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UP,UP and AWAY.(12Lds Offers).

I think this is a new event or at least new to me and every month on the 12th it starts, stalls and stalls of a bit of everything and keeping in theme of the number “12” lots of gifts which do cost 12Lds but everyone seems to have a picture to go with them so thats great because it means you can pick and choose.

There is a nice mix of stuff ie clothes, shoes, hair and this…

Kismet for me because this prop balloon, one of the 12Ld offers, is from a shop I’ve bought so many poses and props from in the past and only a couple of days ago I had rediscovered them in a long forgotten folder and they’re still such good poses.  I think the only reason I stopped using Image Essential poses/props is that I have so many poses now and they just got swallowed up in my invent.  When I log back inworld I will add the link to the IE (Image Essential) shop so you can check that out.

I actually picked up more than this balloon but then I got “Hangry” so I decided to just use this one picture because as I said all the gifts are clearly marked with not just the contents but also fits and sizes so you can go and pick and choose for yourself.

PS The balloon is 25 prims, comes with single and couple poses and also can fly around with simple controls or hover over your home/sim and yes I am dangling from it butt naked.


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Twist & Turn !

After a few days of trying things on and fiddling about with the alphas on my Slink Physique Hud – it is SUCH a relief to slide into some newness from Neve. No alphas required usually, and fits like a glove – every.damm.time! Soooo its Famesheds birthday and Neve rocked up to celebrate with a new range of skirts and tops. Gorgeous prints, stunning plains and some zingy stripes . Naturally you do get four colour options per pack plus you can alter the flap side of the skirt – über gadgety and I love.

Demos are freely available at the event and it seems to have calmed down a  bit now as I was able to get in yesterday. You can buy these as separates, so whatever packs take you fancy you can mingle them with each other.

All info & colour packs on the blog


Le poppycock (props)

Hair Tableau Vivant


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Monday cheer (freebies inc)

It’s very rare for me to find a gown type dress that I like – but I have! Not only is it pretty ravishing but it’s also just $1L – mmhmm, mesh body sizes included and it just fits SO purrrfectly – keeper for moi. Its Serendipitys gift in the TBYOH hunt- hint is *its sitting on a suitcase* – you’re looking for a gold star – verrrry easy to find! (thank goodness)

My gorgeous jewellery is by RealEvil, I actually found it on the market place but as I’m sooper nosey I teleported over to the inworld store – glad I did because there was a stash of group gifts (no join fee hurrah) . I was tempted by the hand & nails set while I was there – gawd its pretty – check out the MP link below to see the info and the enorrrrrmous Hud to customise the set. It was a considered purchase for me as I’m a bit broke atm, but at $499L well worth it. Oh! the hair I’m wearing is by Kokolores and will be available at the new round of Hairology, it opens on the 10th March. This pretty upswept style is called “Melina” and I just adore the bow shape made of the hair!

RealEvil market place for info

RealEvil store

Hairology (not open till the 10th!)

Serendipity store


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Complete outfit & hair- free!


I’ve always loved a trawl through Free Dove, I popped over earlier and it looks like there are new thingsss! I snapped up this outfit by Hilly Haalan. You get the boots (no mesh feet required), leggings & the snuggly sweater. You will also find a totally cute shoulder bag and sunglasses in the box. No mesh body sizes but I found the small fitted my Slink Physique body perfectly. My hair is by Tameless, also free and you get a roots pack included.

Free Dove

Hilly Haalan


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Free for a while. (Freebie’s).

KoKoLoReS is a paid for Group which I’ve been a member of for a while but way too lazy to go pick up the regular GG’s that are set out on a monthly basis BUT for the next 2 weeks, YOU can save on the 100Ld joining fee because it’s FREE for the moment.  So you have from now till the if I remember correctly the 15th to go click the join and this hair is this month’s Freebie.


This hair actually comes with a pretty good sized colour Hud.

PS if you like the pants I found them on the MP as well so I will add the link for those and that blouse is a lovely 5Ld giftie from Mag<3.B and it’s on the wall with lots of free and cheapies so well worth a visit.




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SL Randomness.

Got a notice from Love soul that a new item has been added to their Lucky Booths so I TPed over to stand there and as I waited for my luck to turn up I sorted through my notes.


Sadly although I won a lot of the lovely wearable food items and as I stood waiting for my lucky letter to come up it didn’t come up on one of the hairs, this is the new design.  You can just about make it out on the board as far as I could see there is a couple of shades on offer and of course I want the Pond Weed colour.   I’m showing you the Lucky Booths which make a nice difference from the standard boards, chairs etc.  You don’t need to join any group and when your letter comes up you sit on the booth and end up behind the counter ready to serve as your prize is sent to you.

There are 3 booths and they’re dotted around the shopping square.  I just plonk myself in the middle and as I’m working through my notes I just cam them waiting for my letter to come up.



Once I’d decided to give up on trying to win a wacky hair I had a try of a Wacky Gacha and I emm won this costume.  Sadly I didn’t learn my lesson and splashed out another 30Lds and won another….tube of food! At least it wasn’t the joke jock strap LOL and yes I would have worn that to show you.

However I did spot that a well know oldie gift is still out in one of the shops.  I don’t have enough time to scrollllllll back through my Flickr pictures to show you it and I’m too lazy to model it but it’s a super cute, girly, Kawaii, frilly, pastelly,sweet, mesh dress.  It was a massive hit and tbh has aged pretty well.  I’m not going to tell you which shop it’s in as this is a small shopping area, laid out in a simple square with a few kookie things, some bargains and one of my FAV clothes shop! So I can really recommend that if you have some spare time to kill then this is the place to kill it.

PS I have a feeling that the LM will take you directly inside the larger  Love Soul shop which is well worth a visit but if you just want the Lucky wins or to wander around till you find the Free Dress, plus there might be more freebies but I wasn’t paying much attention, then just walk outside the shop.

Sorry couldn’t help myself but when I TPed inworld to LM grab I click on something I liked and then TPed to the next LM to hopefully find the next freebie/quality item just to find myself a sad little tube of Wasabi just wandering a desolate SL land.


Love Soul

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The Free and the beautiful

Boudoir gacha & Free! Exile collabor88 peaceful easy feelings

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good gacha machine – or maybe I am addicted – either way, when Boudoir has a new gacha I always tend to dash over and try my luck. Boudoir always has such prettttty things ! Double delight as there was also a new group gift out (I have been a member for ages, so I’m unsure if the group is a free join or not – but deffo worth whatever it is) – the spring dress above . It’s just SO beautiful, the petals actually are on a separate layer that drift and float around you, there’s a big fat bow too. My hair I snapped up earlier today from the current round of collabor88, its “peaceful easy feeling” from Exile, the flower crown (which is optional to wear) comes with a colour hud so you can tie it in with whatever you’re wearing. Sooooo the gacha huh? Well I only got one double which was a result and I didn’t win the rare “boohoo” but I got a great assortment of pieces, all Easter themed. At $50L a pop not expensive, go have whirl.