Join the Harem


Ohhhh I got Harem pantsss..I’ve been looking at them forever..and being undecided, I’m somewhat of a ditherer …I just hadn’t made my mind up..anywayyy Yumi Chiuh Kujisawa owner & designer at M2M sent me some to try ! Thank you ❤ I love themm…the set I have comes with this stunning off the shoulder top also…very classy..I havent taken mine off yet …you can try them out too…the whole set is just 10L *squeee* Theres quite a few colour options to see..go look…

I’m a lucky ducky and can also share with you one of the new spring frocks..I adored the one above..simple..clean & crisp…with a resizer in the bodice prim for a great fit….just 25L…Three buildings when you land..one for group info…one with stacks of goodness and the main store that has these two pieces..Happy Friday !

Go join the Harem: M2M