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Indulge Me (& a freebie).

Normally we like to take pictures that show off the item we’re blogging in as clear and natural lighting as we can and then we have this.  Super fun to take and an absolute stunning look.


This is yet another Mina hair which I wasn’t going to blog I was going to ask Baylen to do it.  It comes from the We ❤ to Roleplay event going on at the moment and although this is a very uni sexed hair do’s from Mina I just thought it would nice to see Baylen in a completely new way.  Then I found this dress and instantly I knew I had to show you not only the hair but another shade of the amazing PumeC Elvin range.  This is the light grey shade and you’ve seen the dark grey and once I find the perfect outfit you will see the white shade.


The dress I’m wearing  is a freebie from Topazia and I made a bit of a boo boo because I put on the full length sheath dress and completely missed out that it’s actually a wedding dress with shoes and an OTT hat included but since I’ve concentrated on the hair and skin you will have to take my word for it that as a sheath dress it’s super sexy.


So I popped back to Topazia to LM grab and decided that I would grab this other free dress from there and since that ethereal piano was hiding on the top floor I quickly changed my hair and Vogue’d for the camera. There is quite a few freebies here so even if you don’t like what I’ve shown you, or not as in the first case, you might find something else on the wall of GGs.

Nathalia Topazshop’s is packed with some seriously high fashioned gowns and dresses with bold and bright colours and texturing.  I’m not sure if it’s my comp but I just couldn’t see any demos and yet most of the stock appears to be mesh.  I’m popping back again to recheck that because there are some simply stunning gowns here and I really would like to try them on.  I’ve spotted that there is a Marketplace shop and a whole load of demos are available there but I cannot help but thing that the shop has more in it so try on a demo from the MP to see the detail and then come here to treat yourself.

PS and yes that is another Mina hair in the bottom picture.  I really do own more than just Mina hair but I just seem to find the right hair for the right look and it turns out to be a Mina!

We<3 Role Play


Topazia Marketplace



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Finally the LOVE DONNA FLORA  event is now up and running.

The sim was donated by Chablish Kinsella and Felicity Blumentha designed the sim to be glorious to look at and yet in a much appreciated simple way.  On the top of the hill you have an old market town centre and you walk through one of the 4 arch ways and down past some glorious vineyards where around the edge of the sim is a path and on each side are stalls and barrows packed with goodies.  This means you will not miss a thing. Special mention also to  Katy (katya.valeska) and probably so many others whose name I don’t know but to create such an impressive event take people a lot of time and effort which usually doesn’t seem appreciated.

Push 3

If you haven’t heard about Squinternet Larnia by now then you’re in for a treat, this is the Lovely Lady (she must be lovely for so many people to spend so much of their time, effort or generous donations) who owns Donna Flora.  A shop packed with the unique, bright, colourful, womanly, feminine, retro costumes and creations that you can find in SL.  Sadly at the moment her health is not good.  I’ll put the link in for a read of her story but the main thing is all these people have come together to show their appreciation and maybe just maybe raise some much needed funds for Squinternet.

Some of the biggest names are here and there is everything from poses to SLink nails and everything in between.   If your on a limited budget then there are clothes starting a very reasonable price so even if you can’t indulge yourself in a high end dress there is still plenty here for you to treat yourself to.  Each item has been clearly market as to how much of the money will go towards Donna Flora (Squinternet) and you will be surprised at how many are at a 100%.  But if course you can pop to her very own in world shop but just make sure to set some time aside for both as there is so much to see you wouldn’t want to be rushed.

Blackskin“The Luminous Cloud is inspired by my favourite elven deity Sehanine Moonbow (also known as the Luminous Cloud, Lady of Dreams, Daughter of the Night Skies) in the fantasy world of Forgotten Realms. Sehanine Moonbow represents the moon, dreams, journeys (both physical and spiritual) and mysteries. Squinternet helped making my dream come true by making my jewelry for MVW 2013 finale and that is why I wanted to make something dream-like for my 100% donation item.” This is what Nimraë Arendíl (irina.strazytski) has to say about her offering for the LDF event and tbh I couldn’t say it better except that if you remove the wispy floaty attachments you’re left with a simple sweet mesh dress.  So it works in 2 ways as a RP ethereal look or a simple pretty long mesh dress.

Hair ama

I adore all forms of flowers in SL esp the ones you can wear. This dress comes from Lybra. A form fitting mesh dress with wispy skirt attachments but it’s the creamy fat roses that have the WOW factor.  Dress can be worn with or without the roses or you can even wear them on other outfits. AmaThe hair I am wearing in both pictures is called  Daphne.  Comes from Amacci.  Here you can buy everything to make your AV look hot and sexy, skins, shapes, eyes etc but it’s the hair I’m after.  I knew the name was familiar to me and thats because one of my more wilder wicked hairs comes from here.  What I appreciate most is how she has her hair styles laid out in sections so the updo’s, long hair, braids etc are all together.  An updo hairstyle with an optional flower attachment. Use the HUD to change between 15 flower colors.
Daphne is available in colour packs with 6-8 hairs in each.

Love Donna Flora Event

Squniternet Larnia

Poets Heart


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I’ve just received the list of the shops and designers who are participating in the Donna Flora fund raising  and the list is VAST!  I think it is probably the longest list of any event I have ever seen in all my years in SL. Kudos to those who must have spent an enormous time organizing all of this because the list alone had my head reeling let alone trying to organise it.  It’s a reflection of how much people hold Squinternet Larnia in their esteem that so many have been so generous in their offerings.

So basically, as far as I know because it hasn’t officially started, shops/designers have placed items out with a certain percentage going towards helping Squinternet Larnia and in some cases all the funds will be donated .  I will put the link to Squinternet’s story so you can see why so many people are feeling for her.

ColourtwoLooking for romance then try Romance Couture a shop packed with froth and froo froo.  Big ball gowns with flowing skirts.  Old fashioned glamour.  3 floors of dresses, shoes and jewels for you to recreate a glamorous look.  Mainly non mesh as you cannot get the liquid look with mesh yet but she does have a small selection of mesh clothes and even a rather good freebie which you can grab at the LM.  The event isn’t open officially till the 25th and so this is just a preview but as soon as it’s open I’ll pop on a reminder.

colourtwo twoBut of course you can go straight to Donna Flora and treat yourself just as I did.  Feminine hooped skirt with matching  “Marie Antoinette” styled hair and matching stockings/socks. Non Mesh sculpted hoop which is easy to edit down the tiny bit I needed to fit better.

Romance Couture

Donna Flora

Donna’s Story

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Patience Pays

I was getting messages through the Vita Boudoirs group calling out LC initials which surprised me as she doesn’t have a LC or LB in her shop but oh yes she does, at least for the moment. Since I had a massive amount of old notes to go through I plonked myself next to the LI (lucky Island) and waited.  Since there  was never less than a dozen other people stood there is didn’t take that long for me to grab a fun wearable tropical island, a bikini to match and a lovely summer head-dress.

Print1I’m not wearing the island in this photo I rezzed this one my land and then picked a pose out of my invent because I wanted you to get a good shot of the bikini and the pose that comes with this wearable didn’t do the fruityness of the bikini justice.  So when you wear it your sat sprawled on the deck chair soaking up the sun.  As it happens the island itself is approx 53 prims so if you live on a very wooded, grassy sim and you want a patch of sand and you have some free prims this would be a fun thing.  What you can’t see is that the island also sits in a puddle of water and a sharks fin circles around you which is why you get the sign warning you not to feed the shark.

The Tropical bikini is mesh and you get the corsage and hair flower as separates a nice addition to you accessories.

Print 2Squealed when I saw the budgie and then squealed some more when I realised there was 2 of them and they’re kissing!  This is the Summer head-dress which is just gorgeous.

I’ve blogged Vita’s Bouidor many a time and will do so again.  A Real Life designer who has brought her designs into SL so each piece is full of imagination and uniqueness. A selection of costumes, ethreal plants landscaping and gorgeous furniture all with that something that makes them different but it’s the clothes which will make you stand out from the rest.

Now if you don’t have the patience then you can actually see what items are in the LC and purchase them instead of waiting. If I remember the bikini is a 100Lds but the rest I’m not sure of but again since Vita has a lot of fans that LC changes pretty often you stand a good chance winning sooner than you think.


Boudoir Marketplace

Boudoir Blogg

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Disco Diva

Disco Diva

Once I got the notice through that  SHI was having a retirement sale I TPed as fast as I could because not only could I snag some goodies but it was also a good excuse to repost a piccie of one of my ultimate fav outfits.

One of the items being retired is this retro pair of high waisted pant.  Sculpted flares and in the bright orange colour I chose just screamed Disco to me.


Because you don’t get a demo with this the next photo is a close up of the colour which is a lovely earthy orange. Sorry the Hawt belt is from an old outfit.

This is the Hoodie that I adore. Side boobs and draped hood makes it moody and sexy at the same time.