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Get floppy.(New Mina@FaMESHed & Freebie & Mention of Freebie).

All you regulars will know exactly what I’m going to say by now but I’m still going to say it, go and try the demo out for yourself in Mina’s main shop first.

“Tuula” is only available at FaMESHed and since it’s just opened and it will be lag Hell so why bother, just head on over to Mina’s main shop and try the demo of this hair lag-free before you make your mind up.

This hair/hat comes with the now standard for new Mina hairs a massive 30 shade in each hud pack, 5 textures for the hat and in this case 3 sizes to fit the hair hanging down over your boobies.  For me, the Woohoo factor is the inclusion of a hat only option.  Nothing wrong with this long hair but I finally got around to editing a short hair, a Mina hair as it happens, which can be worn with hats and it frames my face with subtle strands I just have to find the blinking thing in my invent now.

Can I just mention Gacha’s?  As a yard sale addict, I rarely see Mina hairs coming up for resale which is a reflection on how people must love the hair they’ve won even if they don’t get the shade they had wanted and I’ve just checked the SLmarketplace and it’s the same thing there, yes there are Mina’s hair but not as many as I would have expected and the reason I’m mentioning this is that if you like this style of hair then there is one in one of the Gacha’s at Mina’s.  That hat has a shorter brim and I can’t remember the details about the colour pack etc but all the info is on the Gacha itself so you can check it out but for 75Ld a superb bargain, the potential downside is that that particular Gacha has 2 styles of hats in it, the shorter floppy one and bowler hat which is actually pretty cute so if you don’t mind a risk check out the Gacha’s.

PS, The dress is a freebie and I don’t think I blogged this texture, I blogged the other shade in the pack but this texture suited the hat best.   The shop it comes from, Seniha has a NEW freebie out, but it didn’t go with this hat and tbh I wanted to show you the hat off more than the dress so check out the link to Seniha for this dress, the new dress plus all the other really good freebies and lucky boards.

Mina’s Main Shop

Seniha Originals

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Spring Blues! (New Mina hair/hat).

I’ve been up since 6am snotting and sneezing like mad with my eyes streaming and I’ve had to take my first antihistamine of the year, fortunately I don’t often have allergy attacks but when I do I do them like a BOSS!

I was absolutely cheered up though as I have this new Mina hair to show you but that should be hat/hair because that’s what it is.  I did show you a picture of it in my last post but here is it without the blinding light.


Admit it I look damned good!  I know that SL is for allowing your inner big booty, titty, trampiness to flourish or your quirky childish side etc but I’ve always found that when you’ve pulled a look together than looks as good as this it’s the one that gets you the private IMs off people saying how good you look without pervy intentions.  Although this post is about the hair as always if there is something else in the post you like the look of just drop me or Faith an inworld note and we will tell you where it came from and how much it cost.

Back to the hair/hat.


Unusually for Mina Nakamura you can’t try this demo out at her mainshop but of course you can try the demo @The Season Story which is where this hair/hat is to be found.  The hair and hat are linked but each comes with it’s own Hud so you can change the hair and hat colour.  This Gacha is only 80Lds and it’s not even the RARE! They call come with the hat! and since I’ve not come across a Mina hair shade I didn’t love I would be happy with any shade.

Of course as always I will put the LM for Mina’s Mainshop at the end because as I was checking out her shop I noticed that she has some new Gacha’s from old events now set up in her shop and 3 of them are my fav so being at a bargain price of only 100Lds a try for a colour pack you might want to check them out and there is of course demos for you to try first.

I don’t mention it often but Mina’s does have a paid to join Goup and it’s 200Lds which isn’t an unreasonable amount and I’ve literally just used the New GG’s in my recent post about the Free Lilac Headress so if you liked that hair you might want to check out the group and grab and if your a male AV then the pack comes with the male version in it, just slightly bigger for your big heads LOL.  I always say Mina has some of the best unisexed hairs.  Also if you remember to wear your Group Tag then you also get a 10% discount on every purchase.

The sun is out my Antihistamine’s have kicked in so I’m off to my garden to soak up some sun and fresh air and I hope everyone has a great day.

The Season Story

Mina’s Mainshop