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Manager’s Choice (PurpleMoon Creations)

PurpleMoon Creations has got my vote, and my 60Lds, for this cracker of a bargain.  For your 60Lds you get not only a great pair of shoes but a bag with a holding pose and a great pair of matching retro glasses.

Just had to get a close up of the great glasses, sorry no time for a close up on the shoes but trust me they are the same great quality.  How GOOD that not only do you get the 3 items for the 60Lds offer but you get a bag with and without a pose, the shoes come with both Alpha and invisible prim so non meshers can wear them and then the glasses can even be worn shoved up on your head, dangling from your cleavage or, obviously, worn as normal.  Generous!
PurpleMoon is not over stuffed with mesh clothes, which isn’t such a bad thing as I always say, but what it is stuffed with is high fashioned glamour wear.  Everything from sweeping ball gowns, shimmery body huggers, up do’s and plenty of bling.  If you like to make yourself noticed then this is the shop for you.

If you loiter as long as I did looking at all the goodies you may even be sent a suprise gift by the automatic gift giver, which I did.  There is also a hunt going on The Runway Perfect Hunt but I’m useless and didn’t find it but when I go back to get the LM I’m going to give it another go because I WANT IT!

PurpleMoon Creations


Lamy Designs does pretttty

Lamy Designs Celia No 5 200L

I’m already thinking ahead to spring, and the pastel flowers and warmer weather. Yesterday Emychan Aichi, one of the designers behind Lamy placed in my hot little paws some verrrrry adorable new skins ! There are 5 in total, ranging from diva type make ups to delicate. One of my fav’s is Celia No 5, such peachy cheeks, dainty has a soft sheen to it and is a keeper… Click the pics for a better view of the prettiness !

Lamy Designs Celia No.2

Check out the glossy pout and that looks ever so slightly “thoroughly” kissed…

Lamy Designs Celia No.1

Celia No.1 has rich plummy lips and dramatic sweeping eyeliner…gorjuss!

Lamy Designs handbags, Tee & Celia No3 skin

Last but by no means least…we have the new line of handbags by Laya Shiu, heaps of designs to choose from and at only 90L a great way to spruce up your look, The shoe Tee is also by Laya Shiu and is 75L, beautiful cufss & body, of COURSE I had to wear the one with a shoe on ! The skin is Celia No.3, vivid red lips, rosebud mouth shape..retro perfection! Thank you Lamy Designs for allowing us to blog your yumminess!

Head over to Lamy Designs and take a mooch around..bags & skins are upstairs, there are also some ratherrrr fabulous looking eye lashes also !

Go get preitty: Lamy Designs