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Live in harmoni (Dollarbie house).


An off cream plastered textured house.  As you can see from the box this comes in a handy rezzer.

intrepidhouse 2Love the glass door and front porch which adds a bit more detail to what is basically a square box.

intrepidhouse 4

I was going to title this post “A grower not a shower” but I thought I might get a Faith slap for it.  What I mean by that is that on the surface this looks like  a small build but in this picture you can see by my AV it’s pretty spacious.  A single over sized room with light shadows on the floor, great texturing  and that ceiling light comes already installed.  Another little detail to note is that although this is a single large room with big window the windows and doors are set so that this still looks like  a home a normal AV lives in and not a giant.

Although I’m not sure if it’s intended to be used there is an open attic space which is pretty useful for a bedroom or bathroom or I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  You would have to cam and jump to get up there but I’ve seen many a home with smaller attics that have been used.

I’ve just been reading the description of this house on xMIKEx Static Marketplace shop Harmoni and I’m started to get real excited.  This house is not only copy but mod which means it’s time for me to get some practicing in with editing and restructuring and just tearing something down rebuilding it and still having the original for when I completely screw up the build.

Harmoni Marketplace only

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Home sweet Home

Soooo I was tied to my desk most of the day, taking call after call…during the REALLY boring ones…I was also browsing the market place (yayaya, I’m a woman I can multitask!) I saw this darling house, very pretty (a little high on prims but really nicely built) Lovely textures throughout…locking door…brilliant for 1L…its by ~Harmoni~…sooo anyway it got me thinking..I wonder if I could decorate it, low prim…and for virtually nothing…a challenge!

You might have noticed the charming wicker chair & table set Im sat on outside, its zero lindens and is made byAL’OL Homes. Low prim and looks perfect..nice animations also.

Heading inside, I couldn’t resist snapping up these framed prints by one of my all time fav budget shopping haunts “Lisp Bazaar”.

Everything is 10L or under..these sets were completely free. (only 2 prims per print). I began to search in earnest now for some interior decor..

…and came up with thisss, the whole set consisting of a large plush sofa..matching chair, two rugs, lamp stand, table and screen plus the picture…and the scatter pillows for the floor was just 2L ! There is actually MORE..but I couldn’t fit it all in the shot…a fire and another sitting pillow.  Each piece is low prim and the poses are lovely..fahhhbulous.  I really loved the textures, so tactile and looked snuggly soft..Its by a previously unknown store to me called Unfinished Caravan…will certainly  take a look at their other items .

If you’re looking for a more modern feel…howabout this lounge set from [FourSquares], it’s called “Metis”…loved its sleek lines and great quality baked textures..streamlined and would work really well as separate pieces, or all together as I have it here…a little heavier on the old prim budget at 47 prims the set..however it is zero Lindens…and you can split it up to make a feature  in an area..really lovely set.

[FourSqaures] for the Metis set

 ~Harmoni~ for the cozy house

AL’OL Homes for the wicker chair set

Lisp Bazaar for the framed picture sets

Unfinished Caravan for the sunset lounge set