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Welcome to the New Year and a new fresh start.

sport urb

This is how I’m planning on starting my New Year.  The Christmas tree is in the loft the yoga mat has been dusted off and the resistance bands I bought have turned up.  I only wish it was all as easy as this mat from LISP Bazaar makes it look.  I’ve blogged it before but since the graceful yoga poses are so good I’ll put the link in.

UPDATE and an OMG because not only did I forget how much is in these yoga mats ie the menu but also you get a colour choice and rezzable water bottles, not using it in this picture, and ALL of that is a token 5oLds!  When you rezz inworld just walk straight ahead and through the shop till you get near to the back of the shop and you can even try the mats out before you buy.

I actually bought the wall mounted yoga mats from Cheeky pea not for a gym setting, I was actually going to pop it into my craft room as I think they also look like colourful rolls of fabric.  At only 2 prims I can rezz as many copies as I like and I’ve even popped one into Faiths home.  200Lds and worth it.  A sorry here because I had a quick looksie as I was LM grabbing and I can’t see where the yoga mats are on the Cheeky Pea sim.  I should imagine they’re going to be found in the “Odds n Ends” section but a quick scan I still didn’t spot them but you may have more time.  I promise you they’re there LOL.  If you want to TP directly to the different sections there is a cute table laid out in the shape of the sim you simply click the sign of the place you want to go or what would be much better is to have a wander around.

If you have some spare Lindens, ok a lot of spare Lindens, then the cheeky Pea group is one I would recommend joining.  Lovely monthly gifts and often Gift Cards are given and for example this Christmas we all got a 500Ld Gift card which paid back the cost of joining and more.


These shorts are a really lovely Freebie from Aushka&co and you do have to join the group but it’s free and so is all the other lovely freebies which are old group gifts waiting there to be snagged, there is also some lovely Dollarbie tops which I grabbed them all and a dress for 10Lds which tbh time prevented me from trying on.  Forgot to say that although you only get the 1 colour in the shorts you get a pair for each day so on the back of these shorts is Thursday.



Cheeky Pea