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Optimism I Haz It (Serious Cheapie).

I’m waiting for the RL sun to break through the grey clouds and I can get outside and do some Spring cleaning in my greenhouse and until that happens I started some SL hunting and to my pleasant surprise the first find is excellent, trust me that rarely happens.


OMG that rattan sofa is so freakin old style it’s probably high style now.  Check out this close up.


Classic kitsch now and such good quality as well.  I’m definitely keeping this even if I just use it as a prop.  You do also get the 2 pictures, vases and the cushion I’m sat on and it’s not that there is anything wrong with them at all, again shop quality and low primmed but I’m resolving to keep my packed invent down to a reasonable number I just can’t bring myself to bin the excellent “love chair” as it’s called in the pack.  Comes with some good poses for him and her including the guitar playing which you can see is also included in the cushion.  The cushion gave me a laugh as it’s actually got a proposal pose in it and a refusal pose, a really nice touch.


I’ve not bought this either, it’s in the shop and it looks suspiciously innocent but it also has a cleaning, floor sweeping, wall leaning etc poses in it but also a NAUGHTY Menu! since I’m a SL singleton I wouldn’t really get any use out of it but if you like to keep your naughty menu driven items secret this might be something you’re interested in.

I’m going to have a good mooch around when I get back inworld to grab the LM because this shop has a massive amount of items outside and in fact although I will try to give you the LM close to the prize you will probably find it’s outside you land.  If that happens then you simply walk inside the main shop and a clue is given for the hunt items…easy to find as well…but don’t be confused by the writing above the little purple box because it says “last donation and also Last Donor, just pay it the 3Lds and the giftie is sent to you.  BEST of all the 3Lds all goes towards the American Cancer Society! I would have paid much more for this prize and this cause but at least the token price of 3Lds means that even those on limited incomes can grab a goodie and donate to a great cause.

PS I’m putting the link for the site with the LM’s and pictures but you’re going to see a few more of them here as well.

Optimism Hunt Site

HC Premium Creations

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Bring it on! (The Homeless Hunt).

Homeless Awareness Hunt Poster Final

I’ve been waiting for this hunt for ages and now it’s finally started. I did write a whole load of stuff about how frighteningly easy for any of us to fall into the poverty/homeless trap but then I read this on the Skittles In The Pit blog site and I though this is better.

“A blog that provides information and caters to mental health awareness and the ending of stigma that comes with the illness and disorders. Hunts and events are used to educate the general public on mental health in order to help decrease the stigma so in return people who show signs and symptoms on various disorders, seek help without feeling judgmental of themselves. Feeling stigma stops many from getting the help they need.”

Organised and run by the amazing Joshuan Banx (anyone’s name I’ve missed out I do apologise) and WOW has he pulled it off big time with this hunt. Sponsored by some of the biggest names in SL and the list of shops who have donated are guaranteed to have donated great goodies.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent a few examples of whats on offer and I’m grinning.

What your looking for is a little brown box however to make this a kick ass hunt the shops are allowed to re textured and change the size of the box and Boo Hoo no hints! But follow the link and just look at the shop names and it’s going to be worth it.  Also special mention is that MEN are equally as catered for which is really good.  A lot of packages have both male and female items in them so boys get hunting but since this is a month long hunt plenty of time to mooch around.

Here’s an example of whats on offer, picture only but the next post will have all the details and much more.

Mars skinshapeFollow the link to a great meet up place but also the LMs for all the shops involved.

Skittles in the Pit

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Designer Showcase

A  newww event for me….”Designer Showcase”, popped over to have a gander…and found that if you join the group (free to join) you can also collect a few lully gifts. Unique clothing have this denim skirt and frilly pink top out for you…I teamed it up with  a bag I found at Peppermint Blue the other day- also free ! My shabby tall dresser is from HC Creations…and is a dollarbie on the market place atm…itsss fahhbulous…colour change and it also rezzes items on the top…such as a hat…vase…lamp…coolbeans..

Another gifty at Designer Showcase is this jolly little frock from Barely Legal…”into the groove” mesh dress in a shockingly pretty shade of fuschia…my skin is another pressie from the same event… Style by Kira, called “Willow”, wearabubble tan shade…with  gentle makeup that makes its suitable for pretty much everyone…go shop !

Designer Showcase

HC Creations shabby dresser 1L

Peppermint Blue (after landing, slap the teleporter pad to the free store)