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Fantasy Fair 2022 – playable instruments!

Fantasy Fair 50 Menu Drive Giraffe Harp Piano

Forgive me for fooling around with photo editing but I really wanted this piece to POP ! This is the “Giraffe Harp Piano” and its a collaboration by Ever Green and Meriadne Merlin who owns House of Byzantine. Its absolutely one of the best instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure to play in Second Life. Bento animations for the player and also a second person can join in, sway, stand & listen, applaud. Naturally it has texture changes on almost every part, including the keys, the sheet music and stool. You can go from a really classic black to a metal style front panel – many choices of wood textures! Shabby textures and pristine for the cushion on the stool in the menu too . This item is in the Biedermeier style circa 1850 with unique music from Mozart and Clementi – superb music !

Giraffe Harp Piano @ The Fantasy Fair

A little close up peek at the keys & sheet music – so realistic.

Fantasy Fair 50 discount - Trigintaphonium

Now something entirely different! This is the “Trigintaphonium” yes that’s right ! I’ve never heard of this instrument but its a lot of fun. Texture change for the pipes (there are 30) and it plays four unique musical scores OR you can choose to thump away on the pipes freestyle! In this texture I think its really suited to a jungle or beach setting, the other textures would blend in well pretty much anywhere.

Evergreen is on the Broceliande Sim

All Fantasy Fair Sims to be found here with teleports

All about the Fantasy Fair

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Sunday new

Its Sunday, and I was trying to get in various shopping events, getting more and more frustrated with each attempted teleport. I wandered outside, and sat at my harp in the grounds of our home sim Dreamworks. As I sat there and the beautiful harp music surrounded me, I begun to relax, looked around our glorious home and sunk a little more softly into my chair. I think it’s so easy in Second Life to lose sight of what we already have, it’s always onto the next event, the latest sale etc. So today – Sunday – I am going to savour and enjoy what I have, the things that are in my Second Life, be that objects or friends. Try it  for yourself, you are always welcome at Dreamworks if you need a place for some peace & quiet. Landmark below ❤


Dysfuntional Designs (gazebo,harp,moo cow)

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Antiques Grid Show – Hunt !

Antiques Grid Show - Silent Woods - Ovid Garden Place

Oh oh OH! I always so enjoy the Antiques Grid Show hunts…such a wide selection of items and top-notch quality. If you’re looking for a show stopper make sure you don’t miss the prize from Silent Woods. It’s massively generous . You get all the above, the draped gazebo, furniture, plants and lights ! Great poses and a brilliant piece to make a focal point with in your garden or patio.

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - Victorian Fountain  Nadeau Shoppe

One store I always make sure to drop into while the hunt is on is  Nadeau Shoppe, so glad I did because the prize was this glorious Victorian fountain. Filled with sumptuous detail, like the pidgeon on the pedestal. Subtle flow of water makes it rather a relaxing item, would look fab in a garden or a conservatory sort of location…

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - The Music Box Carved Celtic wearable harp - plays 3 tunes !

I also went to the Music Box…lured by the name because of my SL-anything-musical-fetish! I couldnt have been happier to find that the prize here is this wearable Celtic carved harp! Wear it and it animates you to play and has three beautiful tunes to choose from…and oh-mai-lord…”over the rainbow” is one of them…I LOVE that song . *breathless*…yes, I’m SO excited ! If like moi, you enjoy music boxes and musical instruments, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the items in this store, music boxes, harps and more – have a good look around !

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - Joyus Living - Cycle - can be ridden !

Last port of call for me was Joyus Living. Id bought a freebie from them off the market place and thought Id check them out. (see? market place gifts DO work!) Anyhoooo the prize here is this  Penny Farthing bicycle…hurrrah ! I love vehicles and this one rides so smoothly. You need to rez it and climb aboard, its only 16 prims so it’s also a great decorating piece.

Dont forget, each prize is just 10L !

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