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Going out while staying in.

I do look at people’s profiles and in Nicasio Ansar profile it says that you’re welcome to visit their sim, hang out and take pictures so I did exactly that.

All pictures have been taken just in the sims windlight setting and apart from a nice frame I’ve not edited them.

You, of course, can change the windlight setting and edit them however you want.

There are some bigger builds, cafes and a street and of course their very English pub.

I’m not sure if all of this is spread over just the one sim or a couple of sims but in the end I took too many pictures as everywhere you looked there was a place for you to sit and chat, or just contemplate things as they are.

PS.  I’ve put the link to his shop, I actually remember visiting it before and there are freebies but they’re piercings and I don’t really wear them plus I don’t think they’d fit my shape but check those and the shop out.


Mirage NA

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A Happy FAIL(A lovely hangout place).

So I unpacked today’s finds and then binned the lot of them.  I honestly am not ungrateful for every gift that is set out for us but I always like to either show top quality items or good basics that every invent could use.  So once I’d worked my way through that lot I started to LM hop and WOAH found not just a fantastic place for me to use as a backdrop BUT what a gorgeous well designed, laid out and packed place for EVERYONE to use.

This is what greeted me as I walked around the corner from a small shopping area and although I’ve added a frame to the picture I’ve only used the sim setting so what you see is what you get.


Called Paradise in Paradise, and it is and it’s PACKED with top quality seating areas, pools, childrens playgrounds, beaches etc and although this is a no fly place it’s all compacted in a relatively walkable area, as it happens it’s all just on a quarter sim but it seems to much bigger.

XXXParadice Paradice3use

So many different styles of seating and lounging areas to choose from and even fully packed I bet you wouldn’t find it a hardship to either find a place to sit and chat with friends or lovers or in my case just use this as an amazing backdrop for some super sunny bikini posing piccies


As I mentioned there is a few small children’s playgrounds but don’t let that put you off as this is an adult oriented meeting area and by “adult” I don’t mean Pixel Slappin sort of adult! Nudity is not allowed!  This means a lot of SL families will find this a great place but for us singletons we won’t find child AV’s a problem as there is space here for everyone and I have a feeling that if anyone flashed their “attachments” they will be shown the door.


For this last piccie I changed the Windlight setting to a cooler evening one and of course you to inworld can change the windlight setting to make it either a blazing hot day or a sultry evening.

This will shock you but often when I come across a sim that has outdone itself and opened it’s doors to everyone I actually make a donation to the sims.  I only came across one donation box on my wanderings but there will be more.  Sims cost money and although it may not be as much as you think it’s still cost REAL money and when a sim has been as landscaped and decorated to this quality the people who have done it need to be given a show of gratitude even if that means a few Lindens towards the next Tier fee.

PS if you want to drop a Thank You note then a lady called Charlie Angel (charliefairgiver) is the one to send it to.

Paradise in Paradise