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Love nest

Aphrodite Autumn Love Nest - mesh home NEW!

I’m so thrilled to be able to show you this new home by Aphrodite. Its really really REALLY adorbs. The Autumn Love Nest is a treat, very cosy and has some lovely design features. Personally I think it works for couples and singletons, its sooper pretty and girly ! The build is deceptively spacious without losing its snuggly appeal. Theres a large living room, that’s kinda like a conservatory – lots of windows and light and plenty of room to fit heaps of furniture in. What totally caught my attention is the ooodles of decor built right in. Winding ivy and leaves around the posts, little piles of pumpkins (that are not attached so you can remove them) and all over the place tiny hearts cut out of the timbers.

Aphrodite Detials for Autumn Home NEW

See what I mean? Its romantic and sweet, like a come to life Hansel & Gretel cottage. The bedroom and living room both have a superb fireplace, you get a choice of how the flames burn too. I really like the colour scheme, not overly feminine so the guys can live with it too.

Aphrodite Living room set -  H.E.D mesh skirt, shoes (slink high) and shirt 10L !

It’s rather low prim too , and of course you can choose not to use the decor items to lose a few more. This home isn’t for sale until the 1st November so you will have to be patient, its first showing will be at [Room69] landmark below. My outfit is a real bargain, from HE.D and is just 10L. Three colours to choose from, mine is the orange but there’s also black & white or pink. You get the mesh skirt, top and a pair of strippy strappy heels for slink high feet. Market place only btw.

Aphrodite for Autumn NEW!

Just one more thing, this little Autumn beverage tray, also from Aphrodite. Its dispenses a warm cup of cider to wear and drink. Id definitely be dunking a cinnamon stick in my cup !

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Blog

[Room69] – not open till the 1st November

H.E.D outfit


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Last coupla days for The Domus Fair !

HED Dress NEW! Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

The Domus Fair event ends on the 30th of this month so hurry along to take a peek. I’ve been a couple of times and still notice new items. It’s not like a traditional fair or event, but more like a gorgeously decorated home and everything is for sale. It’s really lovely to walk around and see the pieces laid out like this. Above is part of the set from Cleo Designs, the couch is so summery with its rattan body and creased cotton seat pads. You can also change the texture of the freestanding  cushions which is a nice extra. Low Li and crammed with couple, female & male poses. My dress is from HED, strappy little number with some lovely detailing on the bodice.

HED Derss - Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

Closer view of the sundress – which comes in a beautiful selection of tones, plus the sideboard and cushions detail from Cleo Designs.

The Domus Fair

H.E.D market place store


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Bit of what you fancy (inc freebie)

KoiKoi Group gift for Slink high feet.

Always brings a smile to my face when theres free shooz about ! KoiKoi have these darling dotty peep toe heels out as their subscribo gift – free to join also. Totally lovely, and of course PINK ! You need the SLink high feet to wear these btw. Nip over and grab a pair, bet you don’t leave without snapping up some others too.

HED Summer swimsuit, with slink hand & feet polish appliers and HUD for colour change

Whats a girl to wear with new shoes? New bathing suit of course. This delightful little number is a new release from HED – the store appears to be market place based only currently and I don’t spy any demo’s there – however all the gear seems very affordable. The swimsuit is part of a set called “The Aloha Summer set”, you get a HUD that has seven fabric options yay! Plus earrings, necklace and matching appliers for Slink nail polish – toes & feet.




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Hot for the teacher?

H.E.D School girl outfit FREE! - Eternal Dream Summerish poses 90L per pack Feebs Rascals St. sales !

The Hot for Teacher Hunt has started, all prizes are just 5L and you’re looking for a ruler. I’ve got a schoolgirl outfit to show you that’s the gift from H.E.D. I wasnt overly keen on a schoolgirl look to be honest BUT, once I had it on, I really rather liked the style. Of course it sure helped the plaid had pink in it ! You get the traditional pleated skirt, hot pink push up bra and a cardigan , plus a rosary necklace…perfect accesory. I really couldn’t find out an awful lot about this hunt, but apparently all hints and LM’s to the participating stores are at the start location. (see below)

Mustnt forget a shout out to Eternal Dream poses, my pose is from the “summerish” packs that are out at the Feebs Rascal St Sales event. Only 90L per pack yay!

Hot For Teacher Hunt Start Location

 Feebs Rascal St Sales event

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She sells sea shells..

H.E.D - NEW! Chevron mesh dress

I have a lovely dress to share this morning…its bright & breezy and comes in an array of colours. I’m wearing the multi toned version which I just adore !. H.E.D is a new-to-me store so I swung by earlier and scoped it out. Prices range from 50L to 85L so very affordabubble. Guys I noticed a really cool sweater top there for you also. I really liked how this shape of dress accentuated my curves, I tend to wear quite a small petite shape for blogging, as it fits most mesh shapes easily. Trouble is that seems to make me ironing board flat! Not so with this little frock, it gave me shape and a waist and a verrrrrry pinchable butt.

H.E.D - Free mesh dress

Also grabbed up a free gift while I was visiting, love love LOVE the dipped hemline on this and the printed on belt is a lovely group to join just buy for zero lindens…sweet !