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Perfect weather (inc.Free gift)

Perfect Ten NEW!

Perfect Ten is all set for a new round tomorrow. I’m lolloping about on a hammock from An Lema, the hammock is just part of their offering for this round, there’s potted flowers, chairs and other bits n bobs also on sale. (The floral arrangement behind is one of them) What really grabbed my attention is the hammock is just THREE prims ! It holds some totally lovely animations for singles and couples, plussss a separate menu for changing the colour of the wood, pillow and canvas – LOVE!

FREE picnic basket

My little basket of goodies is by Shabby Tabby and is their prize in the Picnic In The Park hunt – it just looked so quaint sat there. Hunt blog listed below for prize previews and URL’s – have fun !

Shabby Tabby

Picnic in the park blog

Perfect Ten

All clothing by coldLogic 

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Light up my life (freebies& not so free).

PAYDAY! Woo Hoo so I did the FLF event and then treated myself to the new and oh so perfect Hammock from We’re Closed and still managed to snag  freebies.  Now to be honest we’ve probably blogged them before but I simply can’t remember but they’re just too good so here are the freebies first.


A 3 prim little water feature and considering how low primed this is what you can’t see is that behind the tap is a hose pipe to give the impression that this little fountain is plumbed into a water source and the water in the base around the pebbles actually has the slightest of ripples it’s pretty realistic.  Such a perfect decor item for home and garden.


I had literally just rezzed the stuff and then realised how good it looked in its randomness.   Beanbag, big and natural and a massive 14 poses, step-ladder has some really good poses in it and even a few couples ones, and those really lovely bright glowing bags.  You get 2 styles and 2 brightness with the bags and they’re not only really bright but copyable. I’ve actually removed some of my lit tree’s and I’m going to use the prims I’ve gain from removing them to rezzz an awful lot of these bags because as you can see they really do glow.  Then I had a thought….


…if I placed these bags amongst the branches would really add a new dimension to my beloved, and sadly primtastic, tree.


Now for the not free.  This slatted  Hammock is my Pay Day treat , the canopy isn’t included with the hammock but does come from We’re Closed as well.


I took so many pictures because this hammock is packed with pose after pose, a total of 20 single poses with some more mannish ones and 15 couple poses.  At 450Lds it I had to think about it for about 2 SECONDS and then it was mine. If you’re interested in the canopy then that is only 250Lds.

PS There are more Group Gifts but I am just showing you which ones I will be using in my home and when I was browsing Mandingo Quan’s profile for any aditional info I notice that he has a couple of Satelite shops and in one of them is an extra GG which turns out to be a rather lovely twig picture frame.  Actually it’s just perfect I’ve dragged and dropped a picture onto it and will be putting that over my fireplace so I can highly reccomend you pop to the VooDoo Dollz shopping sim for the picture frame.  Also if you check out his shop at the Cosmopolitan shopping mall you will find not a GG but another house/garden feature at a slashed price.

 we’re CLOSED

we’re CLOSED VooDoo Dollz

we’re CLOSED Cosmopolitan

Last but not least the Marketplace link.

we’re CLOSED Marketplace

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Finishing Touches Hunt Gift

A great hunt is underway pretty people , it’s the Homestuff Hunt and ends on September the 1st – soooo plenty of time to grab those huntin goggles and get looking! Your looking for a t-shirt (see web site for exact details) above is the prize from Finishing Touches and I love it heaps. Two mesh hanging baskets and a glorious swing suspended to enjoy the last of the summers rays. Lovely poses also, I really liked that it wasnt all hard linked, so you can use as much or as little as you like. I’m always on a prim budget, so I’ve currently just got the swing seat hanging from the eaves of my home, perfect! Thanks 24Karat ❤

Finishing Touches

Homestuff Web site for all info

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I Challenge you !

The Challenge [Breno] Sushi Set

A new round of The Challenge has started…this months theme is “underwater”…I’ve been lucky enough to see previews and you’re really going to love love LOVE the designers items ! Above is the offering from[Breno], a superb platter of sushi…not only good looking but sooper low in prims ! Scatter these about and create an ambiance, or a fun foody night for your chums.

The Challenge  [bauwerk] starfish hammock

Also in this months round is [bauwerk], the piece is a starfish hammock seen above..I just couldn’t do it justice in one single snapshot…the texturing on this is incredible…truly…go and have a looksy and check out the underside of the starfish ! There are two versions in the box..with a stand and without, lovely poses too…just right for lazing about on by the sea.

The Challenge Follow US

!!FOLLOWUS!! have a ginormous set for this month..the submarine dining collection. You all know by now my love of all things edible in SL…There is a long whitewashed table with two chairs (great poses in them). The table is laid up for dining…and what really caught my eye was…

The Challenge hate this  mesh - tc underwater - pillow pals_004

…the level of detail on the tableware…the table runner has a retro nautical pattern and on the plate a perfect clam shell complete with pearl nestled inside …scattered over the table are shells, and a sweet hurricane lamp…totally romantic, I adore. Btw included is also a console / sidetable to match…told you it was a ginormous set !

The Challenge hate this  mesh - tc underwater - pillow pals_001

If, like me you like to toss around cushions, you’ll like these from [hate this], the underwater pillow pals…purely decorative and adorably sweet…a skeleton fish, Mister Octopus and a clam shell ! 1Li each…go wild !

The Challenge Percent Seahorse bench & candles

Now for something a little different but so on theme..this is by %Percent… a starfish bench and some darling little votive candles…pretty low prim and full of lovely poses that will see you relaxing in stylish comfort. Ive got loadsss more to show you and will get them posted here as soon as time allows…meanwhile all links below and The Challenge blog address…thanks to all the designers !

The Challenge Blog


[hate this]




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For The Love of

Zinnias For The Love Hunt gift hammock

New hunt begins on the first day of February called” The Love of Hunt” and I have the gift from Zinnias to share with you. It’s this absolutely fabbolicious Hammock. Now here’s an admission, I’m a bit of a hammock collector…I know I know…but but but…I just love them dotted around my Second Life home and garden. Lovely to relax in alone or as a couple.

Zinnias For The Love Of Hunt hammock gift

This one comes in a  rez box, which means its sooper easy to place, the pillows have that Aztec feel to them with the ethnic fabric…theres animations for singlepringles or couples…plus it even rocks (ever so gently).! I adore the organic shape of the seat…just perfect to get all comfy in and have a late afternoon snooze huh? Light on prims and mesh to boot yay! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Dont forget this hunt does not begin until the 1st February .

For The Love of Hunt blog


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Blanket Heaven

In all my years in SL I have never found a Hammock that doesn’t make you look as though your “planking” that is until now this hammock is simply the best I’ve found.  As you can see from the picture my AV is snuggled up so nicely.  All of the poses and there is a total of 21 single poses and 9 couple poses. Lovely textures to the fabrics and the netting and chain.  Shabby Chic lovelyness.  550Lds for what I consider to be the best hammock ever and at only 11 prims so reasonable.  You can pay a little bit extra 600lds (for tent and table) and get a table that matches with a tea pot, 2 mugs and a pile of magazines for 10 prims.

For those of you who are waiting for payday, aren’t we all, or prim counting then check out the matching Blanket Tent.  Same fabrics, similar poses but you get “12 animations for 2 AVs (2 sets of 6)” which basically means you can sit comfortably on your own or with a friend.  Priced at a very reasonable 125 lindens and an excellent 3prims and that includes the lights inside and the cushions! . Both are so low prim and so pretty I’m keeping them both out on my land yes if your wondering that is a Wind Turbine in the background I have a secret, that Wind Turbine is actually running SL or thats what it feels like sometimes.

Time to check out CheekyPea because they’ve had a little revamp and now have their furniture set up in boxes, very cute.

Cheeky Pea