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Moonlit Bay in Winter

Moonlit Bay in Winter

Zan has been SO busy the last week – she had a flash of inspiration and whizzed into action on the sim we rent. Then I spied what she was doing and whined and whinged to have it too ! Snow, a new home and also a causeway out to a beautiful garden (you cant see that bit) I don’t know how she does it all so fast but I’m glad she does ❤ Her home is in its uhm 5th reincarnation atm – keeps changing her mind and each time I log in its different !

Happy 1st December ❤

New Home: Trompe Loeil – Garrett Country Cottage

Snow: Hayabusa Design Snow particle $49L

Snowy rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Winter

Beach: –Skye Rocky Shore

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A Simple Sunday.(Group Reminder).

I’ve had such a good and productive morning cleaning in RL I’m just about ready to get cracking in SL.  So I came inworld with the intention of doing nothing but sorting out our sim to a Spring setting but as always I got tempted.  Actually, it’s OK because it turned out to be perfect timing as the gift is this stunning tree one of many that are regularly sent out as a Group Gift from Hayabusa Designs and as always it’s a low primmed, menu-driven tree.


Yup, I’ve gone a bit into “God mode” at the moment and I’m playing with the sim wind light setting.  I’ve just noticed I must add “remove snow from my house” to my to-do list.


Now I’m seeing the sim in this setting I’m not 100% sure about this setting either

Breath a sigh of relief as I am keeping this short n sweet.  The Gifts are sent out to you but not through the group, I think this is to stop people from being greedy and snagging copy after copy as it may come with a full menu but only non-copy.  So you won’t be able to join the group and take a copy from the group history but you might still get it sent out to you when you join or you might just have to wait for the next freebie to be sent out.

I’ve put the MP shop first as there is some bargains there plus you can see more of what Hayabusa has to offer but you must visit the inworld shop to see how amazing these landscaping plants are.

PS Be careful though as the more bargain priced items in the MP are sometimes the older more primmy stock or you only get a non-copy version.

Hayabusa Marketplace

Hayabusa Inworld

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OH! (Freebies).

Have we ever told you about Hayabusa? I’m not sure if we have I know I haven’t which and for that I’m sorry.

There are a few creators in SL which have just made such a difference to our SL dreams and Hayabusa is one of them.  You may not have an SL home but there is no way in heck that you will not know the Hayabusa  range because their trees are everywhere and that includes our sim.  What you might not know is that theHayabusa isn’t just a FREE to join group but regular gifts of trees are sent out.  These aren’t primmy ugly assed things,  they often come with a FULL menu which doesn’t just inc seasons changes but so many shades in each season,blossoms, bark texture plus of course wind movement in which you can make the leaves/branches sway as much or as little as you want.  Don’t panic because all options come in an idiot proof Hud.


This is the latest sent out gift, when you join the group you will find it in the group history as you don’t have to go to the main shop any gifts are automatically sent to you.  I can’t remember the primage of this tree but Hayabusa has cornered the market in low prim their 1 prims trees are amazing and at that prim count you can have tree’s even on the smallest plot of land.  Our sim is covered with Hayabusa trees in all shapes and sizes and I could be wrong but none is over 9prims and they’re usually only 9 prims when they’ve been made super large or are a set of tree’s.

Our sim is covered with Hayabusa trees in all shapes and sizes and I could be wrong but none is over 9prims and they’re usually only 9 prims when they’ve been made super large or are a set of tree’s.


This is the exact same tree as the first picture I’ve just turned it a bit and changed the texturing and common how amazing is this?  Taken in my Nams setting so you can imagine how good they look when the windlight is more atmospheric. Hayabusa  and some other of the top landscaping shops in SL have make our SL worlds so much more enriched it really is art.

This isn’t one of the free trees I’m just showing you an example of one of their 2 prim ranges.  This Aspen has such realistic bark on it’s trunk it looks just like the Silver Birch tree I have in my RL garden.


Sending out these gifts work well for Hayabusa because every time they do I think a lot of people end up popping back over to check out whats new and this is a creator where new stuff is being made and released often.

My only recommendation is that if you do splash out and buy something from Hayabusa or a couple of the other amazing landscaping shops in SL is if you can afford it buy trees/plants that change with the season.  Builds of this quality will last and last and even though new stuff is coming out often these will be so sim friendly for so long invest now for the future.


Home Sweet Home(our sim)