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Hi Style Lo Price.

I was very surprised that this shop, DIRAM, which seems to sell High Fashion outfits should not only have a FREE to join group.  However you do still have to pay a single Linden for each item which is just a token price.


OK so I have had fun fiddling with the effects on this picture, I only really do that when the item is either free or a Dollarbie, but this hasn’t really changed the texturing as much as you think.  This looks great in all Sim settings and the same can be said for the 2 coats I also picked up.  As you can see from the exaggerated styling this stands out from the rest.  Jacket only the breast-plate I’m wearing is mine.

If this is too outlandish for your taste then check out this amazingly wearable Autumn/Winter coat.


Yup this is another GG from DIRAM although again you do have to pay a single Linden for it.  WOW and not only do you get this red one but a patchwork one.  More GG’s here.

If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the GG’s then you will have to do a bit of hunting, if I remember correctly when you land it’s in the shop to your left and you should be able to see bags through the windows.  If you have any probs don’t hesitate to contact me inworld and I’ll show you in person.


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More Gorgeous Autumness, this time from Pink Label..these patchwork boots are divine! Sumptuous colours like the burgundy wine above with fantastic textures and sooo many options to personalise them.From the notecard (because I always forget something !) “Gemstones change to any one of 12 choices, metals change to any one of 4 choices, Resize via hud! Each pair also comes with an optional coordinating sock top for a more warm and cosy look. Demo is available, right foot only without hud.”

Talena very generously gifted me the wine shade, but once Id tried them on I zoooomed over and snaffled up a tan coloured pair also…129L per pair…thats a steal!! (eight colours available)

Patchwork Leather boots: Pink Label