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Howdy fellow sweater lovers

Darn-rootin-tootin good times fer sweater wearin ! I just got my paws on some lulliness from Graffitiwear..and its snugglybuggly…beautiful sweaters to keep you cozy in various shades…pluss some lush skinny jeans (they have cuffs but I wanted to show off my new boots!) You can snap the sweaters up for just 75L or a phat pack of all four only 290L. Gorjus cuffs…really soft chunky look to the knit and a classy cowl neckline..totally adorb ! The jeans also come in other tones..I really really REALLY loved the faded black aka grey…good texturing on these, stuff em in your boots and your good to go! Single colour is 65L, phat pack of four just 250L ! My boots were a birthday gift from Player (thank you baby xx) and they are from miel..called LIA and have squoooodles of colour change options..I love gadgety boots !

Sweaters & jeans: Graffitiwear

Boots: miel

Pose: hate me eat me (thanks riri xx)

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Friday Round up

Yeee hah! Yus its Friiiiday..I gotta few things I have been saving to show you…A new make up from hate me eat me…yesyes known for fantastic poses but also makeup…scrummy eye shades..I’m wearing the grey version, dramatic and soooo versatile! The range is called “le papyvore” each make up is just 45L.  The top is from CandyMetal and comes in a squillionnn colours, I just adored this gun-metal grey (but the PINK is sooper prettty too!) only 99L…and as I’m SO behind on my jewelry fair items..I thought Id tease you with this release from Dark Mouse, the necklace is from the Whirling Dervish collection…pretty aint it? The matching bangles are just divine (earings also available) 200L a piece, optional metal tones – if you want to see the Dark Mouse collections without the jewelry fair lag..its all out in the mainstore yay!

eye make up: hate me eat me

Top: CandyMetal

necklace: Dark Mouse mainstore     Dark Mouse jewelry fair

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Tweedy is so in

I noticed yesterday in real life that the new Autumn ranges are packed solid with all sortsa tweeds…right on target so is Poised ! New release in many many colours is the tweeedy outfit. Stunning tight fit jacket, really traditional tailoring and neat tulip shaped cuffs, printed on belt cinches your waist in..very versatile addition to your wardrobe.



 It comes with a sweet sweet pair of shorts finished with a curved hem at the side of each thigh and fish net tights…150 each colour orrrr a just 600 for all five tones! thanks Poise xx

Tweeedy outfit: Poised

bag photo one: Spider free gift

Poses: hate me eat me

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Leather up

It’s the begining of a new month..you know what that means right? Yes yes yes SF Design has a gift waiting for you to collect ! For September you’re being really spoilt with this scrummy pair of leather jeans in burgundy, complete with a stunning belt & prim cuffs. Of course because its SF Design, you get heaps of choices, hipsters & higher waist fit, resizer or not…I have to say…the fabric of the pants is just to-die-for ! I teamed mine up with the muscle tank from SFD also, purrrfect match!  50L per tank or a great big fat pack of all 10 for just 250L (gawd I just love that belt to death) The faux fur jacket I slung on is also from SF Design, I bought a whole bunch of these wayyyyy back in 2008 and hurrah now its been remade with a luscious sculpted body and much fluffier furr !!! Its deeelicious and the furr moves and sways…thanks Swaffette for updating me and not laughing too hard at that 2008 photo of me in my old one *winks*…grab yourself one before the winter chills you, only 300L !

Had to show you the leather pants in my favourite shade of rich brown, worn with my very old suede engineer boots and another of those oh-so-useful muscle tanks, pants also available in blue..150L a pair..the burgundy shade is free!

Leather biker pants, ladies muscle tanks, faux fur jacket: SF Design

arm band: Kosh

necklace photo two : group gift dark mouse

poses: hate me eat me

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Silver Lady

Happy Wednesday! A few things for you today…above Im wearing a fabbo outfit from rhetoric, the  silver stars outfit is available in the discount area (right by the product camper chairs) for 0L…there is an array of gifts to collect from 0L – 5L. Peephole top with a slashed back…

and a very wearable pair of cuffed jeans…sooper details on this and the texture on the pants is lush! Teamed up with the pila silver sandals & silver bangles from chuculet at 1L each a real bargain. The skin I’m showing is from Spearsong and is currently out as a gift for group members, callled Kym its a flattering shade with dramatic smokey eyes, it also comes with an open mouth alpha and teeth prim for those of you into that kinda look ! Newwwww poses from hate me eat me are out ! 75 for a fat pack orrrr 25L per pose … thanks riri xx

Stars outfit: Rhetoric

Poses: hate me eat me

sandals & bangles: chuculet

Amy Skin: Spearsong

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Estelle is ma belle

Ahhh “Estelle” a name that conjures up jazz clubs, smokey bars and sultry voices (in my head anyway) The brand new release from SF Design ! A real eye-catching gown, slit down the side to reveal your legs as you dance or walk…figure hugging glittery fabric that clings to each and everrrry curve. Diamante that catches your eye on the spaghetti straps and at the V-shaped parting over your legs…terrific stuff…it comes in three colours, the deep red you see above,classic black and a rather lush dark blue..and thats not all…

With each gown comes its own pair of verrrry high heels..superbly made, with a simple dimple HUD for skin & nails etc..(squillionsss of pedicure shades yay!) The thing I reallly loved? I didn’t have to change the skin tone ONE bit..and thats the one thing that is bound to have me screeching like a banshee and running in circles …there is a vast selection of skin tones in the HUD..(I adored the red gown and shoes the most, have to admit !) You will find this outfit in the new arrivals department in the High Society building…thanks Swaffette xx

oh pssst…just to show that the monday mania item from SF Design also looks deelicious on us girls.(because Steve got it blogged before me dammit )..here it is ! Available for just 25L today only from the midnight mania board. Colour change hair, colour change hat…love it!

Estelle Gown & shoes : SF Design (TP board where you land to all sections)

Pose: Glitterati

Lip Gloss : hate me eat me makeup (thanks riri xx .. youll find some divine make ups here that are different from the norm and some great lippy gloss !)

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I was meandering through the market place yesterday and came across this freebie from BUKKA…Id never heard of the store before so wasnt sure what to expect…I’m sooo glad I nabbed it ! The box contains this sooper pair of worn denim shorts , they have terrific turn ups and a deeelicious belt…you also get the tee…it does have a prim body which is pretty nifty but I wanted to show you the belt so left it off. Was so chuffed with my find I decided to explore the inworld store…

Shockingly one of the lucky chairs was on ? , I’m rarely moved to run in SL but this time I did ! Scored with this brilliant Tshirt I’m wearing above…slapped the subscribo on the way around and was given a gift of this fantabulous leather belt bag…yay!  Lotsa lucky chairs to prowl, long wait time but totally worth it for the goodies they contain. The store took an age to rez but I was patient and wandered about to view the rest of the items…great collection of girls & guys wear..seperates, casual…the ponchos really caught my eye…go look!

Market place for shorts & tee : BUKKA gift

Mainstore: BUKKA

Poses: hate me eat me