A Sacred Change

It’s been a while since I’ve worn both a new hair and new skin at the same time and I had completely forgotten what a huge difference it makes to your look. But as they say: a change is as good as a holiday so I went out and took some pictures of a couple of group gifts for you guys.

The first one obviously is the skin and it’s the group gift from *Sacred*. It’s a version of Wavie Haller’s brand new skin called ‘Robert’ and it was supposed to be included in the normal pack but fortunately for us, he decided to use this one as a group gift instead. I really like *Sacred* skins so obviously I was very happy to go and grab this one up, and even though I found it was very different to Ethan, the one I normally wear, I still thought it was a wicked looking skin. It’s quite a light shade but I don’t tan that well anyway. The details on the body and face are wonderful, not over muscular but still very nicely defined. A nice moustache for Movember as well. Also included are some viewer 2 layers for eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and lip shadows. It’s only L$50 to join the group – absolutely worth it.

The second group gift is hair from **Dura**. I’d never been to this store before but from what I’ve seen so far, I like it. There are three different group gifts you can pick up from the store once you’ve joined and all are very cool looking styles. The one I’m wearing today is simply called ‘group gift’ and it comes in both brown and platinum.

So hopefully you’ve got room to join these two groups (make some if you don’t!) then run on down to the stores and check them out. *Sacred* have a very cool line of skins and shapes available and **Dura** have a lot of different styles of hair to choose from for both guys and girls. Both stores sell their gear at great affordable prices considering the quality. Take the trip today and make a change.

Get the gear here:
Skin  – *Sacred* Group Gift – Robert (To join the group just check out Wavie Haller’s profile and click the -Sacred Skins- group and join, I couldn’t find a group joiner in the store itself)
Hair – **Dura** Group Gift (You’ll find the group joiner right near the entrance where the group gifts are)


Evergreen & Liriope

Dont you just lurrrve finding new-to-you stores? I was re-wandering around the precious ones sim (as I can’t sleep) and stumbled across Evergreen & Liriope. Evergreen does verrrry pretty girly type attire…and I snagged the October group gift while I was there to show you a little flavour of their design..

Evergreen October gift & Liriope NYK hair

The dress is delectabubble…floaty…rather boho…love the plum tones of the fabric..I was thinking of thick winter wooly tights and boots…warmer weather it would look sweet with flats or sandals…versatile ! (and yes-that is my Berries Inc bag- old gift-and I’m not gonna be parted from it everrrr !)

Click on the photo and take a close look at that hair…isnt it just uber pretty? I’m always such a stick in the mud with hair. I get used to certain *brands* and don’t even look elsewhere…but..I saw this in Liriope …tried the demo and fell in love ❤ at 150L per colour pack it’s not expensive (3 tones per pack) and the hair has a very subtle sheen to it, like you’ve used a reallly good conditioner …they also have guys hair…and a few more for the girlies…go check it out and snaffle up some demos…!


Liriope (main store-hair is upstairs)