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Twist & Turn !

After a few days of trying things on and fiddling about with the alphas on my Slink Physique Hud – it is SUCH a relief to slide into some newness from Neve. No alphas required usually, and fits like a glove – every.damm.time! Soooo its Famesheds birthday and Neve rocked up to celebrate with a new range of skirts and tops. Gorgeous prints, stunning plains and some zingy stripes . Naturally you do get four colour options per pack plus you can alter the flap side of the skirt – über gadgety and I love.

Demos are freely available at the event and it seems to have calmed down a  bit now as I was able to get in yesterday. You can buy these as separates, so whatever packs take you fancy you can mingle them with each other.

All info & colour packs on the blog


Le poppycock (props)

Hair Tableau Vivant


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Bohemian Rhapsody

Neve Rhapsody - four colour tones inc.

I really want to share one of the new releases from Neve with you. This is the “Rhapsody” dress, its elegant, stylish,cute and whimsical – and more ! If you already shop at Neve, you’ll know that the new releases come in many variants of colour & pattern packs. Each pack gives you four tones plus sizes for:  Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Soooo Above is the rhapsody dress in a dainty salmon pinky colour, this is from the “Lively” pack, all the tones are eye catching but not overly so. In this pack the piece looks quite casual, something to drift around in, perhaps barefoot.

Neve Rhapsody rear view

Quick snap to show the detail on the back, exposed shoulders are always lovely, plus straps all loosely tied at the nape of the neck. Love the tight gathered line around the high waist.

Neve Rhapsody Suffuse - four colour tones inc

Same dress, different pack – doesn’t it make such a HUGE difference?! This is the rhapsody style dress but from the “Suffuse” pack . Much more dressy I think and a little Bohemian. Gorgeous collection of tones on this, earthy and elegant, wear it with heels, flats or bare feet, it’s simply divine. Make sure to check out all the different variants of each piece! Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog (for all new releases)

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How long is “soon” ?

Jane - New polka puff dress

You know, when people say “see you soon”, how long is that? Could be a couple of hours, few days maybe – well in this case Janie Marlowe of Jane meant two years ! Yes indeedy its been two longggg years since we’ve had something new from Jane. I’m so pleased to announce that Jane is back, with new pretties and everything ! So on with the show, what can you expect? Plenty of girly stuff, flouncy hemlines, polka dots and halter necks – plus of course some brilliant workhorses for your wardrobe that you will turn to time and again. I’ve had the giddy pleasure of  taking a peek and strutting about in as much as my hot little paws could stuff onto my body. This dress above is “polka puff”, thrilling dots spilling about a flared skirt and big bold stripes at the hemline – so summery. The fabric is  kinda washed out cotton, real shabby feel to it, single colours or a greedy pack. Ohhhh check out the packaging the pieces come in, handy-dandy lunch box, the HUD’s are also new and they will save you so much inventory space – hurrah!

Jane - New Corona top - lass shorts

Also new for this re-opening are the sizes included – you get the usual standard mesh ones but also sizes for the following : freya, isis, lara and Slink physique. This makes my heart smile truly, I’m wearing the Slink physique size and it just fits, perfectly. No messing about, no faffing with the alpha HUD (depending on your shape you may have to utilise your body alpha HUD a little)…gotta love that. Above is the “corona” top and “lass” shorts. This darling little top is my absolute favourite (so far), the pattern is a little bohemian so would lend to all sorts of jeans,trousers,skirts etc and the shorts are divine , super easy to wear! Nice range of colours , also a plain version of the top in store if you’re not into patterns. Again, single colours or a greedy pack with HUD available, demos are free.

Jane NEW! Vivienne

Now for something a  little more dressy. This is “Vivienne” a really lushhhh looking velvet halter neck dress. Plush and rich, a little racy – with an optional ruffle across the bust line. Classic number to keep in your wardrobe, it will take you anywhere. My unusual evening bag is by Shey, I’ve got a bit addicted to their range of $25L bags, they also come with a massive HUD of oodles of colours – brilliant deal. More later today as unpacking continues and welcome back Janie ❤

All jewellery by Secret Love

All clothing by Jane

Jane mainstore



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2 Quick Pics(Freebies).

Since this halter top has only 24 hours left before it’s packed away I thought I would just pop inworld and take a couple of quick pics and then return to RL work (boo hoo).


A mesh fringed halter top which is so realistic and I even put on my boosted boobie layer to show this top off LOL.  TBH this is more than a beach outfit I had tried it one with some cut off shorts and it looks just great but since I’ve also got the bikini for you and yet again time is so short I thought I’d just use my pool.


Both items are lovely gifts from Prim & Pixel, as I said the halter top, the colbalt blue one,  is only going to be out for another 24 hours but I’m assuming since the note didn’t say anything about this bikini set you have more time to snag this if you want.  Easy to find as each item comes with a variety of colours but the free ones have the gift box stuck to them.

I have added extra sunlight to my pictures because that’s what I’m dreaming of, sadly as I look out of the window all I see is grey! and now work is calling me back.

See ya laters.

Prim & Pixel

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Keep your cool

coldlogic NEW duffy papaya - Kalopsia table set 100L

o.O another batch of pretties out from coldLogic for the heat wave we’re having! I think I’ve found a new colour in the coldLogic wardrobe that I’m going to lussssst over, its called Papaya and is so deeeelicious. This fetching little dress is called “duffy”, button up front and a perfect fitting halter, simple but classy and cooooool for the summer. I’m wearing it over my Slink physique body with an Anna shape called Sarah, works really well, as do all of coldLogics clothing to be honest. (The only thing I seem to be unable to wear with my mesh body easily are Capri type pants really.) The table and cups are from Kalopsia ” The Mesh Wonderland party”, you get the table, cups, and stools, plus topiary trees all for 75L . (It can be bought currently at The Gallery Gift Shop btw.) My hair is also new (to me anyway) its from Analog Dog and is called “smitten”, beautiful casual curly style – love!

coldLogic - goodwell in smoke NEW! Argrace  YUI NEW!!


One of my favourites from this release is “goodwell”, naturally it comes in an array of colour choices but this smoke version is a big hit with me. Timeless and classy. The belt is an add on which you can add, or not if you don’t fancy. Hair is another new release from Argrace, SO glad to see Rika putting out lots of pretties as I am an addict ! This is called YUI, you get a pack of colours plus hairbases and a HUD to change the colour of the hair-band. (I always go for the light blondes)

coldlogic NEW !! AD hair smitten

Last up for today is “hilton”, I chose the buttercup colour as its sooper sunshiney. Same style as “duffy” but with a plaid pattern. I so love the button detail down the front, sorry about the messing about with windlight settings I couldn’t resist.  Demo’s freely available instore or on the market place, check out the blog to get a peek at all the colour & pattern options, its mindboggling! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic Blog



The Gallery Gift Shop – when you land, look for the lit up corridor leading away between the stores – I spent agesssss looking for it !)

Analog Dog

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Fresh as a daisy !

SF Design New Summer releases !

SF Design obviously has many nimble fingered elves slaving away in a sky box above the store this summer…another new release ! This darling little daisy dress is just SO fresh and sassy…now the clever bit is, it comes with a HUD, and it allows you to have eight colours of this item *faint*. Yes yes, that’s correct…

SF Design Daisy dress

…you have eight colours ! (Naturally because I’m a plonker I forgot to take a photo of the citrus yellow above – doh) Just wear the dress, add the HUD et voila…choose your colour. There is an added treat, you will also find a seriously coolio beach bag with your frock. It holds all your beach essentials, water, towel etc…and whats more…it also has a HUD so you can match your bag to the dress. (Or whatever you’re wearing with it) LOVE it ! Demo available. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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Stealing away

PiNK CHERRY NEW! Emilia dress in rose

Ever had the urge to follow a railroad track and see where it leads? I did today, it was such a beautiful afternoon and the scenery was stunning…so I wandered along. Luckily there were no scheduled trains ! Anyhooooo….PiNK CHERRY have this delightful slip-of-a-dress out new instore. Named Emilia, I’m wearing it in the rose shade. Very delicate colour with just the barest hint of posey pink. If you strain your eyes, you can see its a lil bit naughty and leaves the very tip of your nips it ! Check out the beady halter strap, different and pretty. Heaps more colours available instore…