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Upstairs at Mina’s.

I almost missed this as I was sorting through all my notes but there is a 50% discount sale on at Mina’s at the moment so of course I TPed straight over.


I didn’t buy a single hair becuase I own them ALL!  I’ve actually just binned a whole load of hairs from other shops but these, even though I don’t think they’re that old, still stand the test of time so much so I didn’t even think of binning them.


This one is Tabita which is another one of my Favs and I know for a fact Faith also has this hair.


I mentioned this hair a couple of posts ago and so even though I’ve probably shown you it before I’m using this as an excuse to show you it again.  This hair, Selenia is NOT discount but in fact is even cheaper as it’s a Gacha win.  Mina has her old Arcade Gacha machine downstairs and each try is only 75Lds so Selenia is even cheaper than the discounts.  You do of course have to take a chance on the colour you get but you don’t just get the 1 shade even from the Gacha you get a colour pack!  So 5 shades in total which is pretty generous since most people just offer the 1 shade.


Again to show you the quality of the hair, and of course my PumeC skin, all shots taken in my sims Nams setting.

Mina Mainshop