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Spring Collection


I have some news from Luxe Paris , yes yes YES a new collection is out, with zesty springtime colours – a veritable feast for your eyeballs ! This is the Marguerite Dress, spotty fabric with an overlayer of a hand drawn design. It’s so unusual and really catches your attention.

LUXE Paris_007

Little closer view , uh-oh, looks like I’m about to get lost in the biggest ice-cream everrrrrr ! I especially like the fabric textures on this, cotton to jersey, really good details.

LUXE Paris Summery Chic Couture Set

Something a little more dressy and right on trend is the  “Summer couture outfit”. I just adore the linen look to the jacket fabric, its BIG in the shops in real life right now too. Underneath is another hand drawn crazzzzzzy design in bold beautiful colours.

Luxe Paris NEW!! Beach Target bikini set

Last up (but there is heapssss more instore to drool over) is the beach target bikini top and skirt – gawd I love this ! It just fits so perfectly, the fabric stretching over your hip bones in all the right places. The colours are mouth-watering and get my juices going for more SUN ! Lovely fit on the halter straps too – usually a bit of a bugbear for me in most items, but this sits really well on my size & shape. Thanks Luxe Paris team ❤

Luxe Paris Fashion House