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Hunt me down(Freebies).

I decided to hone up on my Hunt hunting skills as there seems to be quite a few gearing up for action next month.  I decided to start with the MOH5 (men only hunt) because quite often a lot of hunts can have items which are pretty unisexed and if I have to be honest this hunt comes complete with pictures of the prizes and pretty good hunt clues.  Sadly though I was still useless and only managed to find a couple of goodies.


OK don’t look at the hair too closely,  I was having “issues” when I took these pictures so not only was my normally beautifully sleek and shiny hair looking all jagged my SLink hands resembled claws but I just didn’t have the time to relog which usually sorts this out.  Fortunately the hat which is the Hunt item has rezzed beautifully.  Comes with a resizer so will certainly fit any head no matter how big or small.

Because my hands were like Cruella Deville’s hands I couldn’t show you the leather wrist strap which comes with a resizer so yet again another item which can fit most AVs.


I certainly will work for Pussy Cats, got 2 of the little hairballs in RL.  A simple but fun prop with pose.  LOVE the fact that if you click the board you can turn off and on the pose so you can wander around SL and sneak up on people and click on your sign and stand there proudly posing LOL.  It will make some people chuckle.

I’ve lost the link with the pictures, sorry but if you’re a male reader of our blog then there is some stunning top quality mesh clothes, poses, accessories and a few props with a few unisexed items for us ladies.  Everything is free and you’re looking for a glass of cool beer.

PS just in case you haven’t spotted it I’ve added the “cat”.

PPS the hat comes from G&D The Italian Style and the pose from The Pose Shop.

MOH5 Blog with LM’s and Hints


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Everyone should now know I’m a PumeC addict but that doesn’t mean I don’t try on a lot of skins but I usually bin them straight away so when you come across a skin that makes you go “Wow” it really is a WOW.


I slung on some clothes and TPed straight over to a lovely beach sim and snapped away.  I was so quick I forgot to change to my Nams setting but the one I used was a very similar setting and trust me this skin is DIVINE.


But of course you must remember I’m wearing my own Anna shape so although you may not get the same look you will get a beautiful bright, clear skin and SLink hands, feet, phat azz and Lola appliers inc.


You do actually get 4  skins in this pack, same shade but as you can see from this picture 2 skin with or without freckles and also 2 with or without cleavage.

The reason I am rushing this post is that there was some confusion as to whether the Elysium group was a paid to join group or free but when I grabbed this skin and the other GG’s:a pair of shoes and a hat but there is more there, it was free.  So just incase it turns into a paid to join group pop over and grab this goodie and the others items there.

Alos make sure to check out the Elysium’s Marketplace shop before you buy inworld as there is a big 70% sale off certain items but only on the MP.

As for my shape in the past year I’ve only blogged 1 other shape and that was a freebie, to me Analy Amat’s shop “anna shapes” make the BEST shapes in SL.  If you check out my Flickr pages or any of my photos apart from the recent photo of a free shape I wear nothing but an anna’s shape.  Although I seem to have lost the inworld shop she has a range of them for only 80Lds on her Marketplace shop.  Don’t worry as you can try before you buy and there is a fatpack of demos as well.


Elysium Marketplace

 Anna Shape

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Just a quickie.

As I was wading through my notes a surprise package came through from Luziefee and although I’ve just blogged about this shop and the new row of Lucky boards there I decided to unpack the goodies and found this.


Luzie Cheng has been so nice and to all her Subscribers, and I’m going to assume her Group Members, and she has boxed up all of last years Group Gifts and sent them out.  I rezzed a few which I’ve blogged previously but as soon as I rezzed this mesh skirt and system top I knew exactly the hair, hat, make up and although you can’t see them even the shoes which will make this whole look stunning.  The skirt and top are separates and I’m sure the top come with different styles but sorry I had to log out and I’ve forgotten.

So because this is a Freebie I have had fun with the windlight, COS I CAN, but even in my normal nams setting the skirt and top are made up of lovely burnt orange, earthy yellows and olive-green colours.

bliss hat

If you like the hat then it came from Bliss Couture.  OK will say that Bliss Couture has been holding a closing down sale for at least a year now LOL BUT that so works in our benefit because it means this and all of her other amazing hats are only 89Lds.  I don’t have many Bliss outfits as the style is non mesh and high fashioned which again for those of you who aren’t into mesh means it’s the perfect place to grab a ball gown or flouncy dress.  If like me you love your hats then you will love them here, I think I have just about all of them in my invent but sadly not all of the colours only my finances and conscience stops me buying the whole lot I love them so much.

PS when you go to Luziefee to slap the Sub board once you’ve done that click it again and chose History and then the number 1 to get the package sent to you.


Bliss Couture

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Nine Stars (promotion !)


Stars Fashion - complete mesh outfit with Slink shoes for High feet !

Stars Fashion has nine new releases for you – yes NINE ! The smashing news is not only are these outfits on promotion at 119L each – they also have shoes for Slink feet – yippeee! I’ve chosen two of them to share with you, it was a tough choice to be honest. This is Aurora, nifty little modesty layer shirt and a mesh button up vest. Also a teeny weeny short denim skirt in a lovely shade of pinky peach.

Stars Fashion - outfit and shoes for Slink High feet

Also included are *drum rolllll* these darling shoes for the Slink high feet. Sooooo glad that Stars have started using the Slink system, I really loathe taking mine off – ya ya ya I knowwww I’m SO lazy !

Stars Fashion complete outfit with shoes for SLink Medium feet - clawtooth hair @ collabor88

My second outfit is called “sea flowers”, sweet short dress that has a plain shirt style top and a floral skirt. It has a real vintage appeal. You also get a pair of shoes for your SLink medium feet in this outfit, lovely chunky sandals with an ankle strap. I teamed it all up with my new hat & hair combo from Clawtooth, it’s on sale at Collabor88 at the moment. The hat is colour change btw.



Stars Fashion Mall

Stars Fashion market place store

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Easy like a Sunday morning.

I don’t normally SL on a Sunday but since I’m up, washed, dressed and fed I decided to pop in and snap a few pictures for fun and maybe be able to get this new outfit from SF Designs blogged.

infaredJust having a play with my settings and Zan’s poses.  Although you can’t see it, went OTT with the lighting, I am reading a book by torch.BeigeAW She did it again, completely packed up her old house and all her garden stuff and rezzed a whole load of new stuff apart from the wind turbine in the background.  That has been a feature of her homes for many years now and at one stage she even had a whole field of them but it’s the clothes that I’m wearing that I’m blogging.  Comes from SF Designs and much to my surprise you get more than you bargain for.  The trousers are very “Dads pants” which are perfect for a nerdy, Hipster look.  What surprised me is that not only do you get the boots in the pack but again a colour changing hud for both items.  I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be a feature with a lot of swaffette Firefly’s designs as I have a couple of other items from her and they too come with colour changing huds which means your clothes are much more versatile.  A total of 8 in for the pants and boots so you can match them up or contrast them.

beige22The cardigan is a separate purchase but with not only the same earthy shades in the hud as the pant/boot combo but also a colour slider so you can customise the colour to the exact shade you want.  Goes without saying that demos are available at least for the pants/boots I couldn’t see it for the cardigan but since I’ve tried many of her demos on I knew that the fit and texturing would be excellent.

The undershirt is just one of mine as this doesn’t come in layer.  SF designs is breaking into the mesh market but her main stock on the ground floor is still mainly non mesh because there is still a market for it but if you either cam up or take the TP (on top of the NEW notice board) to the upper level you can see her mesh items.  Because of Limited budget I have left the denim shirt to another time but I love it’s fot and well worn texturing so you will see that at some stage soon.

Last thing, if like me you cannot be bothered to edit a hair to fit a hat then along with her Monthly Group Gifts upstairs in the hat/hair department is free hat hair in a whole range of colours.  Worth a visit just to grab that alone.

SF Designs

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Post Haste!


Not often do you get the chance to get some of the best hats in SL for a discounted price so as soon as I got the notice off Deco that they have slashed the price of all their hats to just 50Lds I TPed and grabbed the lot, because this special offer is going to be over by tomorrow night (Friday).  I didn’t have time to play around with poses, clothes etc so I slapped on one of the hats pulled a pose and I’m posting this now so as many people can grab this offer.  I didn’t see any demo’s but that could have just been me but I know Zan has a selection of their hats and so they seem to be pretty unisexed.

As for the outfit I will do that soon but it comes from Ronsem if anyone wants to check them out.


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Bad girls! (freebies).

Looks like both Faith and I have been RL busy busy busy so I thought I would get up these super lovely hunt items from one of my all time fav shops in SL, Boudoir as quickly as I can.

HeadPrecious Restless  has a lovely and really really hard hunt going on at the moment, a total of 6 Christmas baubles placed around her shop and land and they’re HARD to find! even worse she’s moving them each day OMG EVIL WOMAN!  However when you do find them you are so grateful and she has not just her big shop but outside she has the most amazing garden items.  In fact check this out.

flowersI didn’t take this photo to blog I took it just to see how lovely her plants looked and maybe use it as a background on my comp but this is just an example of some of the ethereal loveliest items.  The dandelions are actually really large and stunning.  Lots of wintery, sparkling grasses and bushes not free but now I’ve got some money to spend I’m going to be splashing out and treating myself to some for our sim.


Lucky me because I found a total of 3 of the items, the primtastic Christmas wreath headdress and poor Rudolph’s head.  I also got an amazing wearable of a laidened down sleigh and thank goodness that is a wearable because I rezzed it and it ate ALL of our remaining prims on our sim! Thats how much detail in it but fortunately poor Rudolph is only 12 prims so he can go onto anyone’s wall.  The other items which I am determined to find are a pressie strewn Christmas sofa, a pile of pressies that you carry and a full sized AV snow globe prop.  If you get desperate then you can actually also buy these but I’m going to hunt those suckers down.

So check back soon as I have a load of stuff just waiting to be blogged and now that the RL work rush is calming down I can start to work thought my blogg folder.

PS I do believe you have to join the Boudoir Group, could be wrong, but it is free to join.  Also if you can’t get inworld just yet check out her Marketplace shop and prepare to be wowed.


Boudoir Marketplace