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Cheap finishing touches

If you’re looking for a little something extra for your Autumn or Halloween outfits – I may have found just the things. Above is a neat look by Emotions, not only do you get this complete look but also the hair alone, the hair and hat and a big old fat pack of colours for just $5L.

I found this darling little head dress @ Indyra, placed on the front reception desk for free – no group to join, just pick it up. Perfect for Autumnal looks or Halloween.

Yep we have blogged it before and I’m blogging it again ! Too good not to mention is this Autumn hair do by adoness. Comes in just this colour, however there is another one that’s for winter – both cost $1L each.




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The “B” is back with a Beauty. (Freebie).

I’m back from my few days break, refreshed, pampered and a whole lot poorer but I had a wonderful time. As it happens the last thing I managed to grab inworld before I logged out was this simply gorgeous floral head wreath.  As it happens I have a very soft touch for Lilac as I have a massive tree in my garden and when it is in full bloom it fills the air with scent and of course I fill my house and every vase, jug and container I own with massive bunches of it.  Sad that it only blooms for a few weeks each year but then again that makes it extra special.

I have made my pretty picture even prettier with a bit of softness but trust me you can see every perfect little petal in detail.


The shop it comes from is called “IT” (Indulgent Temptation) and I know for a fact that I have been tempted a few times as I have a number of the head dresses, flowers in my invent if only I could find where I’d filed them away! this is starting to become unfunny as I would have loved to have shown you more of the lovely designs here.  As someone who is too lazy to wear jewelry or carry a bag in SL I do love to wear flowers in my hair.

OK so to get this Freebie you do have to join the SL Free’s and Offers Group, as you go in the shop it’s the purple sign on the wall next to the picture of this gift, you can’t miss it.  However if you have a spare 100Lds to join the “IT” group I’d say go for it.  There is a sign pointing to the room with the GG’s in it so you can see what you get for your money and I don’t know how often Alina updates her GG’s but you get it all back with the first load of GG’s you grab.

IT (Indulgent Temptation)

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Whats his is mine

Sax Shepherd Designs NEW!

The Fantasy gacha carnival has flung open its sparkly doors today! Ive got some treats to share from Sax Shepherd Designs – the thing issss – they aren’t really for girls but but but – heyho that’s what a resize script is for right?! Why should the guys have all the fun and funky beads. Anyyyyway, its gacha so thats huge amounts of fun and its fantasy themed, even better. Haul your butts over there and have a play or six – this stuff ROCKS. I’m wearing just a few pieces from Sax’s Buccaneer beads collection which has 24 commons and 2 rares to spin for.

Sax Shepherd Designs - musical chest NEW!

Of course something musical is always going to be a big winner for me and this musical Pirates chest is divine. This is actually one of the rares from the Buccaneer gacha. Touch and the key rotates to wind it up then the music begins, its really quite enchanting. If you’d like to see the all the items Sax has made for this event click : Here – Thank you Mister Shepherd ❤

Fantasy Gacha Carnival