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Lady of the Manor. (Belle Epoque gift & Dollarbie).

I swear it’s been that long since I last wore make-up because of wearing masks that when I can go maskless I’m going to look/feel like Pennywise!

The outfit consists of skirt, top, stole and a lovely floral headdress artfully splattered with THE BLOOD OF MINE ENEMIES!!!!

As you can see from my “muffin tops” this isn’t an SLink fit and of course, we all know that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya.  Still pretty good and wearing the stole covers up any breakthroughs.

It also gives me a good excuse to finally wear one of Mina’s bloody hair from Mina’s.  I’m glad I checked as this hair is now NOT a Group Gift but never fear as she’s now got 2 bloody hairs out in the Group Gift area.  I have the unbloodied version of Arwen which is just such a cute shorter hair.  I think the other is called “Alison” and she has a very retro 80ties vibe.  There are other Group Gifts which are not bloodied and of course some men’s hair which is basically unisex so if you do pay the 200Lds to join the Mina group there are some very seasonal hair as well as plenty of others and a brand new one so you get a heck of a lot for your Lindens.

The make-up is a Dollarbie that I’d picked up from the Marketplace.  I do know that there is an inworld shop for “Pout” so it may be free inworld.  I will have to check that out for you later and will do an update or you can check out the “Pout” shop either in the MP or you may already have the LM.

UPDATE: As promised I’ve found the Marketplace shop where you can pick the Pennywise make up from however you will see that there are a LOT of Dollarbies

Belle Epoque

Mina’s Main shop.

Pout. (Marketplace).

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Oh My Days – I camped !

Whilst I was at Sakide, I noticed some “camp for gifts” chairs – I haven’t seen those for like everrrr! The prizes looked so cool I HAD to do it. Now its my “guilty secret”, it’s so relaxing sitting, going through my inventory and also keeping an eye on the lucky boards right in front of you. Above is my lucky board win – the “Vylena” dress, you get this in black and white – both have clean & bloody versions inc. Brilliant for the season and also afterwards.! Standard mesh sizes – the small fitted over my Slink Physique mesh body perfectly.

This was my camping prize “Adele” which comes with a Hud giving you further options on pattern. They are separates so you can split them up to mix & match. Standard av sizes – and again the small fitted me. I was keeping a beady eye on the lucky chairs and also watching the gifts on the camping chairs change – had my eye on some boots but dammm they changed before I could get my butt on the seat! You’ll find the boards and camp chairs in the gazebo thats in the central area (not inside the store).


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Budget complete Halloween costume $10L

Found this sweet complete outfit on the market place earlier today, just what Id been looking for. It’s by No Cabide and is just $10L. You get the following:

★ Horns
★ Wings
★ Necklace
★ Tail
★ Dress: Maitreya – Belleza Isis/ Freya/ Venus – Slink Physique/ Hourglass.
★ Mesh Boots: 3 sizes

(I wasn’t overly keen on removing my Slink feet to try out the boots, they are cute but not for me – so I didn’t show them!)

No Cabide

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Zombie Bride

Arent I pretttty…*laughs* gawd I really really got excited about this gift from M2M…(thank you yumi ) Above I’m showing the skin & eyes that came with the outfit..the skin is astonishingly good..veins and paleness that looks so believable..the bloody face, split lip and bruised face is just perfect for frightening everyone on Halloween..they eyes are dead..just like they should be if youre….u n d e a d …

Also in the box is the gorgeous bloody bride dress..two versions (or you can wear both skirts together) I really liked the petal shaped skirt above..all topped off with blood coloured roses and a lace veil…

Second style of skirt is all lacey (and of course blood stained) To get this you’ll need to join up to the M2M group (50L join fee) and look in the notices..orrrrrr if you don’t have any group slots left you can buy it on the market place for 100L…simpledimple!

Bloody Bride outfit: M2M (minutes to midnight)

Market place store:

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A Grand Opening !

B&T are having a Grand Opening today! Babylee Timeless, one half of the B&T team, the other being Mister Tommi Vantelli have some great special offers to celebrate. Above I’m wearing the beautiful black dress that’s out for just 10L…(it also comes with some net leggings) and Tommi was kind enough to send his opening promotion the black glitter boots, also only 10L….


Close up of that gorjuss frock..the skirt is especially lovely..sorta tutu inspired and flips up at the back…thanks Babylee & Tommi xx

Anddd the news keeps on getting even better…Gelsi Ansome, designer of Schwarz is back! Schwarz is located right alongside B&T and also has an opening promotion of this sweet Halloween outfit. Lush black sheen pants and a funky sweater with skeleton applique on the front and reverse. I snapped up the skin (Nanami Special Skin “Snowflake”) for just 10L whilst I was there too! Love those delicious kissable lips…

Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and grab up a few gifties that are out for members..I collected this awesome outfit…just adore the brightly patterned pants & semi sheer blouse…thanks Gelsi !

Grand Opening : B&T

Skin,Halloween outfit & group gift: Schwarz


The FUN Bubblezzzz !

New Bubblez Halloween Lucky Board Prize!

Arrrrrgh ! The giant killer kittycat is gonna get meee !!! Just showing off the new Bubblez Lucky Board Prize…and its magnifico! Just in time to help you look awesome for the big day is this halloween outfit. Its stufffffed with “treasures”…the witches hat is purrrfect, flashing orange cuffs on each arm (yes REALLY!) Superb little earrings…and a gorgeoussss frilly net skirted dress. I adore the lacing up the bodice..and the stripey socks are such fun !  Glamour and silliness all in one package *grins* This is the newwww Lucky board prize!  (Click each pic for a closer more detailed view ) 

oh and by the way….it also comes with……drum roll pleeeeeeease… 

Bubblez Halloween outfit yay!

A wickedly detailed broomstick to make your GRAND entrance on ! I had sooo much fun zooming about on it …this whole outfit just made me laugh and smile…absolutely  the most fantastic Halloween outfit everrrr ! In all the fun I almost missed one very special tiny detail…the necklace..its so cute..and beautiful…I shall wear this long after Halloween is over… 

Go get lucky! : Bubblez