Both I and Faith come from the UK so we don’t have a big tradition of celebrating Halloween and that’s what Faith said to me last time I saw her and then she also got a notice through from Follow Us about their new Decor items and she went and bought a whole load of them!  As it happens I too had rushed over there and I just couldn’t wait and had bought myself some brilliant hanging crates with Halloween themes.


I’ve really got to clean up the outside porch on my home but it’s hard when you want to show so much off.  OK the 2 cute doggies you can see in the bottom left are actual Group Gifts which only costs 40Lds to join and that’s really just a token because Laurent has a whole wall of home decor GG’s and often boards with big discounted prices only for Group Members only.  Look just under the eaves of the porch and you will see the hanging rustic wire baskets and those were what I just couldn’t wait to get my sticky paws on.


You get 4 different styles in the pack and they’re copyable.  Not the lowest of prims but so damned effective I would love these wire baskets in RL for hanging around my home.  They really are lovely, I may move a couple of them off my porch as 4 of them are making it look crowded but I’m definitely moving them over to my shed and Faith may even ask for a few to be put on her porch.


I have had a lot of fun with my Windlight, as it happens the colour I’d set our sim to turns out to be perfect Halloween colours, orangey and greeny.  I’ve also fiddle with a bit of photo shopping but to show you how bright and juicy the colours are the very last picture is set in my fav Nams setting.


The barn is stuffed with both indoor and outdoor decor items.  I haven’t been over to Faiths home but I know she also grabbed the fireplaces.  Don’t worry if you’re prim counting as you may not have enough for some but there is plenty of options and with such zingy colours even one of the smaller items creates a splash of colour.


This is the picture taken in my nams.

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