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I’m such a LOSER! & I got spendy!

Nope, still no free top to go with the skirt and even worse I SPENT LINDENS!  AND I spent those Lindens on a HAIR which is not a Mina! (Mina will not mind at all lol).

But I think you too will be just as tempted as I was.

I always keep an eye out for hairs which have something unique to them and this hat/hair combo from Vagrant has it. Add to that a big colour hud for both hair and hat and with a more than reasonable price tag of just 150Lds it was a no brainer.

Obviously, I  tried the demo on which was a good idea as at first, it was a poor fit on my Lelutka noggin fortunately even with my cack-handed editing it was no problem to use the menu to get a PERFECT fit so deffo make sure to try the demo for yourself.

The Vagrant shop is mainly clothes and you will find this at the back of the shop, don’t worry it’s not a big shop.

I’m giving up for my free top hunt at least for the moment.  RL needs me and I have to log off and “adult” for a while but when I return I shall redeem my Cheap B* label with that damned elusive quality free top.

PS.  Damn I’ve just looked at myself in a RL mirror and my hair isn’t even a “hot mess” it’s just a mess and if I could get away with it I’d jam a hat on my RL noggin as well.


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A hat that works for me.

I LOVE HATS, I may not wear earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags ‘n’ panties etc in SL but I actually would LOVE to be able to wear more hats but it’s so hard to find ones that work with your fav hairs so to find this stunning hat which seems to go with so many of my existing  hairs has made my day.

Because I couldn’t see any demos I’ve taken the pictures just in my Nams Optimum setting.  If you look closely you will see that this one comes with a chin strap which when I first put it on was way too big but it only took a simple tweak to edit it to fit snugly.  Remember to make a copy if you’re unsure about tweaking so if you mess up then you still have the copy but honestly it was just a simple little thing to do.

You only get 1 shade of the hat base and I chose the beige shade but you do get a hud for the flowers, 9 shades in total, for the flowers and as you can see you can either keep them all the same shade or mix ‘n’ match.

This hat is only 123Lds and if I had been able to try the demo first I think I would have bought the fat pack as that is most reasonably priced but without a demo I wasn’t sure if it would fit.   Never mind as I have pencil marked another hat in the shop to buy at a later date, it’s the one with the veil and roses.

This is what it looks like from the back and I think you can see why it works, the hat has a thick brim to it and although I didn’t try on all my hairs apart from a couple of the “Big hairs” they all looked good with this hat.


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Stoopid! No freebie but super tip!

I only logged into SL to dodge RL work but it turned out to be one of my better decisions today because I received a note from one of our regular readers called ImproLibra Silverstar and in her note, she explains how she makes “Hat Hair”.

Because I think she’s explained it so well I’m just going to copy and paste it here:-

“If you own a hairstyle that already comes with a hat or cap (has to be mod), simply wear it, then edit it and select only the hat or cap with “edit linked” and in the textures, tab makes that hat or cap transparent. That way the linked hat is not visible anymore and you can add the single hat you want to wear. Of course, you may need to adjust the hat to make it fit.”

And it bloody works!  I honestly mentally slapped myself that it turned out to be so easy!

I did this really quickly so you may see it’s not a 100% perfect fit, and not a really good hat, but trust me when I get back inworld I will be checking out all the hairs that I have that come with hats fitted and seeing which ones have the hat option that can be either unlinked/deleted or as in this case, I made the hat transparent and minimum editing skills are needed BUT also make sure you make a copy of the unedited hair first as if you make a mistake you won’t lose the original.

PS.  Anyone can feel free to drop me or Faith a note at any time.  If it’s a heads up for an event, gift or freebies we may not blog it BUT I can assure you that every note is read and fully appreciated.


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My Bad!(Dollarbie).

I’ve been so busy today I’ve not even had a chance to check out this weeks FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) offerings but the first thing I snagged when I got inworld was this Free outfit from a shop called “Mutiny In Heaven”and once I’d unpacked it and realised how good this looks I just had to push FLF to one side.


Please ignore the mismatched lace shoes I was in such a rush as I hate a day going by without showing you a juicy freebie but I  wanted to show you the folds and creases at the bottom which add to such a realistic look and with the 2 textures a really lovely outfit OR you can wear them as separates as they’re not linked and you also get the 3 Alpha choices.


Another quick pose and check out the texturing!

My Bad! so I get to sneak inworld this morning to LM grab and as I checked LMs and details I realised I’d missed out all the other extras that come in this pack!  You get 2 hats with a choice of textures and a great pair of SLink High shoes with that excellent polka dot pattern.  I only wish I had time to snap a piccie of them but time is money esp when you work LOL.

This is a “Dollarbie” only because if I remember correctly that’s the price it costs to join the group and there isn’t just this great outfit but a short summer dress waiting to be grabbed.  If you have time to kill, unlike me, then there is Lucky Chairs upstairs.

Mutiny in Heaven

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I have to confess that I’ve had to not only fiddle with my pictures but I do have a good excuse though, I managed to take such dull inworld pictures I had used a skyhome that was way too dark even in my Nams setting.  So I added a little bit of brightness to highlight the outfit but this top picture is more true to the whole look.confes

I’ve also removed the BLING.  This dress from ALB comes with the most amazingly sparkling necklace and earrings, real statement pieces, they almost undulate with the sparkle.  I’m not into so much bling but if you want to stand out from a crowd you will love these items.

Then the dress which is actually mesh comes with a non mesh over skirt but I really honestly believe the dress looks better without it.  You can see those mesh ruffles much more clearly but again that was my personal choice.  I’m also missing out the gloves that come with the whole look,  I simply couldn’t be bothered to unattached and reattached my SLink hands so that was just laziness.

OK what I LOVED is the hat/headpiece.


Again I’ve played with the photo as this one turned out even duller than the first but it makes for a lovely picture and more importantly you can see all the detail better.


Everything inc SLink High shoes in this outfit.

As I’ve said you do have to join the group but it’s free.


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Witchy Holidays (freebies).


Sometimes when I’m pulling poses and there are other people there I wonder what they think I’m up to lol.  So this is the fun shot.  Found a mini pumpkin hunt going on at B-Cute & K-Ash shopping area I and managed to easily find 4 out of the 10 pumpkins that have been set out.  They’re in and around the shops and not spread around too much.  A real nice mix of men/women/decor items.  I will be popping back for sure to see if I can find more as I would like a couple of the decor items.


A closer and better picture of the dress and the hat.  The dress isn’t in fact part of the hunt but it’s one of the Group Gifts on offer in 1 of the 2 shops that make up this little shopping area.  I won’t tell you which one so you will have to pop into both shops because each of the offer FREE to join Group Gifts and 1 also has Lucky chairs.  Some of the Group Gifts are for men as well.  So hunt items, Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs that seems to tick all the boxes.

The hat is from Argrace and there is this one and a male one and their FREE as well.  Actually I wasn’t going to get the hat till I found this outfit as I just couldn’t face having to re-edit a hair to fit under it but as soon as I put the dress on I knew I had to get the hat and happily for me it comes with its own cute hair and a massive colour selection.


No fiddling with this picture at all. I’ve had these shoes for a while because simply I didn’t know what to put them with and as soon as I put the dress on I knew this slightly clunky heel would be perfect.  They come from Mag<3.B and because I’ve had them for a while I’m not too sure about the details but knowing Margaritta and her shop well they won’t be over priced and of course they come with a colour changing Hud so you have a choice of heel and shoe colours.   You will have to have SLink High Feet for theses though.

Now that I’ve popped into Margaritta’s shop I’ve remembered.  These were on offer at a previous event but now are available in her little main shop for only 70Lds.  The set I have is Animalier pack but there are dotty ones and plain coloured ones and each comes with a Hud of choices.  Must confess that have a couple of other items from here I really want to show you but time is so short so a quick mention of one of them because it’s perfectly themed for those of you who celerbate Halloween in SL and RL and I mightened get a chance to show you in full..  A “bad cheerleader” outfit which comes complete with boots n pom poms, braclets, headband, socks.  I’ve had a chance to pop it one and use some of my Cheerleading poses, yes I have some and it made me grin, but just not the time to take pictures.

And remember Margaritta has some great Group Gifts and as always there is a dress and a pair of clogs there I still own and still wear regularly cos I love em.

B-Cute & K-Ash



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Hats off to me (Freebie).


Sometimes I’m surprised that I’ve not subbed to a shop because as a blogger I’m always looking out for freebies/gifties etc and often we get news of these in messages through subscribed notices.  So basically when I slapped the NYC board not only wasn’t I already subbed but I also got sent not only this excellent Fedora but a total of 4 colour packs and each pack comes with a colour combo options.  So good, such a great fit, texturing etc I actually sent Baylen in to grab them.

He also popped over to the BRILLIANT Kowloon sim which both Faith and I know so well and have mentioned before but it never gets boring so here are a few pictures of Baylen pulling a moody look in Kowloon.


This is such a moody and atmospheric sim, the sounds of life going on around you and in particular a high pitched tone is very effective at making this place seem ..


The streets are densely packed together and to find the hidden treasures you need to walk down the dark alleys or up stairs.  Although there are shops here and marketplaces I cannot help but think that behind this whole sim is someone who has the generosity to fund a place which is mainly for people to wander and enjoy an experience that we could never try in RL (what a bloddy shame!)

orton6 As you can imagine most of the shops sell just plain weird and wacky stuff, I’ve actually bought a melting snowman AV in prep for Winter, but since 90% of the stuff you can buy here is just a few Lindens you can spend spend spend not  a lot of money and have a laugh doing it.  Plenty of hang out places and you can purchase food to sit and eat.

My biggest and only complaint about Kowloon is that people can rent homes there but sadly because of the language difference for non Chinese speakers it’s not advisable (their advice not mine) and the language barrier may cause difficulties.  Sometimes I think Sod that and I would just love to rent one of the rooms above a shop or something just to stand there and with the sounds of the city below you chill out.

PS when I went back to LM grab, you rezz just outside the main gates, there is a small cube with some gifties in it.  A hat and weird steampunkish eye glass and for those of you who don’t want to wander aimlessly but do want to check out the shopping spots there is a hud which shows you were they are…but don’t use it! The joy of this place is the wandering and the discovering.

NYU (Hat)