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Meet Leslie. (Freebie).

My fav colour, orange, my fav price, free, a chance to show you the pearly Mina hair so a great start to the day.

There are 2 colours in the pack and lots of fits. I suspect these are last years Halloween gifts from the Punk Justus shop as the dress has “Haunting” in the name. The other colour is a very bold purple.

I think you can see now why I love this hair from Mina’s. I won’t bore you with the details as you can check out my last post.

BTW I don’t love all of Mina’s hairs and not all of Mina’s hairs suit but but I’ve found thats the same with all hair shops the only thing is I’ve found that I do love most of Mina’s hairs and most of Mina’s hairs suit me. It’s why I always say try before you buy and never go by a pretty picture.

Punk Justus.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

No Freeness here!

Getting classy AF here.

SL is a lot of things to a lot of people but one thing we all love is playing at dressing up and with this Junbug gown and the new Mina hair I briefly mentioned it’s easy to look amazing.  Sorry neither are freebies, although I have a feeling that this dress was either a Group Gift or I took advantage of one of the regular FLF offers that Junbug has, because you know I won’t have paid full price for it lol.  I am in the Junbug group which cost 200Lds to join but I for one have been more than happy with the gifts given over the years and the FLF offers so you might want to think about joining that group.

But this post is about “Leslie” which is the STUNNING hair from Mina Nakamura.

I took these pictures in my fav Nams prim n skin setting but the rooms I have used have darkened the pictures slightly, part of me thinks I should have lightened the pictures a little bit but then again I know you will try before you buy because no matter how good it looks on me each and every AV is different but overall Mina’s hairs fit and suit everyone.

In RL when I look at classic paintings when there are fabric and pearls I press my face as close to the canvas as the security guard will allow me as I’ve always been fascinated how those 2 textures can be replicated with a few strokes of a paintbrush and it’s the same with Mina’s hairs.  Just look at the way the hair has been swept up or randomness and the strands loosely hanging down it’s all of this detailing which makes this so stylish.

This hair comes with the “style hud”, which a lot of the newer Mina hairs come with, and that allows you to wear the hair with the strands hanging down or swept back and tucked behind the ears and for once both looks suit me right down to the ground.  This hud also allows you to change the colour of the pearls, white and pearly pearl and their glow factor or to simply remove them.  This style of hair is perfect for adding your own tiara, crown, flowers or headdress to it.  She has a few other hairs with this oversized bun on top and it’s just such a good style and as it happens I decided when I logged into SL to get the Mina’s LM I would do just that and I added a tiara to this do and with the pearls already in the hair it was unbelievably pretty and classy but I didn’t save the picture I took!

This hair is only available at Uber and I wish you luck getting in, I actually managed to get in but in the end, I decided it wasn’t worth the struggle and I’d go back once the place had calmed down.  But as always the link to Mina’s main shop will be put first so you can try this demo out.

AND although this is at Uber the prizes ain’t “uber ridiculous”…ONLY 300LDs for this hair and as always a massive 26 colour pack!  I’m putting the link to the Seraphim blog so you can get the LM’s and see what’s else is for sale.  The Seraphim has the pictures listed alphabetically so scroll down to the M’s and you will see the picture of this hair and the details and you can also see the shades you get in each colour pack for yourself or of course pop over to Mina’s and grab the demo for yourself.

PS.  I don’t think there is any gifts at this event, the Seraphim blog doesn’t usually mention if there is and as I said the place was heaving so there may just be goodies for us.

UPDATE: I found the picture..

As I said when I was at Mina’s I decided to try out a Tiara and you will notice I have changed the setting to the hair being swept back behind my ears and as you can see it’s a perfect updo for wearing all your hair bling with.

Seraphim blog & Pictures

Uber (Good Luck)

Mina’s Mainshop (Demo)