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Thee Fur jacket you need (And FREE hair)

Ohmai – I’ve discovered the ONLY fur jacket you’re gonna need this winter! B.D.R have the “Obsession” fur on sale at the new round of Sad November – mesh body fits and a gargantuan Hud with Ten further colour & pattern options, plus more for the belt! At just $200L that works out at …uhm….$20L per colour!!!

I’ve teamed it up with the new Miss skirt from Neve (@Fameshed) in the black leather option – pretty yummy ! Hair is a gift from Tukinowaguma at Hairology, striking short style with a fantastic choice of colours (in fact I think ALL the colours?) No group to join, just rock up and grab your treat.

Sad November



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Long Walk Home

Gorgeous time of year, golden leaves, low sun and frosty mornings – perfect! Neve have the “cafe” top ensemble out at The Liaison Collaborative right now – gawd its glorious! Heaps of different packs to choose from and a brilliant Hud with some innovative options – Jack on or off – sheer hemline option, colour change on inner top, cardigan and scarf !

Heres the Hud showing all pack options (or treat yourself to the fatpack) I’m also showing a brand spankin new hair from Kokolores, available at the anniversary round of Hairology – it’s called Lois andddd “drum roll” it comes with a styling Hud !

I really adore being able to alter my hair ! Great colour options also.

Neve at TLC

Kokolores @ Hairology

Neve blog for all info

Neve pants “Destroy – 

Rebel Hope – Liz wedge boots Tan

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Monday cheer (freebies inc)

It’s very rare for me to find a gown type dress that I like – but I have! Not only is it pretty ravishing but it’s also just $1L – mmhmm, mesh body sizes included and it just fits SO purrrfectly – keeper for moi. Its Serendipitys gift in the TBYOH hunt- hint is *its sitting on a suitcase* – you’re looking for a gold star – verrrry easy to find! (thank goodness)

My gorgeous jewellery is by RealEvil, I actually found it on the market place but as I’m sooper nosey I teleported over to the inworld store – glad I did because there was a stash of group gifts (no join fee hurrah) . I was tempted by the hand & nails set while I was there – gawd its pretty – check out the MP link below to see the info and the enorrrrrmous Hud to customise the set. It was a considered purchase for me as I’m a bit broke atm, but at $499L well worth it. Oh! the hair I’m wearing is by Kokolores and will be available at the new round of Hairology, it opens on the 10th March. This pretty upswept style is called “Melina” and I just adore the bow shape made of the hair!

RealEvil market place for info

RealEvil store

Hairology (not open till the 10th!)

Serendipity store


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Sim Fairy at work(New Mina & Freebie).

Faith has thawed our sim and so I’m flying around with my fairy wings and wand changing as much of the landscaping to a lovely spring setting as I can before I have to log off.  I’m also playing with the sim windlight setting and just took a quick snap of this one as it looks pretty interesting, unusable but interesting LOL.


So I quickly grabbed this Free top and I swear hand on heart it’s still out, but this is the January gift so HAUL AV ASS! to the Eyelure shop.

xxxfairyuseYou get 2 tops in the same style, a knitted halter top.  The one in the above picture has “Stay Classy” on the front and in the next picture the top is a different colour and if you look closely you will see “Haters back Off” in the sunglasses.  Super sexy with shorts, jeans, bikini bottoms.


I’m rather liking this sim setting as it’s certainly flattering to both the sim and me and has a fresh crisp spring feel to it.

Now for the NEW Mina.  I’ve tried to show you this hair for a couple of days now but because of things out of my control I’ve not been able to so it’s the same hair as above but I’m showing you it in the Nams setting.


This hair is the New Mina hair called, Froukje. Really this picture shows it all, sweet and simple but those tucked behind the ears strand is what makes this standout.  I don’t use mesh heads, although I’m hoping to try out Bento heads soon, I’ve just not found one I can relate to and since I think that unlike feet and hands the heads and to some extent the mesh bodies are still more niche markets I’ll stick to my system head.  I think that this hair will look great with a Mesh/Bento Mesh head esp since they come with the perfectly detailed ears and so a great way to show them off.  It’s also just occurred to me that if you like wearing jewelry but are fed up with a lovely pair of earrings being hidden by your long hair then again a perfect style for that.

This hair is only available @Hairology and that’s an event I love.  It’s not so big you end up giving up half way though, lots of fresh new designs to tempt you etc.

This is also going to be the last time I mention the slight increase in the cost of Mina hair packs because I’ve noticed that she isn’t the only hair creator who has increased her prices.  We forget that some people are trying to make a living and it takes a lot of time, imagination etc to bring us these designs whether it’s clothes, shoes, hairs etc and starting at 300Lds when translated into RL money is actually a small amount.  The other thing i notice is that although the creators are putting up their prices a lot are also increasing what you actually get for your lindens, so in Mina’s case it’s gone from 5 shades in a pack to 10 and as always the actual colours ie brown goes from light brown to dark brown with all the shades inbetween and not just a case of getting 10 shades of almost idential colours.  So as I said last mention of the price increase because it’s just going to be a pretty standard price across the board.



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Are you a “Bad influence” ?


Lovely to see Neve at a few events lately – this time they are in Mesh Body Addicts with a gorgeous frock called “Bad Influence”. Each pack you get four colour options to play with, and there are various packs to choose from, neutral, lively etc – I went with the plaid versions as I’m a BIG plaid fan! I thought Id show you two out of the pack just so you could see what different looks you can get in one box. So above I wear the delicate creamy and light blue plaid, very dainty & feminine no? The Hud has the ability to turn materials on and off – if you look closely you can see how sheer the layers of the skirt are.


Next I’m wearing the red and black tones from the same box – much more wintry. Teamed with a lush fur scarf from Luas (four colours for $150L!) and also the new hair-do from kokolores called “maddie” that I blogged the other day. Check out the skirt layers again – see how see through they are? I used materials “on” to get this effect from the Hud in the pack – nifty!

Neve blog

Neve @ mesh body addicts

kokolores @ Hairology

Luas fur scarf

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Dont let the sun go down on me


Had to show another version of the new releases from Neve ! Sherlock skirt and the buttons sweater – this time niftily wearing stripes alongside plaid *faint* – I love it ! I went with the glorious sage green shades which proved to be a fantastico tone for another new release from Kokolores. The “Sarah” beanie and hair is a winter classic. The Hud has fourteen textures for the beanie, all superb. Busty sized hair also included. This will be available at The Seasons Story event from the 10th Jan.


Also new from Kokolores is “maddie”, a woollen head wrap with a heavy knit stitch and a sweet little pony tail/bun that peeks outta the back. (I adore this style and wear my  hair in real life this way often.) The Hud has ten options for the headband, busty fit included plus tattoo hairbases. This is available at Hairology from the 10th Jan.

Neve store

Neve blog

Neve market place

The Seasons Story



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Don’t miss me, New Mina and SUPER Freebies.

Oooo I almost missed a NEW Free Mina hair! But I’ll get to that in a mo cause you NEED these boots!


And you don’t need mesh feet for them.  A brilliant gift from Cheeky Amour but you have to join the Third Life Group to grab.  This is another exc freebie group in SL and so if you can make a space for it I would recommend it.


These come in the standard mesh sizes and I’m wearing the M ones but not just that you get a whole load of colour options both for the boots and the soles! All GREAT colours, sorry my piccie editing has coloured them out a bit, some reds, purples, browns and greens and all in lovely Autumnal shades.  Honestly, an absolutely great gift not to be missed.

So save on the boots to pay for this New Mina hair.


Faith and I don’t meet up often, but the notes fling back and forwards all the time, but when we met up this time Faith spotted this unusual hair straight away and I do believe she will be treating herself to it as well.  This is a new hair, Haley, comes  from a new event to me called Ultra and even Faith hadn’t heard about it and she knows everything!  So once I click “publish” I will be TPing over to see what it’s all about.

This hair is pretty unusual, it’s cut high on the back and side with a thickly draped side to it…just try it LOL.  You can also check out my recent posts as I’m wearing this hair in one of the more unique colours.

If you remember from a previous post, Mina’s hairs now cost just a little bit more but you’re getting double the hair colours for less than double the price and as always I will put the link to her main shop for you to try out the hair before going over to the event.

So I finally got some Lindens, woo hoo, and decided to pop over to the Hairology event and OMG I almost missed a NEW Mina FREEBIE! and it’s one of my Favs and it’s also perfect for this season.


This is my Nell, I didn’t have to pick the free one up as I already own this hair, you will find it on the Mina stall@Hairology.  I don’t know what shade pack it contains but it doesn’t really matter as all the shades are gorgeous.  Mina has a great range of these “Beanie” hairs and now other “Hat Hairs” although I love this one and wear it often “Alex” is the one I copy in RL.  These hairs like a lot of Mina’s hair are Unisex so if you’re a man or have a significant other you need to get them over to Mina’s for a new Do lol.

Cheeky Amour


Mina Main shop