Happy Birthday…to us!

Happy Birthday Pure people !

Awww yes indeedy, it was one year ago today that Pure Eggs & spam opened their blog doors! Its been a sensational year for us as we have learnt & grown. We had a lil pink type partay in the Pure studio..I wanted Stevie to smile but frankly it was a “whoaaewww” moment..guys just look kinda dorky when using facial animators right? So he looks glum and aloof and guy’ish amid the pinkness *smirks*

 We’re sooo thankful to the designers who allow us to review their creations and show you the newness! I always used to be a little shy about “speaking” to some..but I can honestly say I’m glad they spoke to us! We’ve found many new friends through blogging….from those that write in, some who give us tips for new & sooper stuff and of course the designers themselves..who despite being terrifically busy always find the time to say “hi how you doing”. I have personally found sooo many new stores & creators through blogging, is that a good thing? It means MORE shopping yay! Sooo whats a partay without giftsss….of courrrse there’s a gifty for all the Pure group members, it’ll be winging its way to you all as soon as I’ve gift wrapped it !

Personally I’ve really enjoyed being involved with some of the charity events that are held, and am in awe of those that arrange & organise them,there are some really fabbo ones coming up this year too!

Huge birthday type kisses & hugs for all of the Pure group, designers & friends…*chinkchinkglugglug* Heres to another year blogging!

Fai ❤,Player, Steviebobs, Faeth, Drivin & Zanzibarrr